Summer Recap. Reminiscing and Working Together



Yes by the calendar we are in the last day of summer.  And by the weather we are well into the thick of fall.  But our summer memories are still fresh on the brain, like it was yesterday.  Because basically it was yesterday.

In honor of the last day of summer, and because I was too busy enjoying summer to share these posts, and because I want a record of my thoughts...if only I had time to journal and scrap book this out...I want to share some of what we did as a family.

The beauty of being local shop owners, is that we determine our schedule, the challenge is that we are responsible for our schedule.  Feel me?  Good is that we have Mondays and Tuesdays off, so in the summer it is a wonderful time to take advantage of mini adventures sans the crowds.  This was our goal for the summer, I we did it.

This day in particular we all woke up challenging.  Tugging at each other and being quite selfish to be honest.  And it was hot.  But I really wanted to take the boys canoeing.  I was determined.

When we finally got out on the lake, we had to work together to row.  If one of us wanted to be in charge or cop out, we didn't get far.  So good to exert energy and put our own self aside, right?  It definitely took us a bit to get over ourselves and our grouchiness, maybe even a dip in the lake, but in the end we had a wonderful afternoon, as a family.

And I got to reminisce.  One of my favorite memories with Nick is renting a canoe and rowing through the arboretum.  I would consider this our first date-ish sort of activity.  Back in our college days.  It was just the two of us, when you are still putting on that game face - like hey I can power through this swampy area filled with major spider webs.  No big deal.  Oh my goodness gross!  I'm sure I was dreaming of the day I'd marry this man, hello major crush, but I am not sure in that moment among the spider webs I had any idea the journey we would have together and this little family we would become.

And wow how gorgeous are lily pads, we all were in awe.  Well maybe I was in awe and the boys were intrigued.  And Nick was a good sport.  The best was the baby ducklings swimming their way around the pads.

At one point we had a blue heron just feet from us and a bald eagle's nest in our view.  What an incredible back yard we have.

So that's our afternoon spent in a row boat.

What were some of your favorite summer moments?  I'd love to hear.  I may be sharing a few more this week.



DIY Distressed Denim Hem

Distressed denim is all the rage.  I am especially into super distressed hems.  Recently I scored a pair of vintage levi's for $5.  If you follow me at all, my guess is that you are so tired of hearing about these jeans.  There may have been an eye roll?  It's all good.  Because they are that good.

Thanks to the power of youtube, one saturday evening I easily distressed the hems of my jeans and you can too.

Here's what you do.

1.  Try your jeans on and chalk wear you want the destruction.  This is especially important because they don't always hang right, plus you don't want to destroy too close to say your butt, or something.

2.  Follow this video, DIY starts at 2 mins, if you want to skip ahead like me.  I used needle nose pliers instead of tweezers.  I find these to be much easier than tweezers.  But for sure I make jewelry and don't pluck my eyebrows much.

3.  Wash.

4.  Wear them.  And tell everyone :)

Happy Tuesday.



High and Low of Fashion, Magic in it all.

I found these jeans for $5 dollars at a flea market,  I am so giddy over this score.  I immediately cut off the bottoms and distressed (quick DIY tomorrowish), took in the waist band a tinsy bit and have been wearing them pretty much every since.  Mixed with a splurge-worthy Derek Lam top and this is fashion to me. (it's now on sale!)  The mixing of favorite pieces, a little bit undone, always special and some sort of story. This is when my fashion is at it's best.

A great shoe goes without saying, and if I manage a legit bag, well I don't even know what to do with myself.

Handbags are not at the top of my list, I struggle with spending money on them because they get worked and frankly are always shoved to the floor the minute I am anywhere, if I had more expendable income it would be different.  So imagine my glee when I opened instagram last week and found out I had won this bag!  Right?!  Especially when it's one that I had my eye on.  It fits a ton, the color is rich but easy, and it just sits so snug and nicely on my arm.  Jackpot.

pants - Levi's.  similar
top - Derek Lam 10 Crosby, Neiman Marcus c/o.  find here on sale!
shoes - Dolce Vita, 6pm.  on sale!
bag - Hobo c/o.  find here
earrings - Queen Anne Frame

photos by Jenn.



Farmers Market Style

striped wide leg cropped pant

farmers market style

If you follow along on my instastories at all, then you will know that most Thursday evenings between June and Oct you will find my family and I at our neighborhood farmers market.

It is such a lovely piece of our summer evenings, as our market not only has awesome local produce and vendors, but food trucks and live music, making it a community party every week.  So great right?

And whatever event is occurring in my life it affords an outfit or two to go with it.  Hmmmm...oversized down jacket "oh that would be perfect for school drop off and pickup."  I so want to wrap myself up in that all winter long, right??  Oh man if only.  Farmers Market season "oh that linen extra wide leg pant would be perfect."  Sure I'm not in the mindset of festival style, but for surely I have farmers market chic on my mind.

This is how I justify and make wise shopping purchases, key word not practical but wise.  But honestly sometimes a great outfit, or shoe, or bag, is what pops me out of bed in the morning.  and a good cup of coffee of course.  Even if it's just to go grocery shopping.

Just one more thing on this topic, people often say "I love this but where would I wear it?"  Where is the eye roll emoji?  Honestly if you love it then just wear it.  If it lightens your step then any occasion is the perfect occasion.  If you need there to be an element of practical then fine, but wouldn't we all be happier if we just wore what we loved no matter?

So I shall end on a functional note.  My bag.  I don't discount the power of a functional piece, case in point my little cross body bag is perfect for Farmers Market or festivals, or concerts...Just your essentials, hands free, and add a tassel.  In neutral so you can grab and go no matter the fabulous clothing you are wearing.  No brainer.  I like to spice mine up with a printed bandana.


pants - Mango.  similar
tank - super old Anthro purchase
cross body bag - Hobo c/o.  on sale here.
 bandana - Queen Anne Frame.
market bag - Queen Anne Frame.

"Dress up begins at age 5 and never truly ends."  -Kate Spade.  So dress up tomorrow and see where it leads you.  Even if just to the grocery store.  Do I make myself clear?

Full disclosure...I occasionally do my grocery shopping in PJs.

Happy Wednesday and thank you for reading.

photos by Angie.


I've been having way too much fun in my instastories lately, you can follow my instagram here thekirstyfiles


As the Smoke Rolled In...

the adventure carried on.

We spent Labor day at Diablo Lake.  Yes actually camping in a tent without electricity or shower - something I have been prepping for mentally all summer, or maybe just avoiding.  Since my camping list consisted of my Nespresso coffee frother ( I didn't bring it - note no electricity), fairy lights - for lighting up the campsite and since we couldn't have a fire *major burn ban*  - for sure one of the best ideas I had, and my down comforter.  Hey I sleep in style.

Don't get me wrong, I love nature and the outdoors, I just don't typically choose to sleep in it.

To be added to the future list, ear plugs.  besides critters running around at night there are snorers, and other campers.  I did love listening to the owls hoot but eventually I needed to sleep.

But yes I think there will be a future.  We totally survived and overall had a rejuvenating time.

Unfortunately on the last day the smoke and ash rolled in from the horrible forest fires raging across our region.  It is a very sad state across too much of our wild lands at the moment, praying for rain and safety for those fighting the fires.

A note on the boys ponchos:  Aren't they awesome?  They are from Kindhood.  We love them.  I love the style and the functionality - they are lined with the softest terry cloth so they act as a towel but stay on while the boys adventure, the boys love that they are super soft, like wrapping themselves in a blanket.  This allowed for lake play all day.  Well that and lots of snacks and adult beverages (for the adults).

For reference my boys are both wearing a size L.

Here's to summer lasting just a bit longer.


This post was done in partnership with Kindhood.