Northwest Love in a Hooded Sweatshirt.

curly hair under a beanie

Springtime in the northwest, time to (sort of) shed the coats and jackets.  Well you should bring your coat along in your bag.   Because it's springtime in the Northwest. 

No surprise that I love a hooded sweatshirt.  It partly evokes college nostalgia and of course screams comfy, but if done right it also has style. 

And this one in particular.  It's great on it's own, the fit is slim but slightly oversized with longer sleeves.  I love the "meet me in the fog" sleeve detail.  This will also look great with a jean jacket or blazer layered on top.  One of my favorite looks is pairing a hooded sweatshirt under a peacoat or trench, dressed up on the street.  It makes everything seem less stuffy.  Or tied around the waist with your favorite tee underneath.  Which all 3 scenarios completely happen in the same day during spring.  So I am set.  

Wish You Were Here Northwest was started by two sisters who have the effortlessly stylish hip outdoor look perfected.  Just check out their instagram feed.  Warning their sight will give you total wanderlust, every time.  *Sigh*

They have nailed celebrating the Northwest in the best possible way.  In my opinion.

This tee is next on my list, but I also really like this one and this one.

Now I am dreaming of a cabin getaway.

pacific northwest style

how to style a hooded sweatshirt

graphic sweatshirt

sweatshirt - Wish You Were Here Northwest c/o.  find here
jeans - Frame Denim c/o Fitcode.  find here
boots - Rag & Bone, Outnet.com

I kind of want a scenario where I can pair this sweatshirt with my tulle skirt...stay tuned.

photos by Angie.

If only I was able to dream all day, instead off to bed I go because morning comes too early.



Spring Fashion with On The Cusp & Stepping Outside my Comfort Zone.

I have to admit when JJ asked me to be on a fashion panel for On The Cusp at Neiman Marcus, I was a bit intimidated.  I love fashion, sure, but sharing with others why I do - with a microphone in hand rather than from the comfort of my couch, gave me pause.

But since I am always preaching to step outside of your comfort zone, I had to put my money where my mouth is, and my big girl shoes on.

It was a wonderful experience.  JJ, the manager of The Cusp, was so much fun to work with.  On The Cusp has many swoon-worthy items, which made choosing my 3 looks a breeze, and difficult, only because I had to narrow it down to just 3.  What I loved the most was how different yet fabulous each of the 4 panelists looks were.  I was joined by Jenn, Molly and Carolyn.  And of course Neiman Marcus always hosts the best events, you can always count on great cocktails and bites and innovative party prep - this time included a graffiti wall and selfie light party favors.  

I was given the task of presenting my signature style, the versatility of a sneaker dress, and how to transition from soccer fields to adulting - practice to brunch.  

Here's what I did:

Signature style:  I am so ready for dresses, and for light bright colors.  I like the idea of mixing ruffles in whenever possible and a leather jacket toughens up this look.  The velvet booties add texture, and they are the best lighter salmon pink color which lends itself perfectly to spring wear.  Tassel earrings are all the rage this season, and I always love a big earring.  I felt that the bright color was the perfect pop.

The Sneaker Dress.  My second task was to show the versatility of a dress.  Adding sneakers to a dress is a great way to be hip and functional.  In my real life I am constantly looking for more ways to wear comfortable shoes.  I love that this dress could also be worn off the shoulder.  I felt that this dress needed a belt to keep it from being bulky and to show off her waist.  But for sure off the shoulders with a stacked heel sandal takes this beauty into the evening.  Finally, these glasses.  I am obsessed.  Never knew I'd be dreaming of Chloe glasses.  I so am.  Obsessed.  

Third look was a transition style - how to go seamlessly from kid time to adult time.  If you look closely at these jeans they have a touch of sequins under the rips.   How fun is that considering jeans are the go-to mom uniform.  I want to rock sequins on the soccer field.  And think we all should!  It's so important as women to cultivate and celebrate confidence, in ourselves and eachother.

So who's with  me on the sequins??

Wearing a graphic tee to liven things up.  And these shoes, slightly different than your normal sandal with the cinched tie at the top.  I thought they were so cool.

Here's a fun little secret - we had the models drape their sweaters and jackets, like a cape, to make it easier and quicker for them to change into their next looks.

Then the quick turnaround to head to brunch.  I like the idea of a t-shirt under a dress, evoking your best 90's style.  It makes dress wearing easy, no need to worry about shaved underarms or wishing you were tan.  Bonus, it keeps you warmer on these chilly pre-spring days.  The hat only makes sense because if I am outside at the field, most likely my curls are going to be crazy and need taming.  Jeans off, dress on, add a hat.  Time for mimosas.

You can find my shirt here, c/o Neiman Marcus.  

So what did you think?  Which look is your favorite??

photos by Vivian Hsu

Besides awesome fashion, the very best part was getting to do this with my favorite fashionista and having so many friendly faces in the audience supporting my fashion endeavors.  Seattle has a great community of fashion lovers.  Even a few of my dearest girlfriends were in the audience, and my brother and nephew surprised me with their presence.  Right?

All around a fantastic evening.  So grateful for this opportunity, thank you Neiman Marcus, JJ, and crew.



9 Sandals I am loving at Target.

Sure I might be jumping the gun but I am dreaming of sunnier days.

We started our spring break countdown today and it's got me in the open toe mood.  These shoes are bright and happy and totally on trend.  Some of my favorite sandals have been scored at Target, with brands like Faryl Robin and Dolce Vita, they are a fashion footwear force.

I limited myself to just 2 in the cart.

(Click on the picture to be taken to the shoe details)

which one is your favorite?

And if you want more sunshiney thoughts, join me for a Spring Fashion Event at Neiman Marcus, we can dream of spring together while we sip champagne and gush over ruffles and florals and ripped jeans.  Perfect right?



Stay Inn

Ready . Set . Slow

: Dig Inn.  Fresh fruit and locally crafted granola every morning in our room.

: My favorite was waking up to see my boys snuggled by the fire, with a view of the harbor behind them. 

: Can I always have my coffee delivered hot and how I like it when I wake in the morning.  sigh.

: Half full.  Perspective.  I really wanted to take these home with me.  I didn't.  I really appreciated the eco-ethos practices like eliminating trial size containers.  Of course I used my share of Malin + Geotz products - favorite was the peppermint shampoo in the steam shower.

:  When I learned of the full size kitchen in the penthouses I for sure packed cookie dough so we could have fresh-baked cookies and locally made ice cream for dessert.  

: Morning walk down to the docks.  Right?

: This moment filled me on so many levels.  I picked up locally made cheese and bread at the San Juan Food Co-op and we watched the ferries come in at sunset snuggled in blankets on the deck, while sipping champagne.  The boys were happily watching a movie by the fire right inside.  Holy Moly.

As I edit these pictures from our recent family weekend on San Juan Island, I can't quite believe how amazing it was.  I want to go back.  I just had to caption most of them because I have too much to say in one post.

What I love about this weekend escape is how relaxing it felt, even with my two boys in tow.  The San Juan Islands are completely accessible yet feel a million miles away from the bustle of Seattle daily life.  The only bummer was how sad we all were to leave.

We had the pleasure of staying at The Island Inn 123 West, a smart modern (they were the first building in the islands to be LEED silver certified), yet completely homey and comfortable, thought of every detail, boutique hotel in the heart of Friday Harbor.  When I say they thought of everything, I mean we felt completely spoiled, the level of detail was impeccable from the locally made granola and fruit plate every morning, to the delivered to your door coffee order by the owner herself and eco-ethos practices.  The staff was friendly and easy-going while making sure every details was covered.

We had a cozy fireplace, steam shower, gorgeous views of the harbor, and we didn't share walls with other rooms - ha!  Which with two loud children, this was such a bonus, we could be at ease that we weren't irritating all the other patrons.  Remember folks this was a family vacation.

Originally this property was slated to be condos and commercial spaces but in the economic crash of 2008, owner Misty had the idea to create this unique hotel property to save the space.  With her interior design background and unwavering persistence, she slowly transformed each room with original designs and interesting layouts.  Down to the throw pillows - it is her vision, even much of the art on the property was painted by her father.  I love the character and charm that she accomplished in this modern platform.

So the beauty of traveling to San Juan Island in the off season is that the room rates are less, and the crowds are too.  But the sun still shines an average of 247 days a year.  My recommendation, if you have a weekend escape in mind, stay in a "sweet" or penthouse at the Island Inn, let yourself be pampered in the best staycation style.  

How's that for motivating your Monday?


Thank you to VisitSanJauns and The Island Inn for providing our accommodations.


Graphic Tees, Yes Please.


favorite distressed skinny jeans

graphic tee

I know more casual weekend wear.  You're telling me.  If only we were still on vacation.  

You see I sort of prided myself in the fact that my family hadn't been sick all school year, not at all.  Until this week.  And it's packed a punch for my little guy that he has never felt.  And in typical mom life fashion - that I am so lucky to be able to do - everything else gets put on the back burner.  Including my blog.

Next week I will give you all the glorious details of our weekend in the San Juans, it was so much more than just a ferry ride.  

In the meantime this outfit is basics at it's best, and what I wore on our weekend trip.  Always add a graphic tee right now.  They are just too fun.  And this jacket is perfect layered under warmer coats, because for the freakin love it's gonna be winter forever, or on it's own in the warmer spring days.  They will come.  They will come.

I was immediately attracted to this jacket for the back and shoulder trench detailing and light light gray.  If you can believe it, it's a workout jacket, but I love these stylish details that give it street cred.  

coat - Brooks c/o.  also here
t-shirt - it's a hand me down, aren't those the best!
jeans - J Brand, Bloomingdales
shoes - Timberland, old.
hat and sunnies - Queen Anne Dispatch.

"Sorry for what I said when it was winter."  "Tacos and Tequila"
 I mean this is so much better than a plain t-shirt.

TGIF.  PSA: wash your hands.  A lot.