The Velvet Wrap Skirt

how to wear socks with heels

I am thinking velvet is here to stay for a while, and all year round.  And I am excited.

I love the color of this skirt, if you are unsure about the staying power of velvet, choose a color that can also feel light and bright once the warmer weather comes out, imagine this paired with the great white tee and some wedge sandals.  Totally summer am I right?

And a wrap skirt tends to be more universally flattering.

Recently my friend called these types of sweaters "chatty" and I gotta say I love that term.  This is an oldie from like 4 Christmases ago (only this time I managed to iron it, honestly) and every time I pull it out I'm like, why don't I wear this more often??  Probably because it's shoved underneath a mountain of other sweaters.  Uggggh.  Who's got a blog post for that?  Help!

Finally socks and shoes.  I like to think of this trend as creating that sock booty look without having to track down the shoe that actually fits like a sock booty.  Because those darn sock booties never fit right.  Bonus: it adds warmth.  It's so simple and easily adds a fun detail to my outfit.  I love the texture and the subtle metallic color.  My old favorite shoes are instantly given new life, and the ankle strap of my shoes is very helpful because sometimes adding socks makes the shoes very slippery.

I found my socks at Free People, they are great for sock inspo.

velvet wrap skirt

sweater - oldie from Piperlime.  (anyone remember that amazing website?!)  similar here.
skirt - Foundationsimilar
shoes - Faryl Robin c/o.  no longer avail, similar
socks - Free People

Happy Tuesday.



The Curl Files, Changing My Ways.

curly girl method

If you follow me on instagram you may know that I have been changing up my curl routine.

And apparently y'all like my curls.  Aaaand I take a lot of selfies.  Ha!  My top 9 photos...

So I am promising to do better at sharing about my curl journey and process.

Starting today.

So why the change?
...It has been over a decade since I have changed up my go-tos when it came to my hair.  Why the change?  My curls were becoming dull and lifeless, lacking body and too tangly.  Plus I have been slowing removing chemicals from my house, now it's time to address my hair.

First step?
...The first step was a haircut, which you can read about here.   It had been 3 years, crazy!!

Next... I reached out to the curly community on instagram and I couldn't believe what I found.  So many curly girls AND new curl products.  I am so STOKED to see all these women embracing their curls, and sharing their curl journeys with the world.  I was inspired and motivated.  And some of the before and afters are Ahhhmazing.

And here we are.

My curl journey is still evolving, a work in progress.

But there are two big changes I wanted to share...
1.  discovering Bounce Curl, I am using the Shampoo, Conditioner and Light Creme Gel.  I am still trying out other styling products - I feel like my hair needs a teensy bit more hold, but I am so happy with the results from Bounce Curl.  My hair is lighter, less weighted down, softer and curlier, there just seems to be more spring.

2.  how I am applying my conditioner, run the conditioner through your hair in sections until it is completely smooth and slippery.  No more brushing, and I was previously dedicated.  I know I'm so behind, but I was using the brushing after my shower to achieve the smoothing effect that i now do in the shower with the conditioner.  I mostly use my hands in the shower but if my hair is extra dangly I have a wide tooth comb, that I GENTLY use while conditioning.  Then rinse.  And the important final step is applying my Light Creme Gel when my hair is dripping wet.  You can read more about that here.  I am a believer.

I promise to share more as I discover new products I love and ways to care for curls.  Next up I will attempt to share some of my favorite naturally curly resources that I have been compiling.

In the meantime I'd love to hear about your hair journey?  No matter what type, it is about embracing our beauty and celebrating it.

Happy Friday,


My Name Is Poler, & I Like Warm Hugs.

My husband nailed it this Christmas, not only did he remember to get me the Napsack I had been gushing over when we visited Poler, but he managed to get Mother Nature on board too.  Some thought he was crazy, but he knows me well, and I love this gift.  It's my dream of wearing a comforter on my back, outside of bed.  And it's gonna be perfect for camping, school pickup, anytime I need a warm hug.  

We had a magical white Christmas in Seattle.  How pretty and calm and quiet the city became. 


Off to dream of sugar plums, why do we have to save that only for December?



Sequin Saturday & The P Word.

So here we are, I'm gonna attempt to convince you that white sequin pants make sense.  Not that they are "practical."  For the record I hate that word.  Why would you ask "is that practical?" ??  Is the answer ever going to be what you want it to be.  Distinction here, I get the word "functional"  absolutely if something serves a function that should weigh in.  Aka rain boots, warm winter coat, etc.

But practical to me only leads to boring, dull, bland.

Better question "does it bring you life?" and by life I mean JOY.  And sure at this moment we are talking about white.sequin.pants.  It's not feeding the homeless, or spreading kindness.  I get it.  But I also argue that the tiny quiet voice inside that says "oh my goodness I LOVE these, I mean can you imagine, why not?"  Is worth something.  And should be listened to.  And why not today?

It's a part of you.  For me this often lands in the F's - fashion, food, family.  Maybe for you it's taking a tap dancing class, or learning piano.  Or painting your living room bright yellow, or buying a blue velvet chair. 

And wearing white.sequin.pants in the rain in January is exactly what I needed, also a good hot cup of coffee and the most amazing kale salad.  I have eaten it 4 days in a row.

Note on my outfit.  These pants are incredibly flattering in white.  Wouldn't have guessed that would be the case.  They are high waisted and fitted but not incredibly skinny.  I sized down.  Tomorrow I am going to wear these pants with a big old gray sweater.  (watch my instastories to see).  And how great will these jeans be for going out on a date? or in the summer with a tank and sandals?

I love this look with the navy striped tee.  I felt so very french.  I should have ordered a capuccino, cappucino, capaccino, darnit.  cappuccino - had to google it.

BONUS - Tee and pants are an extra 40% off sale price.  Makes these pants like $30.  I have been watching both in the event they went on sale.  Being mindful of my spending more than ever lately.  And often at Anthro this happens.  As luck would have it, it did!!

kale salad loosely based on this recipe (subbed yogurt for cashew butter and lime juice for vinegar)

tee - Sol Angeles, Anthro
jeans - Pilcro, Anthro
coat - Anthro.  
bag - old
shoes - even older.

Happy Sequin Saturday.

thanks for reading my opinions.



7 Favorite Winter Hats under $40. How To Turn A Bad Hair Good.

There are so many fun hats to choose from right now.  If you love it, just wear it.  Confession, the hat I am wearing above is actually supposed to be a scarf, but I love the statement it makes on my head.  And bonus points for closet versatility. 

I am a hat girl.  Besides turning a bad hair good, they keep you warm, and easily add style and interest.  Fashion meets function.  Love this intersection.

So, because baby it's cold outside,  and some places are even having blizzards while we just get drizzle.  Blizzard.  Drizzle.  Try saying that 5 times fast.  I thought I'd share my winter favorite hat styles under $40.

 Happy 1st Friday of 2018 woohooooooo.  It also happens to be my Dad's birthday, one of my favorite people on the planet.  It's a good day.