Sweet Florals and Sour Neon

Amidst all the fabulous denim trends this season, skinny jeans are holding their own.  I love the updated higher waste.  Absolutely.  And the well-placed distressing.  These jeans are easy to wear for every occasion.  And they've clearly proved their staying power.  

I feel like if I pull out all the brightest clothing from my closet, warmer days will come.  Or at least my mood will be boosted.  So bring on the brights!  I love this lemony celadon green, mixed with the sweet florals of the shoes.  Sweet and Sour.  

Also, I feel like it's been a while since I've mentioned the mullet tuck.  This is a great way to show off those high-waisted fitted jeans without feeling overly exposed.  Just an "effortless" tuck in the front waste.  Now do you see the "mullet" part because it's still longer in the back.  This is such a flattering way to style an outfit, and yes even sweaters will benefit on this one.

My pearl of wisdom for this friday.

Now off to bed I go, so I guess it's still technically thursday.  

 jeans - Joe's  |  sweater  - Numph  |  shoes - Dolce Vita. 

Thank you to Fitcode and Tawnie for the photos.  


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