what i wore {more sweaters mama style}

 here's to sweaters.  right?

on those days when you don't get much sleep the night before.  and not by choice.  and its rainy and cold outside.  and your house is a disaster, and your to-do list long.  and you are feeling quite inadequate as a mom.

so I put on a blanket.  and my rain boots.  and faced the day.  and you know what with some deep breaths, it was actually a pretty good day.

sweater - Splendid {old}
black t-shirt - Gap {old}
leggings - Ideology, Macy's
rain boots - Hunter
earrings - Lucia K. Tag

and then there's this sweater.  my quest in my wardrobe is to find great jeans that are flattering,  and clothes {mainly tops} that are big and slouchy yet somehow flattering.  I don't know why I just love them.  anyone else with me?

recently I have stopped {for the most part} buying my shirts a size larger, and instead buying them to fit, in my size.  I think pregnancy warped my brain a little bit.

I ordered this sweater from shopruche.com last year.  and I almost returned it because when you lift your arms, so goes the sweater.  it would be perfect if the darn sleeves weren't attached to the sides.  so its more like a cape.

and I love these earrings because they always sparkle.  just enough to always give a shimmer through your hair.  they dress up or they dress down.  and these Swarovski crystals remind me of crystals from an awesome vintage chandelier.

so I am glad I bought this sweater.  {and I actually wear it a lot}.  if I hadn't it wouldn't have been posted by Nicole {who has a very inspiring blog} and then re-pinned to the Today Show Style board.  crazy to see myself next to Kate Middleton!  a surreal moment for me for sure.

sweater - shopruche.com {old}
jeans - 7 for All Mankind, Anthropologie {old}
shoes - Dolce Vita
earrings - Lucia K. Estelle

PhotobucketI am linking up with mama style today

definitely 3 items necessary to my style...
1.  flattering jeans - I don't care what style as long as they make me {and my butt} look great.
2.  flowy yet flattering tops or white tops - feel good and classic.
3.  great accessories!  mainly jewelry and shoes.  makes every outfit better.

and dang if I can only choose 3.  runners up would be comfy leggings, stylish jackets, and fab rain boots.  I live in the Pacific Northwest folks.

also linking up pleated poppy today.

happy wednesday.



  1. first of all - i want your HAIR! it's adorable! second of all - i laughed out LOUD when i read the part about needing jeans that make you AND YOUR BUTT look good! i hear ya! great post. great look. XO

    1. brittany - funny bc I want your hair! seriously cannot make the messy bun look good on me, I'm just a fuz ball when its pulled up but I keep trying. second I laughed out loud at your "rockstar jeans". love it.

  2. Love the sweaters and perfect week for leggings and rain boots.

  3. Love the stripes on top sweater, esp with tag earrings! Cuteness! Yes we all have those mama days- so true!! XO


  4. These are really nice. summer is a great opportunity for wearing more dresses. I am also looking for Cheap Sweaters For Women that are appropriate for work and then I can just wear them to evening events as well. The FC (1st one) is my favorite!

  5. The sweaters looks good, and the rain boots too. Check out White + Warren for more sweaters for men, women and for babies. Thanks !