The SImply Embellished Sandal, Summer's Power Shoe.

statement sleeve top

For 8 or so months of the year I don't reach for nude shoes, but something about summer and it's all I want.  Tan feet and painted toes look so great against a nude sandal.  One of my favorite sandal brands is Cocobelle.  I can always count on finding a pair, or more, that I can't get out of my mind.  So much nude goodness.  Hey, keep it clean.

I love incorporating the beach goddess feel of these shoes with every day living.  Black skinny jeans paired with these lace up gladiators feel a bit festival but also very urban and wearable.  A pair of embellished sandals, will add interest to your summer wear, and best part you can update your favorite pair of shorts and tank simply with a shoe.  For those of us living in a limited summer environment it's hard to think of investing in warmer weather clothes when they only come out for what seems like the blink of an eye.  But sandals can be worn into the outstretches - just add a cardigan.  Am I right?

And embellished sandals can be simply embellished.  They don't have to scream pool party.  I love the bright colored pom-pom beaded craze shoes, but they are not as easily wearable as something like this.  I'm smitten with the simple detail of the gold tassels and braided rope.

Pairing a statement shirt with my skinnies is also easier with the simple embellishments of this shoe.  Although I think a classic tee shirt - simply white or with your favorite saying - would work just as well.  I really love this shirt though, the fun statement sleeve detail is so easy and wearable, don't get me wrong the bigger the ruffle the better, but this one is actually comfortable and won't drag through your food, and because the fabric is light and flowy it's also very flattering and doesn't add bulk.  And it's 50% off right now.  Yippee.

gold wrap sandal

shirt - Mango.  50% off right now!
jeans - Frame, Nordstrom.
shoes - Cocobelle c/o.  also here
bag - Hobo c/o.  also here
sunglasses - Quay Australia.  new colors here
watch - Timex c/o.  find here

It's been a while since we've done a 4 way post series.  Alas, this week Jenn and I will be sharing how we are wearing our Cocobelle Sandals.  Be sure to check out her blog and I will see you tomorrow.

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