Romper Ready.

Hard to believe it is almost the end of May 2016.  Although I hate how fast time is going, I am happy to reunite with my rompers.  This floral number in particular is an easy summer favorite.  I usually wear this one with sandals or even sneakers, but I had an event that required a litte bit more so I paired with a denim vest and lace-up heels, this casual piece becomes city chic.  

Do you romper?  If you don't, you should seriously consider one this season.  They have the ease and elegance of a dress but the casualness of a shirt and top.  

a few rompers that I currently love - cute, comfortable and effortless.

photos by Angie.



Everyone needs a leopard belt.

short and sweet.

One of those simple arsenals, who knew this 9.97$ Target clearance score would be the finishing touch to so many outfits.

I highly suggest you dig through a clearance bin and see what you may find.

photos by Angie.



Currently a Rhubarb favorite. Kirsty's cocktails

It's rhubarb season.  

I love rhubarb, tart and jewel red, this giant stalk grows unassumingly in many ditches throughout the northwest.

I love it pickled in a salad with creamy goat cheese.  
Macerated with sugar and zest creating a perfect spring French 75.

and I love it in my drink.

rhubarb vodka cocktail

Sort of recipe:
In a mason jar, muddle one shot of vodka (I like Dry Fly) with a wedge of lime, a couple mint leaves and a cucumber slice.

Pour in a tall glass, fill with ice.

Fill to the top with Rhubarb Dry Sparkling soda.

Garnish with lime wedge and if you want to be fancy - candied rhubarb (or a thin stalk of rhubarb dipped in sugar.)



Random thoughts and Rad Pink Flamingo Tanks

The other night I went to bed at 9pm and woke up at 9am.  12 hours of sleep.  I felt like a new woman.  I had amazing patience with my boys.  So apparently I need more sleep in my life.

Also, we have been reading Harry Potter as a family, we started in September when we moved home, we are in the final chapters of the final book.  It is all I want to do right now.  But I have pinky sworn to not ready ahead any more.  It is our dinner conversation.  We have the spells memorized. 

What will we do when it ends.  AND how is it going to end??  Don't tell me!

This grocery store at the bottom of the hill makes "the cookie"  It's double dark chocolate and toasted walnuts, all ooey gooey and then crispy crunchy on the outside.  I think about them right about bedtime.  Oh man.

Yet I totally crave garlic balsamic roasted brussels sprouts.  Like seriously crave. 

And you know when you have been growing your hair out forever and that moment when it finally feels long.  confession:  I haven't gotten my hair cut in over a year and a half.  I was starting to think it's done growing, I've reached my max.  But now it is actually looking long.

On my outfit:
Flamingos.  I didn't realize it, but they make me so happy.  not too mention Flamingo Pink.  It's always the perfect color.  This shirt is super soft.  It's slim but not tight and cut just right on the shoulders.  It was an investment as far as tanks go, but it's gonna get tons of wear.

These jeans - they never lose their shape.  I wear them all the time.  All the time.  Because I don't really have to think, I just grab.  Perfect destruction.  Black but not overly black.  The exact right hem length for now.

Striped espadrilles with an ever so slight wedge.  And they are on sale.  Casual vacation chic at it's best, especially when paired with distressed skinnies.  Preppy rebel?    

And don't forget about Ditto - you get to rent designer sunglasses.  Free shipping, return as often as you like for another pair.  Download a moving image of your face so you can get the perfect fit.  It's so fun, and addicting.  And a great way to try out sunglasses you might not normally do.  use code "thekirstyfiles" for your first month free.  No strings.

Flamingos and blazers and striped espadrilles with the perfect distressed skinnies and softest leather tote.  I'm totally patting myself on the back over this outfit.

tank top - Chaser, Revolve.
blazer - BB Dakota, Queen Anne Dispatch.  also here.
jeans - J Brand, Shopbop
shoes - Faryl Robin c/o, also Anthro.  on sale.
sunglasses - Smoke x Mirrors, Ditto.  
use code "thekirstyfiles" for a free month of designer sunglass rental.

Good night world.


more off the shoulder please, and yes you can!

When I was younger, what I would call a kid now, but at the time of course I felt so much more mature - I hated my shoulders, well more specifically my clavicle.  It sticks up kind of high, it's bony, I mean hello it is a bone.  I felt awkward and scrawny.  I would go out of my way to cover up my shoulders.

Man isn't it nice to truly grow up?  

I mean I used to straighten my hair.

Of course there are still parts of me that aren't my favorite, but now my shoulders are one of my favorite features, and my hair.  They make me, me.  Working hard not to scrutinize myself and just embrace myself is one of my goals as I enter my later 30's, there I said it!  where's the wtf emoji.  

Which is easier said than done when I've made a habit out of photographing myself and posting for the world to see.

But can we talk about this season's off the shoulder trend that is in full force.  I love it.  It is an ode to clavicles everywhere.  Although it's tricky, because the tops that are ruched, such as this one, don't particularly lend themselves well to raising your arms, giving hugs, reaching into cupboards.  It's a commitment.  And then you just tug them back down.  However, there are other options, this one stays put for instance.  Or do a dress version.  And showing a little neckline is like showing a little ankle.  It's subtley sexy.  


And the other thing - bare shoulders are age appropriate for almost any age.  Easy peasy.

The rest of the outfit - cropped flare, call it capri it you will.  I had a pair of flip-flop length flares, good in theory, but really flares and flip-flops don't really work for me.  read:  neeeed some height to balance the volume, not comfy cute flat flip-flops.  So I cut them into capris.  I love capris.  Again ankles, just a little, and totally appropriate, sex appeal.

and my shoes - they keep selling out so if you want them buy them.  And who doesn't want them.  I think they are a tame way to incorporate all these crazy high flatforms and clogs that are popping up everywhere.  They have a slightly higher heel than toe, which is so helpful if you are like me and tend to trip in true flatforms, why is that?  

shirt - Asos.
jeans - 7 for All Mankind.  old
shoes - Sole Society.
earrings - Lucia K. Jewelry.
green/gold ring - Queen Anne Frame.
leaf midi ring - Gorjana.
watch - Kate Spade, Nordstrom.

some of my favorite off the shoulder pieces:

wishing you cold shoulders.



It's geometry, a simple summer dress

Simple dresses make summer dressing a snap.  Add a cute sandal and you're ready to go.  

I especially love this geometric print and smocked waist.

And of course add some great jewelry.  Upon request, I have started making my favorite necklace in sterling silver, I am in love with how it turned out.  

And I'm off!

dress - Gap
shoes - Faryl Robin c/o
earrings - Lucia K. Jewelry
necklace - Lucia K. Jewelry.  now avail in sterling silver upon request.



backpacks are back.

Well it really does make sense, to have your hands free while toting all your goods, but why did it take so long for chic backpacks to come around?  I have suffered many too many Disneyland excursions, swapping from one shoulder to the other our bag of essentials.  If only.  This is why I am so excited about my favorite handbag designers newest bag.

Do you feel me?

And what about this dress, it's simple summer perfection.  I think this might be my favorite vest pairing yet.  

Just think of this dress with sneakers, sandals, birkenstocks, even booties and a jean jacket.  Such a good layering piece or on it's own.  and I love the color.  And Seattlites you can find it at Queen Anne Dispatch during their sale Friday May 6th.

Sandals - DV by Dolce Vita for Target, I highly suggest you check out the selection.  I have been wearing these quite a bit and they are holding up just the same as their more expensive counterparts. 

dress - BB Dakota, Queen Anne Dispatch, (their sale is this friday!). also here
vest - Treasure & Bond. similar
shoes - DV, Target
Earrings - Lucia K. Jewelry

Can I just give a shoutout to Rainglow Airbrush Tanning because there is no way my lovely glow would be happening in April in the Pacific Northwest on it's own, and  even more so I am caring much more about my skin and damage sun exposure causes.  Never having spray tanned before in my life, I am in love with the results, plus it's organic and paraben free.  If you need a boost for an upcoming event do it, and if you are in Seattle, call Rainglow.

photos by Angie.