That Time I Agreed To A Playgound Workout with American Heavyweight and Brooks Running

My Workout Profile:  3-4 times a week, only Bar Method.  I don't particularly like to sweat or wear shoes.  I prefer being tricked into working out.  I like having fun, and enjoy nice walks on the beach...

But for sure I believe in the benefits of working out, for my health, my sanity, and the longevity of my muscles.  Code for feeling my age lately.  I can definitely get behind the need for endorphins in my life. 

As we are looking down the fun house slide of holiday school break, woohooooo! and whoa - kids are now in tow.  It's not totally realistic for me to hit the studio 3-4 a week.  As moms, how do we fit in workouts during the fun of breaks?  And make the workouts fun.  It is so important to take the time to take care of ourselves as the holiday schedules fill up and life gets hectic.  Finding space to breathe, and laugh and sweat - if that's your thing.  Because when mama's filled - everyones' life just works so much better.  Am I right?

So...I actually agreed to a workout.  With Jenn by my side, and Angie leading the charge, outfitted in Brooks - I couldn't say no.  Angie dreamed up a playground workout that had us both sweating and laughing, and with Brooks gear I was covered for the PNW elements and in complete comfort while looking stylish.  Best part, this is 100% doable while the kids monkey around on the monkey bars.  Win win.

Here is a peak at what we did, you can see the entire workout on Angie's blog.  She's the expert, best to take her advice, I just did what I was told, plus she has videos.   

I couldn't figure out how to upload our blooper reels, but it's so worth checking back tomorrow after I get my lesson in video technology - from my 9 year old.  Honestly.  Of course there's the chance that only I think I'm funny.  But I'm ok with that too.

TGIF.  Hope you all laugh and sweat today. 

Thanks for reading.

This post was done in partnership with Brooks Running.


  1. I loved the shoes you guys are wearing :)

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