Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks - Sale Opens to All Today.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opens to all today.

I am finally getting around to scrolling through THE SALE, and even though I haven't been at the forefront of all the great scores - the sale open to card insiders last week but my life just wouldn't afford me the time - luckily there is still treasures to be found.

As I am earmarking my favorites...

I see that I am still super into faux fur.

I also see my favorite shoe picks are all very functional.  What?  but also very stylish.  Tops being work boots, snow boots, rain boots, sock booties and sneakers.  Wow how I've grown up.

And I want MY Denim high waisted and detailed.

And a lot of Blush Tones.

There is A LOT to search through in this sale, I wanted to share what I found, hopefully it will inspire you to fill in the gaps you were hoping to fill - did you even know you were missing STRIPED DENIM??... or maybe inspire a new look for fall - like a boxy orange corduroy jacket, find some great new basics, and replace those worn out but totally necessary foundational pieces - hello hanky panky and boulder holders.

So here are my picks....

Always start with the shoes, lots of these picks come in different color options too, they all sort of ended up blush but there are awesome reds and navy and burgundy, oh my.  click on the image to see shopping details...

foundational pieces, this is a great time to stock up on the pieces that support us best.  It was recently pointed out to me that this is the time to do it.  Duh!  The bra that just happened to be recommended by almost everyone I asked on instagram happens to be on sale.  Serendipitious?  Yes.  Spelled wrong.  Also yes.  Another note, high waisted workout leggings are the best.

Sweaters, oversized for sure, but also off the shoulder cool and professor chic caught my eye this time.

Jackets.  So many good ones, almost makes me want the fall.  Almost.

Dresses - I still love the flouncy and flowy, but how about this wrap dress?  And OF COURSE everyone should have that go-to jumpsuit in their closet.  In my opinion.

Underwear.  There are those of us that prefer thongs and those of us that don't.  I just do not.  but if I have to wear one - these are the only ones that will do.  the only ones.

Denim LOVE the side stripe and the side buttons, the buttoned up waist and the light blue wash...

This last week I had the chance to experience the Seattle Underground Tour, it was so fun.  There was reference to John Nordstrom, one of the first to return from the Yukon Gold Rush with his spoils, settling down to open his little shoe shop in Seattle at the turn of the century.  History is so cool.

finally the Coats...faux furs, camo, corduroy and puffy, hard to choose my very favorite, can you?...

Happy Friday, thank you for reading.


Setting My Summer Intentions, Sort of.

athleisure style

brooks womens running shoe

black running shoes

For a girl who hates change I love the changing of the seasons.  This was probably the hardest part about living in SoCal, not having four distinct seasons.  It's sort of hard to believe as it's June and rainy that permanent sunshine isn't my thing.

But the change of seasons invites so much ritual into our lives.  It's a time to set new goals and start new adventures.  Change up our menu, and pizza toppings.  Create season specific memories...yet right now my mind is swimming - so many things I want to accomplish.  The summer let down was BIG this time, a combination of a packed calendar, failing technology and a certain boy turning 10.

Also, do you ever notice when you're tired small things in life can feel insurmountable?  It's amazing what a good nights sleep can do, or is it good night's?  currently too tired to google it. 

We are almost a week in and I am finally feeling ready to breathe it all in, and hopefully not miss a single minute...so this is what I am inviting into my life this summer...

Summer Salads

Stretching each day. 

Clean out my closet more more more, give stuff away, sell a few things, organize. 

Drink more water.  Always.
Start my morning with a cup of Moringa tea.  Hear it helps with mind and inflammation.  Read: not a spring chicken anymore.

Camp, and adventure. 
And gather with friends.  Have people over more.  Make s'mores, how cool are these kits??  Hmmmm we also bought a 1977 Tioga camper, so there's that idea. #staytuned

Organize.  I am starting with this, one for each kid, so we can add anything that any of us would like to save, ticket stubs, drawings, gum wrappers - no joke, team photos...all the things currently in random piles around our home, and it will be contained, and like a scrap book without a lick of colored paper.  All good.  The baby books that never happened.  No guilt.  No guilt.  No guilt.  Also note, not on this list to begin baby books....maybe next year.

Work on my gallery wall.  It SWIMS through my head all the time.  Oh and did I mention I own a custom frame shop.  It's almost like I have too much at my fingertips.  Analysis by paralysis, or something like that.

Did I mention Organize - oh wait, I forgot to mention the next step is this gal.  She's gonna slowly work my life into shape.  I LOVE her mission - Creating a space to enjoy while on your journey.

Devotions with my kiddos, this one particularly while drinking chocolate milk and sprinkles.
Also this book with my kids (and if you live near Queen Anne in Seattle shop local - find this book at Queen Anne Frame aka shop!)  This summer mom stuff is an entire blog post in itself, coming at you maybe tomorrow.  maybe.

much less plastic.

& Clean beauty - Violet Beauty please, also this concealer seems to good to be true, can it really replace my Cle De Peau??

Make jam with my mother in law.

Write just one actual hand-written card to someone, just because they inspired me in some way.  Baby steps.

A note on my outfit.  This entire look is Brooks.  While I set here and type my intentions for the next 9 weeks, yes summer is now only 9 weeks, it seemed so fitting to post photos of this shoot.  The essence of Brooks is to be intentional in what they do.  I am so inspired by their company culture, and this outfit.  Brooks is a proud sponsor of the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games, being held in Seattle this July, you can find more info here.

I love this top, I've worn it as a workout tank and also with jeans and flip flops, the colors are summer at it's best.  These leggings won me over with their mesh detail, cropped length and high waist band.  And truth be told, I have been living in these black sneakers, all through the end of the school year - these were this mama's best friend...from field day to last minute teacher's gifts, I was in total comfort and style.

tank - Brooks c/o, on sale.
leggings - Brooks c/o.
sports bra - Brooks c/o, on sale.
shoes - Brooks c/o.

As I am typing this list I am reminding myself that I can remove any or all of this list, at any time, without warning.  And by no means should I make this my score card, but it does feel good to at least organize my thoughts. 

lots of grace & sleep, friends.  and lots of water.

Happy Summer and thank you for reading!  What's on your list?


photos by Angie. 


Bold Prints & Wide Legs

mavi two-toned jeans

sole society audrina sandals

We are in the last week of school.  Fun fact:  I cry on the first and the last day of school every single year, pretty much since I was in 1st grade myself.  This year has been no exception.  I am trying my very best to slow down and savor every moment but it's darn exhausting.  The "lasts" and the celebrations are always emotional for me, I don't like change - except in fashion.  

So with that I am off to bed.   

A note on my outfit...sharing more of my ever growing love of anything wide-leg, high-waisted, cropped & denim.  I love the two-tone embellishment on this particular pair.  I thought the bold print of my Numph shirt made a nice pairing.  You can always count on Numph to have the best prints every season.   Like this one and this one.

long curly hair

shirt - Numph DK c/o
jeans - Mavi, Queen Anne Dispatch.  also here
shoes - Sole Society

photos by Angie.



I Whaley Like This Dress

AYR silk trench dress

It's just where I am at right now, strolling through impressive artistic sculptures one minute, making waffles and battling teeth brushing the next.

Regardless of the circumstance, when you put on that certain item of clothing and it has the ability to elevate your state of mind, this dress is just that.  It makes me feel sophisticated and lady like, it's the type of piece that never ends up in a pile on the floor, like so much of everything else in my house.

I just want to strut my stuff.

And I will pull this piece out of my closet for years and years to come.

Those are the best kind.

And when I find items like this, I don't feel the need to buy anything else.  Which I hugely appreciate as I am thinking through my purchases more than ever.  Not just because I am on a budget, but because I am more and more conscious of the toll fashion is taking on the environment - thank you to a certain 2nd grader who is studying whales.  I want pieces that are going to stand the test of time, and I am willing to spend a bit more for this reason.

This dress is from a brand called AYR which stands for All Year Round.  Don't you love that?  Versatile, classic, well tailored and superbly thought out styles that work all year round.  Their jeans are also fabulous for all your ASSets, and these overalls - on my wishlist.

Major bonus is that this dress also doubles as the most fabulous light weight trench, as I wore it here and coming soon to the blog.

blonde curly hair

dress - AYR c/o.


photos by Courtney.



I've Got The Party Pants, & Shirt...Now I Just Need A Party.

naturally curly long hair

palm leaf print pant

sarah alexandra shirt

Brunch.  Work.  Date Night.  Ladies Night.  Blog Events.  Ice Cream.  Coffee Dates.  Cocktails.  Summer BBQ.  Dinner Party.  Garden Party.  Window Shopping.  Shoe Shopping.

I love this outfit.  It's the type of outfit that makes me think of everything fun.  Oh the places I shall go in palm print pants and the perfect tailored shirt.  

I've got the perfect outfit covered.  Now that calendar...

And who wants to join me? 


pants - Traffic People, Queen Anne Dispatch
shoes - Dolce Vita, old.  similar

similar palm print pants here...

And these pants have a matching top, seen here.

photos by Courtney.

Happy Tuesday.