When Is The Last Time You Stopped to Eat Duck, or Crawled Into A Cooler?

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Holiday errands are inevitably overwhelming.  My hope every year is that I can enjoy them.  The journey is just as important as the end result.  And life is too short, and too fast, to not stop and smell the roses.  Or in this case produce.  Really though anyone else get super excited about great produce?

I digress.

Friday I shared about taking time to workout during the holiday schedule upheaval - carving out space for yourself. 

The point of this post is to inspire you all, and myself, in two other ways this season.  Create ways for errands to be enjoyable - shop your favorite markets, or take the scenic route, make it an adventure when the kids are in tow.  And to not rush through the moments, maybe that means scratching a couple things off the list so that life can be less hectic.  Saying No.  Then maybe you can take a moment for yourself, even if it's just a great cup of coffee, or even better - plan your errands with a friend, and then have a lunch date.

When do we ever do that?

Why don't we ever do that??

But this only works if we let go of some of our agenda.

Honestly.  And this is a great lesson for myself.  As I type this, I am still struggling to let go of baking Thanksgiving rolls from scratch.  Eye roll please.  Sure they would probably be amazing.  And I sure do NOT have the capacity right now.  But it's also amazing too not flip my lid and not miss out on couch snuggles.  Really these snuggle days are numbered, and already few and far between.  So I am putting it in writing that I will not bake bread from scratch this week. 

What will you give up to gain more of the good stuff?

Besides there are great rolls at the grocery store that someone else took the time to bake. 

pike place market

dungeness crab

spicy sweet cocktail

These made fresh in house every morning potstickers and the Fragrant Duck, oh my - paired with a spicy cocktail.  Are you catching my lunch date idea yet??

shirt - Gypsy 05 c/o.  currently 30% off

Proof of today's Costco adventure, not at all remembering that it's gonna be a pre -Thanksgiving mad house.  Maneuvering weighed down carts amidst the crowds without injuring anyone is absolutely a victory.  And we made it a scavenger hunt, complete with crawling inside coolers - sorry Costco - then it becomes fun instead of maddening.

Cheers to deep breathes and fond memories with those we love as we prepare for Thanksgiving.  When's the last time you met a friend for lunch mid-errand?  Or crawled into a cooler?  Just saying.

Photos and lunch date by Jenn.

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