One Of A Kind Denim, Yes Please.

Recently I had the privilege to meet Marion, the fabulous mind behind Marz denim.  She took on the task to transform my beloved first pair of designer denim - lets not talk about when those came into my closet - and give them a new life.  Not limited to patching a large hole in the butt and resizing them a tad.

When we met I gave her full reign to design and alter as she wished, and I couldn't be more happy with the jeans she presented me.  I can't wait for fall weather - yes I just said that - to pair these jeans with sweaters and booties.

Marz denim came to be when Marion was inspired by the painted tree trunks on a trip to Mexico, but clearly her eye for style goes well beyond that.  I love her eye for detail.  Just look at those pink hangers.  Hmmm.  Maybe that would keep my closet picked up and organized.

Or those jeans on the end that she painted the poem her client had written, right?  Or these ones.

I love that she takes old denim and gives it new life, creating one of a kind pieces.  Marion searches out vintage brands such as Levi's, but she will also take your own and create something new.  With her background in fashion and stylish eye, well you can see the results.  Unique denim is everywhere right now, these jeans couldn't be hotter.   

Plus she's keeping castoffs out of landfills.

Denim - Oldies redesigned by Marz
shoes - Louise Et Cie, Nordstrom


This post was done in partnership with Marz denim, and I couldn't be more thrilled!

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