La La Laundry. Playing Dressup

What I love about fashion most is playing dress up.  From a small child I have ALWAYS loved to dress up in clothes and imagine the places I would wear them.

Bonus if I get to actually wear them out.  And man did I rock some AWESOME outfits to school.  Shout out to my mom and dad for letting me be me.  Add in some truly messy hair, priceless.

I can easily get lost in my closet, mixing and reimagining the pieces in it, trying them on just for fun.   I fully believe in the power of power shoes.   I can tell you the dress I wore to most every wedding I have been to, what I wore the first time I met Nick, the clothes I had on when my Mom died.  I think this is part of why I have a hard time letting go of clothes, they all hold memories and stories.

Or at least that's my excuse.

Recently I unearthed a suitcase of old gems, including one of my besties hooded sweatshirts from high school.  I have sort of worn it constantly since.  And I'm kicking myself that I can not find my Mickey Mouse hoodie, UGH.  It's gotta be in my basement somewhere...

So when Jenna proposed to Jenn and I a trip to the laundry mat JUST FOR FUN and GET DRESSED UP and BRING PROPS.  It sounded just like the right kind of Thursday morning.  Especially because no real laundry was done.  mmmm hmmmm.

Sometimes in the busyness of life I lose the time and space for just for fun.  There has to be a purpose and a point.  Check it off the to-do list.  I am fully guilty of this lately.  But this silly little act of playing dress up, is well, not so silly.  And in fact, it feels necessary.  Who I am.  With my children I refer to this as Doodle and Hum time, I heard once that they need 6 hours of it for each new skill that they learn.  And I fiercely guard this space for my boys, so why don't I for myself?

It sure seems like I need a bit of this even as an adult.   And also sleep.  And ice cream.

This blog came about as my outlet to share my dress up moments - oh man if you could dig down into the depths of those first blog posts.  Laugh and Cringe.  Like this gem - oh those sweet babies though. 

So thank you for reading and still checking in.  Here's to more Doodle and Humming.  And I guess laundry.  And posting

photos by Jenna



That One Time I Went To NYC By Myself.

overalls and off the shoulder top

fisherman cap

It's a curious thing traveling alone, and it has been a very long time since I have done so.  Work trips haven't exactly been on the agenda when my main focus has been mothering.  When the opportunity arose to travel to NYC I was both excited and terrified. 

The terrified comes from leaving my family, the success to even think about doing such a thing has come from a lot of therapy sessions, talking through the rational fears, yes they are real but NO they don't get to decide.  I secretly hoped that the opportunity would fizzle itself out, so I wouldn't have to make the decision. 

Also an interesting point, my first trip to NYC, post college graduation, albeit cherished moments with my besties, was also riddled with anxiety having lost my mom only months before. 

So to embrace this trip from both a professional and personal side held so much richness for my soul, there were many moments that brought me to tears and made me giggle delightfully.  Wearing my emotions on my sleeve is not a surprise, but the empowerment I realized in myself was.

Also to be noted, I'm not far off from conversations with myself. 

It was also fascinating to pay attention to what was all around me, people and places, because I was solo - no kids to keep an eye on, no one to carry on a conversation with - again, except myself - yikes.  I took this opportunity to make eye contact and use words.  I complimented when something caught my eye.  I thought it would be a fun challenge, you know that whole New Yorker thing, but honestly no good grit there, everyone was very nice.  It could have been that I happened upon the city on a near 80 degree day after a very frigid winter and nearly non-existent spring - the cheer was in the air. 

It was so good, everywhere.  SO many sweet moments.  Could be that I don't get out much, or maybe my perspective has matured.  I relished it all.  Landing my first moment in the city at Bird and Branch coffee, just in the nick of time before I curled up on the street to sleep, their homemade almond macadamia nut milk was the elixir I needed.  Red eyes are killer.  Kill-ER.  The buzzing tourism and blinding GIANT billboards of Time Square.  Meeting with hair professionals, because I am also an expert.  Treasure trove aisles of trims in Mood Fabric and the garment district.  Sitting alone for jazz and French 75's at the Refinery Hotel.  Falling hard for the streets of Soho.  Shoe shopping.  Looking up, at the sky, at the romantic fire escapes, the stone buildings.  Getting to see behind the scene happenings of a favorite curl brand.  Strolling along the High Line, an elevated urban greenway park created on top of a former railroad track.  Too cool.  Reveling the ballet at Lincoln Center, then bubbly and good conversation with cousins perched at a bar overlooking the busy night streets.  Subway smells and crowds.  The different shoes on the subway.  Fascinating.  Navigating Penn Street Station, losing all my "like a local" energy, holding back tears and finding the most helpful janitor in shining armor to briefly guide my way.  Walking out of the subway tunnel to be surprised by a clear view of the Empire State building.  Classic New York pizza.  Some of the best ice cream I have ever eaten.  No for real.  I had tears that it would not be an experience I could have back in Seattle.  Seed and Mill, note it.   The real fear I felt as a fire alarm went off, but also the tools to bring myself back.  Feeling light as air in a new silk dress

48 hours and done. 

NYC travel guide

So these photos are a great part of my trip's story.  I was walking in Soho and saw someone taking photos of the graffiti wall across the street, that I was also admiring.  Figuring he had a good eye, and I can take all the help I can get, I decided to ask the man if we would mind taking a picture of me in front of it, and hopefully not cut off my shoes.  He remarked that he was going to ask me the same question, he happened to be street style photographer for Shei Magazine and liked my style that day. 

I was both flattered and honored.  And so a brief conversation was had and these pictures were taken.  Evan's dream is to be a photographer for National Geographic, today he happened to be hunting fashion on the streets in Soho, I couldn't agree more.

This was my true street style on day #2.

how to wear a hat with curly hair

skirtall - Numph DK c/o.  
shirt - Traffic People, Queen Anne Dispatch (they'll ship!)
hat - Brixton, Anthro
shoes - Halogen, Nordstrom
bag - Hobo c/o
earrings - Lucia K. Jewelry

I got to go to NYC for my curls, right?  I know.  But honestly I still can't quite believe it.  And the company is not releasing info on their endeavor yet so I can say no more except that I got to interact with other cool curlies and we talked a lot of curl talk.  A lot. 

New York's energy is amazing.  I'm exhausted and my feet blistered.  You can see more in my instastories.

Happy to be home. 


Outfit photos by Evan.


Just A Great Outfit.

Well in these photos ALL I can see is frizzy hair.  Ugh.  Sometimes we are our own worst critics.  But I am posting anyway, partly (mainly) to get over myself and partly because I don't want to waste an outfit shoot.  

And why do we think it's important to point out our faults?  

And then there's the fact that my day had a few hiccups that have left me too tired to write something well tonight.  Nothing that isn't just part of life, but none the less exhausting when you didn't have time to deal with it in the first place.  So I don't have the energy to expand on the above thoughts just yet.  Nor did I have the energy to discuss with my 9 year old why he can't get a certain video game.  I just need to go to bed.

So maybe you can just enjoy this great shortall?  I love a shortall all summer long, and into the fall with tights and a turtleneck, right?  Also these platform floral oxfords, so good, and on sale.  And my shirt, always love a flowy white top.  And the silk tie that is sort of a necktie meets scarf.

And PS - the BEST under T-shirt bra I have found so far.  Super soft, no underwire, still supportive (if you are on the smaller bust size like me) and gives you great shape under tees and sheer tops.  

Lots of good stuff.  

skirtall - Numph c/o.  no longer avail.
shirt - Mango.  similar
shoes - Abound, Nordstrom Rack.
silk tie - Queen Anne Frame.
bra - Gap

Good night friends, thank you for reading my blog even on days like today.

photos by Angie.



Spring Hat Edit

I am heading to NYC the beginning of next week to work with a salon brand on a curly hair product launch, whhhhhhat?  I bought this hat in preparation, because I plan to spend every extra second shopping and eating - NOT washing my hair.

Hats make the most wonderful travel companions.

Hats also hide bad hair days, offer sun protection and elevate style instantly.  I love hats.

There are so many fun versions right now so I thought I’d share my 4 favorites in hopes to inspire you all to try more hats.  Or keep up the good work.

My spring hat picks...

The fisherman’s cap.  Other variations are newsboy cap, engineer cap, bakers cap.

I am super excited about this style.  This is the one I am wearing in the photo above.  This particular hat is white wool, the perfect mix to wear year round and I plan on it.  I wore it with wide leg jeans and an off the shoulder top the day I got it - pulled it right out of the box and wore it, sign of a winning purchase right?

Wide rimmed and woven.  Fedoras.  Straw hats.

If you're local to Seattle- all 3 of these hats are in my shop right now.  Come visit us on Queen Anne, maybe you will find a few things you can't leave without. 

If you're not nearby, I found a few similar online.  Here are my picks...

Happy Happy Hats!



Paper Bags and Platforms

Are you a fan of the paper bag style pant?  It has always drawn me but I rarely find a pair that works for me.  It's one of those styles that has to fit and flow just right, because you are definitely adding volume and want to accentuate the waist as a balance.  The volume should look like it's coming from the fabric not you.  In my opinion that is how this style is flattering.   So I have tried on A LOT of this type of pant but rarely a success.

This style is quite popular right now with the high-waisted pant trend that is taking over.  Yessss.  And it's such a good one.  This style is effortless, aka easy, adding great interest to an outfit, simply add a tee and cute sandal, which is how I wore it the rest of the trip, and you're ready.  I just jazzed it up for photos.  You know, to make it more interesting.  I can't wear a tee shirt for every.single.post. 

Plus this awesome top is over 75% off right now.  You're welcome.

These particular shorts are from Numph DK.  A clothing brand I discovered at my favorite local clothing boutique Queen Anne Dispatch.  You can also find most of their line at Numph.com, and also some styles at Pintucked.  I can always count on this brand to have edgy yet sophisticated styles, mixed with bold happy prints and unique fabrics.  That is exactly the tune I like to sing, and I am always looking forward to their next designs. 

Speaking of tunes, random thought...I am the worst singer, and lately I can't help but bust out a tune, much to my children's dismay.  Not sure where that is coming from, it cracks me up.  It also warms my heart because my mom used to do the SAME thing to us and man was I always so annoyed.  Oh the eye rolls. 

Maybe someday they will appreciate my voice.  I often remind them that they used to ASK every night for me to sing them each a song at bedtime. 

Ok back to the outfit, because I cant leave out the shoes.  In two days I bought pastel sneakers and floral loafers.  And they are my marvelous rotation.  I freakin love these shoes.  Something about a whimsical floral, I love the mix of this feminine print with a more masculine loafer style shoe.  AND then add a platform with STRIPES.  These shoes also look particularly nice with a really undone hem.  I plan to get a lot of wear out of these.  ps - they are currently on sale for under $50.  Whoop Whoop.

You're welcome again. 

shirt - Derek Lam 10 Cosby c/o.  on sale 75% off in navy, in red.
shorts - Numph DK c/o.  find here
shoes - Abound, Nordstrom Rack
socks - not seen but SO necessary, Smartwool
sunglasses - Queen Anne Frame

And the beach hair situation, it's just so outside my comfort that I am not even going to mention it.  

Happiest Wednesday.

Photos by Angie.