As the Smoke Rolled In...

the adventure carried on.

We spent Labor day at Diablo Lake.  Yes actually camping in a tent without electricity or shower - something I have been prepping for mentally all summer, or maybe just avoiding.  Since my camping list consisted of my Nespresso coffee frother ( I didn't bring it - note no electricity), fairy lights - for lighting up the campsite and since we couldn't have a fire *major burn ban*  - for sure one of the best ideas I had, and my down comforter.  Hey I sleep in style.

Don't get me wrong, I love nature and the outdoors, I just don't typically choose to sleep in it.

To be added to the future list, ear plugs.  besides critters running around at night there are snorers, and other campers.  I did love listening to the owls hoot but eventually I needed to sleep.

But yes I think there will be a future.  We totally survived and overall had a rejuvenating time.

Unfortunately on the last day the smoke and ash rolled in from the horrible forest fires raging across our region.  It is a very sad state across too much of our wild lands at the moment, praying for rain and safety for those fighting the fires.

A note on the boys ponchos:  Aren't they awesome?  They are from Kindhood.  We love them.  I love the style and the functionality - they are lined with the softest terry cloth so they act as a towel but stay on while the boys adventure, the boys love that they are super soft, like wrapping themselves in a blanket.  This allowed for lake play all day.  Well that and lots of snacks and adult beverages (for the adults).

For reference my boys are both wearing a size L.

Here's to summer lasting just a bit longer.


This post was done in partnership with Kindhood.