layers in this May Gray.

It's been May Gray this month, which is quite delightful.  But you really must up your layering game.  I don't actually know the temperature shift, its not many degrees, but it feels like a 20 degree shift between cool-breezy-sun-behind-the-clouds to blazing-hot-oh-hi-sun-you're-back   One minute totally chilly - dare I sound dramatic and say *cold* - the next blazing.  

My sweaters and jackets have been happily dusted off, but now they are piled in the back of my car, for that quick I must get all these extra layers off before I melt even though I was just freezing shift.

Add that to the to-do list.

And my earrings, I have started hammering gold, and its so fun.  Do you like?  Delicate but statement making and every pair is unique.  And how about a pop of turquoise with olive green, and that perfect brown color of tote.

shirt - oldie from Forever21
cardigan - oldie from Zara
jeans - DL1961, oldies from Hautelook.com
earrings - Lucia K. Jewelry
shoes - Vince, Nordstrom
bag - Finn
watch - Kate Spade, Nordstrom

Photos by Angie.
Happy May Gray!


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  1. aren't you loving this weather?? love these earrings SO much. can't wait to wear dangly earrings again bc these are first on my list! and can we talk about that insane turquoise bracelet that's not mentioned?!