DRY. {the curl files}

here's our quick tips on drying curly hair.

and to think...there was a time when it didn't mattered the technique I used to dry my hair...

those days are long gone and i'm no longer that blonde!

Even though it's not as easy as it was then, there are some things that I think make drying curly hair easier...


The drying process is just as important as the washing process, but let's be honest...a lot of times, we just don't have the time to dry and style to perfection. A couple things to keep in mind...

Traditional bath towels can be harsh on curls, causing breaking and frizzy fly aways.  

**Do NOT scrunch or tousle your hair to dry it, just gently ring it out.  you want to keep those follicles as smooth as possible.  The key to keeping hair from becoming frizzy is to keep those cuticles smooth = treating those wet strands gently and helping them to be as smooth as possible.

We recommend:

if not microfiber, then an old t-shirt also works perfect, reducing split ends and keep those curls happy.


next time we will talk specific products, just too much to do in one post.

The best way to apply product {in our humble opinion}
1. separate hair into sections
2. rub a generous amount of product in your hand for each section
3. start at the scalp and smooth the product into your hair down to the tips
4. repeat with every section
5. shape your curls {again our preferred method next time}

to diffuse or not to diffuse...that's the real question. the verdict is out, this is really one of those personal preference situations, depending on how you like your curls to turn out (ultra springy vs. wavy).

seriously I {Kirsty} have been using this same diffuser for the last 15years.  granted it only gets used a few times a week at most.  if its not broke why fix it right?  look at how well seasoned and patinaed it is!  I believe the brand is vidal sassoon.  

if you choose to diffuse, always make sure to keep your hair dryer on the low setting.

We recommend:
                              A deep diffuser 10$                     A traveling diffuser sock 4$
                                                                                                    because what a pain to travel with the huge diffuser

and if my trusty diffuser old pal pictured above ever decides to finally break, and I am in a place to splurge, this is the one I would love to try out.  so many people swear by it and isn't it intriguing looking?  any of you ever tried it?

please share.  we would love to hear any other tips you may have to keeping curls smoothed and polished.

Happy Thursday Curls.


Ali {and Kirsty}


  1. HI! I've tried that Deva-curl diffuser and wasn't pleased. My hair is fine and it didn't help with much lift. And it was pretty awkward. I dry my hair upside down so I don't put heat on the outside of the curls, if that makes sense? It seems to help with less frizz. The deva-curl diffuser wasn't user friendly, in my opinion, if that's the way you dry your hair. I also bought a hair dryer that has ION drying technique. It sounded good when I read about it and I can def tell the difference. Just my two cents worth. ;)

    1. Thanks SydneeB, I was wondering about the design of that diffuser, would love to try it before committing especially for the price. I still love my trusty old diffuser until it breaks. will have to try blowdrying upside down. Love hearing your two cents!

  2. Love your blog. We dry almost exactly the same (when I don't air dry). I love Ouidad techniques and products for my curls.

    1. thanks Kristi! I need to check out the other Ouidad products too.

  3. Love the tip about using an old t-shirt or microfiber towel to ring out my wet curls. Always trying to combat frizz with my fine thin curly hair! I usually let it air dry, but I have the ConAir diffuser you pictured above as the "deep diffuser" and I really love that when I have to get dry fast. I'll keep reading through your blog, but I would really love to know what products you both use (cream, gel, spray)? I tried samples of the Divacurl products but they were too heavy for my thin hair... Thanks for the tips curly girls!

  4. Renee, thanks for reading the blog! Check out Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft curls...it works better for finer curly-heads.