Extending your curls

So pardon the single Iphone shot.  But it's a start, I'm just getting warmed up so please be patient.

Next time, before and after shots even.

And it's a selfie.

Ok enough disclaimers...

how to style curly hair

This is one way I extend the days between washing my curls., when all the little hairs around my face start to get unruly - mainly from being slept on, here's what I do:

1. wet the hair around my face line with a little water 
2. add a dab of curl gel and smooth
3.. clip the hair down, trying to go with the natural curl of the hair, until dry.  This tames the frizz, and keeps from damaging those delicate hairs by adding heat - I need them to stick around.  Read receding hairline.  Yikes.
4. Once dry.  Remove the clips and take a small dab of shine serum rubbed all over your palms and smooth hair root to ends.

These are the products I use to achieve this...

Happy Hairday.


  1. Thanks for the demo!! I'm gonna try that clipping pattern... yes, those little breaking hairs near the front, ACK!!!