DIY quickie {a sweater reinvented}

so often times I get this idea in my head of what I want.  but I can't find it.  so I end up re-working items in the back of my closet to make them more what I'm craving.  not always the best outcome, but sometimes its a hit.

I have been on the hunt for that perfect fall vest.  {why am I the only one who looks ridiculous in faux fur vests.  then there was this perfect, if not way too pricey, madewell.com vest.  waited too long and its gone.  shoot}

now take this sweater.  not bad, but not great.

I got it for maybe 10$ at the Gap a long time ago.  you know when they have those awesome sales racks every so often.  before...

its comfy cozy, but not all that flattering.  so I got the urge to take the sleeves off, and see what happens.

this was very simple because this sweater has a separate thread connecting the seam.  so the sweater itself was not going to unravel when the seam was cut.

and 10 minutes later.  the vest reinvented.  I'm happy with the update.  until I can find that perfect cozy vest for fall this will definitely do.  after...

shirt - ae.com
jeans - citizens for humanity
shoes - Dolce vita

and now I have two fabulous knitted sleeves to repurpose...perhaps a winter headband, or boot cuffs.  stay tuned.

happy monday.  praying for all the east coasters tonight.


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