3 evening looks, please vote for your favorite!

A few things,

First, I really do love buying a new dress for a special occasion.  I can pretty much tell you what dress/outfit I have worn to every wedding I've attended, and whose had my favorite look at an event.  It's just sort of how I categorize life.

Second, because of this blog, I have a distorted view of what is "new" and "old."  I also feel like everyone has already seen my outfits and I should therefore have something new.  This is of course absurd on so many levels.

Most important, and not to contradict - a new dress makes me quite happy.  And there is nothing nothing nothing wrong with that.  I firmly stand behind Cinderella for more than just a happily ever after.  There is something transforming and deeply powerful in the perfect dress, and shoes.  I just happen to have many "perfect" dresses in my closet, for now.

OK!  the point...

We have our annual elementary school auction tomorrow.

THIS is the dress I want.  Well that's sort of helpful for me getting over it.  Not really, especially because i just saw it's on sale.  Isn't it amazing??  soft and flowy and that back detail.

Below are the 3 looks I own and am considering, I thought it would be fun to ask you all to vote on your favorite, to help me get over myself.

Things to consider:
1.  The evening is cocktail attire.
2.  Sodo Seattle location, urban industrial area south of downtown.
3.  It's still cold and probably will be raining.

Look 1 - love the pink color and shape of the skirt, is so vintage and girly but somehow sophisticated and modern.  Paired with a lace top to give it a little unexpected edge.

Look 2 - something about the black lace with the light ever so blush color underneath, and the v neck, plus it's long sleeves with the raw lace detailing all along the edge.  Doesn't beat that I had been watching and obsessing over this one and then found it at a sample sale for 80% off.  Victory.  A pop of color in the heels.

Look 3 - stripes, a great cut and shape, fun back detail.  Btw - ASOS is a treasure trove for dresses.

Which is your favorite 1, 2, or 3?  Leave a comment below and tell me which I should wear.
Please and Thank you.

Thanks for reading and letting me share my inner thought process.