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Hi!  Thank you for stopping by. 

I'm Kirsty, a jewelry designer and lover of fashion, vintage, chocolate, God's grace, good food, and great company.  

I truly believe you should always double the chocolate, stop to smell the flowers and appreciate the details in life, if you love someone tell them, and always choose the shoes that make you feel beautiful.

I'm also a wife, mom, daughter, sister, and friend.  
I'd like to think that this blog is an attempt to share my style and inspire woman to invest more in themselves, to feel confident and know that they are beautiful.  Take small risks, live life creatively and always wear great shoes.  Did I mention that already?

This blog is a bit of my journey and adventure in fashion, that which inspires me, and things I love. 

Ali lends her creative touch and designing eye to Lucia K.  as often as I can get her to.   She gives her opinion and styles on the blog occasionally. 

The Story of Lucia K. Jewelry

Inspired by vintage design and attention to detail, and the desire to see this timeless elegance in modern style, Lucia K. Jewelry was born. Kirsty mixes quality materials, techniques taught to her by past generations, and a bit of the unexpected to create each piece. Redefining classics, Kirstys hope is to create pieces that will add effortless style to your outfit and surely become favorites in your wardrobe. 

Chosen as a ”Jojo loves” pick for the Dec 2011 issue of ”O” Magazine by stylist Jojo Cohen, you can also find Lucia K. in many Seattle Boutiques and online.

Kirsty and her husband stay busy experiencing life through their two young boys.  If there is a free moment it is spent restoring their historical home, cooking, shopping, eating all things chocolate, cheering for their alma mater, and spending time with family and friends.

This is one more step in Kirsty’s creative adventure.

Thank you for joining us!

picture by kristen honeycutt photography.