A New Take on Active.

Couple things to start.

If any of you know me, you know I love good food.

I also have come to a point in my life when I absolutely appreciate the benefits of working out - endorphins are actually a thing.  And as I've come over the cusp of mid-thirties I get it now, stretching, toning, breathing.   I need these things in my life - to stay active, stay healthy, keep up with my very energetic boys, and to continue to enjoy all sorts of eating.

So working out is a part of my routine, and through this journey I have even come to appreciate great workout clothes.  Whoa.

So when I saw the new Brooks line of active wear, I fell.  I especially love the Joyride Joggers for their versatility and slight break from the yoga pant norm, yet they aren't sweats.  It's hard to find a non-yoga pant active pant that isn't a hammer pant, do you know what I mean?  Branching out farther than just running, they are completely appropriate for Bar Method, my workout of choice.

And Brooks thought of it all, side pockets, wide mid-rise waste band, I love the ankle cuffs and the super flattering colorblock design, breathable merino wool polyester blend fabric, even a sweat-proof inner pocket.  I mean yikes.  But sometimes that's necessary.

And then there's my bra.  You can't see but take my word for it.  It's functional and flattering and super comfortable.  I've been wearing it for working out and for every day, it's that good.  I can breathe in it yet everything stays nicely put.  I am reeeeeally picky about bras, most of the time the totally fall short, but this one is exceeding my expectations.

It's so important to find the workout that fits your lifestyle, how do you stay active in your life?  

Jenn and I took on the challenge (well can you really call it a challenge) of styling our favorite Brooks pieces for active wear and also for casual, even evening wear - check out Jenn's post today and stay-tuned next week for our lifestyle looks using the same pieces.

Photos by Jess Hogue.



  1. You're adorable! Love the workout looks. I actually really like these pieces. They look so comfy.

    1. Thanks Nicole! always love to hear your comments. xoxo

    2. Thanks Nicole! always love to hear your comments. xoxo