Sneaker Chic Week. Leather and Culottes.

how to style tennis shoes for going out.

Back with more Brooks Heritage Sneakers love.  And yet another win for my culottes.  I think these sneakers were meant for these jeans.  I also think everyone should jump on this style.  

Why do I think this works?   Couple things.  The ankles gotta show.  Bare ankles are subtly sexy in a very appropriate way and very flattering.  So dare to bare some ankles.  Second - the leather jacket appeals to the metallic gold and rich red of the sneakers, a bit urban, a bit grown up.  This outfit could be worn out for drinks easily.  But it's so comfortable.  

Oh and one more thing - the jeans are perfectly high-waisted, you must tuck the front of the shirt in.  This gives your waist definition and keeps the culottes from overpowering the whole look.

So in honor of bringing back our 4-way feature Jenn and I are sharing some rarely known facts about each other.  This was my bright idea and I don't actually know what Jenn is going to share.  Oh dear.

On our outings and adventures there is a lot of laughter and a lot of silliness, but did you know...

1.  Whenever it's Jenn's turn to drive, on her way to pick me up she always texts me "do you have water?"
2.  One time we spilled tomato soup down the heater vent in her non-mini van a.k.a. not the mom car, because we just couldn't pass up the free food trucks at an event we went to.
3.  Most of the time I have no memory on my cell phone and I have to use Jenn's for all pictures.
4.  Jenn refuses to buy "functional" clothing items, except when it comes to shoes she is more of a function fanatic.  Go figure.  It has been my mission to get her to buy a raincoat.  Hello, we live in the Pacific Northwest.  And she's a double soccer mom.  She's usually fashionably soaking wet.
5.  Our little boys are best buddies.
6.  We shop the same retails stores yes, same grocery stores nope.
7.  Jenn makes really good cookies, which she actually owes me a batch.
8.  We adamantly disagree on comfortable underwear.
9.  Jenn takes pride in her last minute outfit decisions, she's got serious talent and an amazing closet, but if we are late it's her fault.
10.  Between the two of us, she is definitely the nicer one.

brooks heritage sneakers

curly hair
jacket - Levi's, Nordstrom.
jeans - 7 for all Mankind, Amazon.
shoes - Brooks Heritage c/o.  find here.
earrings - Lucia K. Jewelry
clutch - Mercy Gray, Queen Anne Frame.  also here.

photos by Jessica.  Check out Jenn's blog to see how she styled her sneakers and what facts she is sharing with the world.

also linking up with Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Weds. who just happens to be all about Sneakers today.

see you tomorrow for more of our sneaker exxtravaganza, 


  1. Loving these kicks! Brooks are by far my fave running shoe!

  2. Thanks B! I'm in love with the Heritage line.