what i wore

last weekend we went to a charity auction to fight human trafficking.  it was very eye opening and a cause very much worth supporting.  please check out the link and be informed, this particular auction worked to raise money for safe-houses in Thailand.  it saddens me that there are such evil cruel people out there but there are also great people bringing hope to the world, and if there is a cause on your heart please support it.  any individual can make a difference!

what i wore...

skirt - Anthropologie {just bought it in-store on sale but its not on the website}
tank top - J.crew {realllllly old}
sandals - Frye, endless.com 

this is my new favorite skirt.  it can be worn tall, like above, in a sudo-maxi dress {can you tell its not a dress?}.  or you can fold down the gray part and have a maxi skirt.  or you can pull it all the way up into a strapless dress.  bright colors.  the right amount of volume so you can still take full strides and don't trip but doesn't add too much bulk.  super versatile and was super on sale.  win.

a mixed match of this and this bracelet by Lucia K.

I am having fun layering bracelets.  I wear my monogram bracelets pretty much every day and then add in others to suit my mood/outfit. 

my date for the evening.

and what I wore on a day of being mommy, running errands, chasing toddlers....

shirt - French Connection, asos.com {just last season but don't see it anymore, love the runway feature on this website}
jeans - Pilco and the letterpress {old from Anthro}
boots - Frye
bracelet - Monogram {seriously every day!} and also Lucia K, a wrap I've been working on...

did you hear that our sale has been extended!?  use code pearls25 at checkout for 25% off your purchase until 5/26.  

happy shoppping.

we are also linking up with Pleated Poppy for what i wore weds.



  1. I adore your skirt! You look beautiful. Wish I had an Anthropologie nearby.

    1. FringeGirl - thank you! you so need to be able to try things on at anthro, shopping on line is hard with this store. it would probably help our budget a lot if there wasn't two near by...

  2. a) we might be going to indonesia next year to work with a safe house. super interested in this subject. want to start raising awareness about it - once a month events i think.
    b) LOVE the skirt - the whole look. so cute. you're so beautiful
    c) your date is so handsome.
    d) where did the amazing blue armoire come from?!
    much to talk about!!
    love, patty

    1. Patty - you should def contact Rayme and pick her brain. and keep LKJ in mind, we would love to be a part of fundraising, etc. he is handsome isn't he ;) I got the armoire at the farm chick sale last june, its my dresser.