Our Bodies Are Built To Move

brooks running

pilates refomer machine

pilates proworks seattle

I am a firm believer in working out.  Finding what works for you and doing it.  The health benefits as I grow older are beyond measure.  The endorphin rush and stress busting is paramount.  And who doesn't want to feel good in their jeans and celebrate what our bodies are capable of?

Finding a workout you love and committing to it, whether it's with accountability from friends, listening to your favorite music, finding a place that you enjoy going to, signing up for a monthly membership and needing to get your money's worth - whatever it is that motivates you go with that and eventually it becomes a part of your daily or weekly life. 

Recently I had the opportunity to try out Pilates ProWorks Seattle with Jenn and a few other friends, a new studio in the heart of south Lake Union, a beautifully light filled space with encouraging instructors, it's an intense 45min workout that leaves you breathless and feeling strong.

If you can't tell by my facial expressions, it was a butt kicker, and a good learning experience for me, I had never used a pilates FitFormer machine before.  I was impressed, and sore the next day.  I love a workout that is low impact with high results, although I was unsure of what I was doing, I wasn't the least bit intimidated and felt at ease, albeit off-centered for sure! 

And now I know all the crazy faces I make while working hard. 

sports bra ||  leggings  ||  hoodie (pictured at top of post)  ||  shoes (also above)  ||  Jenn's leggings

Thank you to Brooks for providing kick butt workout clothes, because it's also always helpful to feel good in your workout wear.  Major shout out for these high-waisted leggings, they are my favorite.    

If you are interested in Pilates ProWorks Seattle, you can try your first class for free.  If you don't live in the Seattle area, check out their other locations here.

Photos by Sarah

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Finding Calm In The Beautiful Wonderful Chaos Of The Holidays. Friday Harbor Winterfest.

It's late evening, my house is peaceful and quiet, with the 3 people that make up a huge chunk of my world safe and sound asleep.  The house might be picked up, or it might not, but it doesn't matter because it's dark.  And quiet.  And peaceful.

As I prepare this post, I am scrolling through photos from a trip to the San Juan Islands this past February.  So darn dreamy.  Right?

and I am already breathing deeper.  

Some of our fondest family memories have been created in the San Juan Islands year round.  We are so incredibly lucky to have this PNW wonderland basically in our backyard.  We even had snowfall once, it was magical.  The thing that surprised us most in February was all the sunshine, as you can see it was glorious. 

As I am thinking about the upcoming holiday season, the anticipation of so many fun traditions and events filling our calendar, I find myself already craving that calm in the midst of the beautiful wonderful chaos.  This is why I am so excited for our next trip to San Juan Island for the Island Lights Festival and Friday Harbor Winterfest - it really is the best of both worlds, the less hectic slower paced island life AND holiday magic and wonder.  side note:  why do I keep flipping all my vowels as a type tonight...did it there too and had to correct.  maybe it's actually time for bed.  But before I do, here's the details...perhaps you need a trip too....

Holiday Tree Lighting at Friday Harbor House.

Friday Harbor Winterfest.  And if you are planning a trip to San Juan Island, our two favorite spots to stay are the Island Inn and Roche Harbor

Lopez Village Holiday Lighting and Gathering.

Orcas Island Eastsound Holiday Celebration and Tree Lighting

For more specific events read more here.  If you are new to the San Juan Islands, a wonderful place to start is VisitSanJuans.com

This December we will be staying here at Roche Harbor in one of these historic cottages.  Right?  Stay tuned!

rocher harbor

My hope is to find space to soak up this holiday season, the magic and wonder of it all.  My boys are growing up so fast, and it's amazing how we all settle down and breathe deeper when we leave the city life we love so much.  Wish me luck!  My hope is that you all can find this space too. 

thank you for reading.


Thank you San Juan Visitors Bureau for partnering with me on this post. 


Finding Rest & Not Monday.

long curly hair

brixton fishermans cap

corduroy wide leg pants

Why is it so hard for me to give myself permission to rest?  Does anyone else feel this way?  

The combination of this last week kicking our butts, worry over the health diagnosis of someone close to me, and a to-do list that is giving me heart palpitations has me longing for stillness and beauty and rest today.  

The thing is, I really don’t want to run the race worn out, especially as we enter the next couple months, so with the intentions of this day in mind I took a nap, we ate our favorite (easy) foods for dinner - ahem mac-n-cheese and spicy sausage, watched a movie, drank tea, and I also visited the new Not Monday showroom.

It's light-filled and well thought out and serene, and full of the bestest coziest sweaters.  

Cindy has put her heart and soul into her luxe knitwear brand and her dreamy cashmere line for fall filled my beauty bucket.  Bonus, her showroom is directly across the street from my shop, adding wonderful energy to our block.  

Yes!  These cashmere sweaters are a dream, the details are spot on and completely slurge-worthy.  I wore this warm soft hug all day long.  

And then I bribed my 10 year old to take my picture.

I wrote about some of the above - needing rest but feeling guilty - on my Instagram post and was surprised at the response of women who feel this same way.  Why is this?   

Lately I have been feeling the burden of not getting enough done, and I hate that because at the end of the day I feel defeated.  I don't see what I have accomplished, only what is left to do.  Ugh.  Right?  UGH.

And it's so interesting to me how fiercely I protect this need to rest for my children.  Yet not for myself.

So I am off to bed.  There is so much more brewing in my brain now on this topic, but rest is key for me right now.  When emotions run high it's my bed that I need.  I did not intend this to be the topic of my blog post but I'm so intrigued, and challenged, at finding ways to incorporate stillness into our lives over the next 50 days.  TILL CHRISTMAS.  and cue heart palpitations.

In the meantime...

"It takes courage to say yes to rest and play in a culture where exhaustion is seen as a status symbol."
-Brene Brown.

not monday cashmere sweater

sweater - Not Monday c/o
pants - Frye, Anthropologie.
shoes - Rag & Bone.
hat - Brixton.  similar here

Thank you for reading, may you find peace in resting today.



Cold Shoulders and Shuffleboard

fall style

oversized off the shoulder top

Hmmmm how about when your hair is the color of the fall foliage?  Ha.  Right?  But really how about this fall foliage, we have had the most stunning fall.  It's been gloriously rain free so the leaves have had days and days and days to show off their glorious colors. 

And I've had days and days and days to wear whatever shoes I care to wear, with no care of rain ruining them.

So white booties it is.

And hands up if you love off the shoulder tops.  Well this can be a bit tricky in off the shoulder tops, but you should just do it anyway.  They are just the right amount of sexy, and a universally flattering style.

The perfect outfit for a casual date night out.

And that is just what we did....a little shuffleboard with friends, a giant plate of house made chili waffles fries, and fun cocktails.  If you caught any of my instastories over the weekend, we definitely had quite the laugh working on our shuffleboard technique, and quite the plate of fries.  I can't even tell you who won but I can tell you someone definitely claimed the last waffle fry.   

A casual fun setting with great service and over 50 beers on tap, thank you Henry's for a great double date night.  If you live in the Seattle or Bellevue area, head on over this weekend and mention code "KRSTYFLS" to your server for a buy one get one free appetizer (good through Oct 31st.)

Check out Jenn's blog for the other half of our double date, maybe she remembers who won the game.

thank you for reading,

This post was done in partnership with Henry's Tavern.  


Green Beauty Files. Naked Truth Beauty

green beauty makeup

About 3 years ago I became very intentional with my makeup and skincare routine, cutting out toxins and chemicals as best I could.  It became important to me, with a lot of grace in the journey, to at least give it a try.  But I was pleasantly surprised not only with the improvement of my skin but also the products and companies I found.

And I really haven't looked back.

My skin has been so much happier.  I rarely break out.  Go figure of course as I am writing this I have.  Keeping it real, thanks skin.  But it used to be rare to NOT have blemishes.  Dare I say my skin is even more glowing?  I'm going with that.

SO since I write a blog, it's about time that I share some of these rad green beauty companies that I am loving.

naked truth beauty

First up.  Naked Truth Beauty.  If I'm putting makeup on, 90% of the time it includes at least one of these products.  In a company - it's everything I want...made locally in Washington, by a darling mom who is working to make her dream a reality.  Her products are made in small batches, using sustainable, simple ingredients.  Even her packaging is made from recycled materials and is recyclable.

And then, because it's makeup - the deciding factor is the results.  And it's a decided yes.

So what products do I use??  let me count the ways...

curly girl method
lips - Carrie.  cheeks - Arrikis.  eyes and cheek highlights - Lumos.

Lumos - a highlighter I use all the time, and rightfully named after Harry Potter, for my eyelids when I want to keep it simple, my upper cheek bones, eyebrow bones...basically anywhere you want to add a touch of highlight.

Little Town - its technically for lids, and I love this color for that, it works so well with my eye color.  I also occasionally wear it on my lips.

Arrakis - my new favorite!  it's a warmer coppery color, I love it on my lids, my cheeks, my lips.

Wednesdays - a bright berry color for lips and cheeks.  I often carry this one in my purse for a quick blush and lip pick me up.  In full action here.

Carrie - deep moody red wine, a light swipe for a bit of color, or I build it up for that perfect fall glam effect.

And because this just makes me laugh, a few outtakes.  I was determined to get a real picture, an action shot, not just holding the product and smiling.  Well now I understand why you don't necessarily take actions shots while doing makeup, or for sure you make sure to involve a professional...

Thank you for continuing to read along.  Sometimes it just takes me 4 days to write a simple post, I appreciate you still visiting my blog.