Curls Products that I currently can't live without {the curl files}

for far too long I have been promising and not delivering when it comes to the topic of sharing my favorite curl products and techniques.  so here we are.

A few things before we begin:

1.  I am a hair product junky.  A true test is if I finish an entire container of a product, and then if I purchase a second round.  The products listed below have been purchased countless times.

2.  Also, before I begin talking about the styling products I love, a good shampoo and conditioner regimen is the foundation and the key to happy healthy curls.

I started using this deep condition once a week, and now I use it twice a week {basically every time I wash/condition my hair}.  My curls are so much better, happier, less dry and brittle, smell good, and completely less frizz.  Even my husband, who says my hair always looks exactly the same {not true} noticed a difference, with a comment something like "you'd really like your curls today."  It takes a LOT for me to be impressed with a product and this conditioner totally does it.  I also have a clarifying Ouidad shampoo I'm starting to try every couple of weeks {to remove product build-up}.  and their repair mask.  I'll keep you posted...

3.  I created a "curl files" tab in the upper right to see all the curl posts I've done in the past.

and 4.  Just remember with curly hair - it is all about smoothing and treating it gently.

okay, now here are my favorite styling products, I promise {there's that word again} to go into more depth on how I use them in later posts when I talk about what I do to style my hair...maybe even a video or two.  oh dear.

first up...

I use this product right after I shower and have gently squeezed the water from my hair, before I comb it out. I put it from root to tip {but less at roots.}  I like the way this product helps detangle my hair and smooths and settles it and it smells great, priming my hair for styling gel. 


This one hasn't left my side for almost a decade!  here's why.

after that...

This is what I use once my hair is close {but not quite} to dry.  I put a smaller than dime amount and smooth it over my curls, do not run my fingers thru, just smoothing from root to tip.  I love the shine it adds.  I also use this product on day two or three of my curls the same way.

another great product that I use on day two and three...

This is a great product for the days I don't wash and condition my hair.  It helps fight the frizz and smooths my curls so that my hair can last even longer without being washed/conditioned.

I used the shine serum and pomade above to smooth my second day hair, and to also smooth the strands in front before doing a side braid.

***enter code "deeptreat" to receive a free deep treatment conditioner from Ouidad, this stuff is awesome and not cheap, and free shipping, good until april 16th.***

okay, so I know that is brief but these are my top all-stars.

I would love to hear what you all think.  Are there other products you love and can't live without??

happy monday.



  1. Thanks for that! I love Ouidad products and am still trying to find the right "cocktail" for my hair. I loved when my stylist used the whipped curls on me so that's on my list. Tell me, what type of curls do you have? Looks like you are more curly and I might be more wavy/curly. I've been hooked on tress effects but I might be ready to try something new :D

  2. I agree, Curls Rock has been the best product - and it's true, I've been buying this stuff for years!. Another great product I've been buying almost as long (over 8 years now) is: Bonacure Sealed Ends : http://www.joybeauty.com/shopping2/pricelist.asp?prid=11275 Keeps my hair feeling soft, it's a nice leave in conditioner that's not so heavy. Some of the heavier ones just leave my hair feeling like a heavy glop of goo, no bueno.