Night to Day


Typically, usually, you start with "the Day", but it just seems like "the Night" is so much more appropriate for a Friday post.  As the weather is *supposedly* warming up, fun to incorporate shorts into a night out outfit.  {And for fabulous farmer tan fixes, these are my go-to, quick and fool-proof.}  Because why not get more mileage out of our clothing.

For years I have been leery of heels and shorts but secretly looooooved the idea.  If done in the right way, for the right occasion, you can be the show stopper but not the show.  And frankly, if you feel like it - do it.  Funny how it takes a little more life experience and -ahem age, to find your inner confidence.  If you feel confident, and you feel good - that makes any outfit.

Pairing a pair of tailored shorts with a classic shaped heel and blazer keeps things sophisticated.  Pinstripes and floral keep it from being stuffy.  Of course you may have to shave your legs - but it's worth it on occasion.

With all the patterns going on, having a go-to ever-so-blush leather clutch makes that destination for your night out essentials, brainless.  This beauty goes with everything.  I love the color, and the slightly longer length, because apparently I have a lot of essentials, and finish with a wrap around closure.  Yes please.

blazer - Zara, old
t-shirt - J.Crew, old
shorts - Gap {on sale! use code "WKEND" for an extra 30% off friday only}
heels - Dolce Vita, Saks off 5th {on sale!}
sunglasses - Michael Kors, Nordstrom {next generation here.}
lipstick - MAC in MAC Red, Nordstrom
necklace - Vintage
earrings - new made by me!
clutch - FinnAttire

So get out there and rock those gams ladies...or just rock it period.

photos by Angie.



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