curl product we love {the curl files}

well it has been a very long time since we have talked about curls.  partly because the next post was promised to be about products.  and well we {ALi and I} are product junkies, so its hard to organize our thoughts.

but lets just start with the product that has stood the test of time longest in our hair repertoire.

Ali first introduced this product to me over 6 yrs ago and it has been my go-to curl setter since. I can't say enough fabulous things about it.  its sort of a cream but with more holding power, but doesn't leave your hair with the "curl cast" effect, you know crunchy, like a gel or mouse tend to do.  Plus, its {semi} affordable.  smells great.  its love.  plus it works for a wide range of curls.  for smoothing and setting your curls when wet.  this is where we start.

in fact, if I could only have just one hair product {not counting shampoo and conditioner} it would be tigi curls rock.

happy thursday curls.


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