beach hair - how to fight the frizz {the curl files}

 Beach hair is a love hate relationship.  Sometimes those sun-kissed wind-blown locks look just right, other times I look like I stuck my finger in a light-socket.  Thank goodness for cute hats. 

So besides investing in cute hats, what's a girl to do when humidity strikes?   And for me this is happening in the form of a nearby ocean, but lets not forget those beloved autumn showers and afternoon thunderstorms reaking havoc on hair around the country.

And then get back to me.

OK, although I haven't figured out a fail-proof solution {yet!}, this is as close as I've gotten.  You can see in the picture above after a few hours at the beach there is still some frizz and some curls getting unruly.  So embrace the messy hair and carry on, and get this product...

If I know I am going to be in high humidity {I don't do this as part of my normal routine}...here's what you do - after you have done your regular style routine, and your hair is about 90% dry {the stage where the curls are set, but can still soak up some product, make sense?} rub a decent dollop of Ouidad Heat and Humidity gel in the palms of your hand and smooth onto your hair.  Don't run your fingers through your hair as your doing this, you don't want to mess up your styling, think smoothing the hair shaft, go from root to end and try to coat all the curls.  Now let dry completely.

Now once the hair is dry you may have some crunchy parts from the gel, although its usually not too bad.  A dollop of Ouidad shine glaze again on your palms and smooth through your hair root to end.  This should do the trick.

These products are definitely an investment.  I have found that if you sign for Ouidad's emails, you will find out about regular sales and promotions, and that is the time I stock up, plus you receive free samples of other products to get hooked on.

Happy Locks.

Would love to hear what other solutions you may have to fight the frizz.



  1. Your hair is too cute. I LOVE Ouidad products as well. I recently tried Curls Rock and it's great but I think I'm still more Ouidad Tress FX...my hair isn't as curly as yours and more twisty wavy yet I get so much frizz it's ridiculous. I think I'm still looking for the right curl cocktail. Sigh....

    1. I feel like as soon as I get the right cocktail dialed in, my hair changes on me! I haven't tried Tress FX, I will have to check it out. Do you diffuse your hair or airdry? ALways love to hear tips!!

    2. I diffuse because I need the volume. If I air dry I get smoother curls but a bit more limp. These days I'm enjoying a cockail of Playcurl foam and Climate Control Gel. If I want a softer, less curly look, playcurl gives a less textured appearance. More bouncy.

  2. Its so hard to get the right cocktail, and then it changes, and often costs a lot too! I find the less I mess with my hair the happier it is and less frizzy. And really my hair is so much happier if I deep condition on a regular basis. I saw that Ouidad has a new texture taffy for wavy hair, wonder if its any good... Thank you for commenting!