Talking Eyewear with Warby Parker Fall 2016

warby parker fall collection

As I sit to type this blog post, I am wearing my broken decade old eyeglasses contemplating which of these are going to be my new fabulous pair.

I love Warby Parker, I love their empowering vision and mission mixed with spot on aesthetics at really good price points.  I have owned their sunglasses for a couple of years and I am excited to now be a true "girl with glasses,"  this is how I talk myself into growing old gracefully.

WP's new eyeglass line for this fall is checking all my boxes, just the right amount of fun intertwined in hip polished looks.  Think violet, but only if you look closely...and mixed materials - mixed metals are basically my love language.  Yet totally classic.

These are my fall favorites...

Moriarty - A mixture of hued acetate and plated 24k gold metal in a new smart-looking classic.

Winston - Inspired by the Basso Relievo Sculpture, a super popular past style that is back for good.  I love the subtle two toned acetate, this one is tortoise cognac and lagoon, doesn't that just sound so good. 

warby parker eyeglasses

Chelsea - An update on a favorite, WP took some of their most popular styles like this one and updated them with rich autumn hues - choosing from blush tones to bold reds and then mixing with classic tortoise.  I love this mixture.  That classic tortoise with subtle pops of violet, I'm so very smitten.  This one might be my top choice.

hip eyeglasses

but then this one, Casey in Melon.

or the Bowen.  Ugh it's so hard to choose.

If you have a hard time choosing just as I do, Warby Parker's "Try At Home Free" option is a great way to test drive your faves.  This is how I choose my sunglasses.  You choose 5 styles and they ship to you free, then just try to choose your favorite.  Try.

And Seattlites, check out their new University Village Store, you can try them all and the decor is beyond.  Who knew Library chic was a thing?

Best part of your eyewear purchase is helping to improve and empower human beings worldwide.

Because being able to see is not at all overrated.

Which is your favorite??



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