what i wore {newest obsession}

Happy 2013.  Holy Moly!

if only i had gone somewhere that called for a sparkly outfit and fabulous heels, what a great outfit post that would be.  i welcomed in the new year in sweats, eating {and drinking} my way there, and playing Dance Central on Xbox.  it was so fun.  but not glamorous.

since i haven't posted an outfit in a little while, this one is from Christmas Eve.  why do the holidays rush by so fast?  i never get around to half of the projects and outings i plan to do.

we had a great evening, starting with a family candlelight service at our church.  then my family joined us at our house for dinner and presents.  the day was clear and quiet.  tried to just focus on the beauty of the celebration.  i think i came close.

if i am going to wear a statement necklace, this is often the one i will grab.  and this is my gladiator sweater with its crazy shoulders sort of like armored padding is underneath right?

 sweater - Anthropologie {old}
dress and belt - Zara {old}
tights - H&M
boots - Steve Madden

and my current obsession.  i don't even mind if its raining, actually i prefer it.  just so i can wear my new rainboots.  my husband did so good this year.  thank you pinterest for making his gift shopping so very easy.  i felt very spoiled and grateful.

since i spent a lot of this last week trying to make up for the crazy busy prior weeks with my boys, it was lego building and matchbox car racing and baking cookies and snuggling.  so pretty casual outfits to hang out crossed legged on the floor.  this was as dressed up as i got.

new striped sweater from my hopefully soon future sis-n-law!  and gold earrings.  it was a gray day.  needed some color and glow to come from somewhere.

seriously.  i didn't know rainboots could feel so glamorous.  fun chunky gold zippers {that don't actually unzip, hello they are rainboots!} up the back and the slightest wedge.  i love them.  i am nervous that the rubber won't be super sturdy.  my old {cheaper} boots only lasted 2 years before they ripped.  and if i am going to invest in these babies, they need to last longer.  anyone else?

shirt - target
undershirt - H&M
jeans - Vioss, Nordstrom Rack
boots - Hunter
earrings - Lucia K. Tag

happy happy new year!  here's to the all the ideals and organization that Jan brings.  my head is spinning with possibility and the need to go to IKEA.

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  1. Kirsty! Love your outfits & your beautiful armoire! I can't get enough of wiww...and saw your outfit..then realized you are one of Shelley's besties! What a fun surprise finding you on wiww!

    Jeanna Snyder

    1. JEanna so fun! what a small world. thanks for your kind words, I scored the armoire at the Farm Chicks sale two years ago. love it too, except its a little beat up, gives it character!