triple threat

My three favorite purchases from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale just happened to go perfectly together.

sweater - I have had in my mind a red patterned sweater every since I saw this great outfit on a gal at disneyland.  So when I saw this one on the Nordstrom Sale, I was hoping it would be right.  The fit can be hard with fitted sweaters - I may opinion they can often be too tight on me in the shoulders and upper arms, it is not flattering and just adds bulk.  And why do they always put seams right in the middle of your upper arm?  Well I am so pleased with this one.  The weave of the sweater keeps it snug but not too snug and the seams are in the right spot to be flattering.  Its a great length to slightly tuck {love a mullet tuck} or to wear long with a shirt underneath over leggings.  And I am in love with the lumberjack chic pattern.  So now I just need some cooler weather...

jeans - this is my first pair of Rag & Bone jeans {mainly because they are so dang expensive}.  I would definitely recommend going up a size.  I am amazed at how tight yet flattering these jeans are, it is quite a feat getting these puppies on.  My husband even approved the backside fit, I tell you this because this is rare that he likes a skinny jean.  I love the ankle zipper which makes them so much easier to get off and fit snug all the way down, and of course the zipper detailing.  The darker wash is a bit fancier than all of the sun-bleached, distressed, destroyed denim I have been gravitating toward lately.  These are a great addition to my closet.

shoes - the best for last.  leopard and d'orsay.  and a great heel height, not too crazy tall.  These are awesome, so is the price.  I couldn't be more excited to finally add some leopard to my shoe collection.  They also come in an awesome gray leopard.  My favorite purchase of the sale.

sweater - Olive & Oak, Nordstrom
jeans - Rag & Bone, Nordstrom
shoes - Halogen, Nordstrom
earrings - Lucia K. Jewelry {do you like?}
glasses - Warby Parker {great company, post coming soon}

and can I just give a shout out to the sample tube of mascara I found in my drawer as I was in a pinch and couldn't find my go to Diorshow.  Benefits They're Real, its what Jenn uses for her awesome lashes and I thought yeah great but I already love what I use.  Well it is fab, besides having to be careful of the medieval spike ball wand, which is amazing at creating lash length.  I can't even believe I may be switching it up.

photos by Angie.
happy monday!



no bug is safe.

If you happen upon our home please know it is not a trash site.  Those containers are painstakingly put together by small little hands to hold all the bugs the world presents us...which is a lot.  In the words of a 4 1/2 yr old, its a bug museum, and what fun California is to present us with so many new to us species.  Not so fun when they find their way inside.

It is uncanny how well my child can spot caterpillars in particular.

Happy Saturday!

Here are a few of the items I picked for my little men for back-to-school from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  And if I had a girl, these last two would be on my list.


photos by Angie.  Isn't she amazing!


what's up weekend.

Honestly this week has been challenging for me.  I am thankful for this 3rd {!!!} weekend in July, that we are all together, healthy and experiencing life.  This is how I am going to try and soak it up this weekend.

First, this but on grilled pizza tonight. 

Cheers with a rhubarb collins.  I was so excited to find rhubarb at my local Whole Foods, the checker thought it was celery. 

One more look through the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale during movie night - hello WallE.  Look here for some of my favorite picks.  
Saturday morning definitely will start with a cup of cold-brew {I'm obsessed, post coming soon} and snuggling in our favorite blanket {yay sample sales!} while reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.  Oh my gosh its so good, I want to keep reading.  Can I get an amen to a book series that we all can enjoy.

Maybe another batch of s'mores pie, wishing I could sub these smoked chocolate chips.  Holy Moly.

a date night in these jeans, they are amazing.  Yes to mid 70's and not a degree higher you hear me!

And if my kids can go two more nights with no accidents {yippee!}  we will go see Planes Fire and Rescue.  And I'm stoked, both for no more pull-ups and to see this film, and because I love a good animated flick.  Just saw How To Train Your Dragon 2, darling.

Going to start this book for book club.  Because we are getting together next week, each making a recipe for book club.  Then, in August I plan to eat at Delancey in the beloved Seattle neighborhood of Ballard, but I'm getting ahead of myself...

I really want to do this with my instagram pics of my family, but probably not this weekend.  

And I will do laundry, I will.

or maybe we will just go to the beach.

shirt - Madewell {similar different color}
shorts - Forever 21
scarf - vintage
shoes - Dolce Vita, Shopbop.  on sale, and I LOVE them.
earrings - Lucia K. Tag

photos by Angie.

Happy Weekend.



deep breathes {what i wore}

So much of my childhood was spent in the mountains of Montana, it is still one of my very favorite places to take my family, and to be with family.  I forget how ingrained this place is in me, my very soul.  I step off the tiny prop airplane, and take a deep breath.  My lungs are filled with the freshest air imaginable, part glaciers, part pine tree, and I'm immediately flooded with nostalgia.

Now that I have two rambunctious boys this place is even more magnificent.  Even with all the advances in our lives, this place still manages to pace itself a little slower and remain relatively untouched.  My husband says its the only place he can truly relax.

In a life that is moving far quicker than I like, this place is my constant.  And my love tank was overflowing being with people I love so dearly.

{see more on instagram}

I found this darling dress in a small shop in town.  I love the dip-dyed color that makes it a bit unique, and the easy throw-it-on-and-go-ness.  Plus its so comfy and light, when the temperatures are rising, this will be happening, then in the fall how easily I can layer a chunky sweater over the top and swap tall boots.  

As I was searching for it online for this post, much to my surprise, they have it at Urban Outfitters.  So I guess I didn't have to go all way to Eureka MT for this treasure.  

I had to put this one in because I look like I'm 15, what??

 dress - The Sunflower, also Urban Outfitters.
boots - Nordstrom {on sale}
earrings - Lucia K. Chloe

here a a few other easy summer dresses to keep you cool that will then transition well into fall...

Hope that you all are enjoying a few quiet moments amidst soaking in every single second of these fleeting summer months.

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a few of my favorite things

Well I love a good sale.  These are some of the pieces that I have my eye on at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  If you don't know this sale (honestly I only started shopping it a few years ago.)  Nordstrom puts its fall merchandise on sale for a few weeks.  Its a great time to get a hold of those pieces that makes your wardrobe pop, items you have been waiting to splurge on, or quality staples and classic pieces.

Here are some of my favorites

Popping Piece...
Joes' Ankle Strap Pump in taupe suede - my favorite combo.  I love the cut of the toe, the daigonal strap and high ankle strap super flattering, and the zipper for convenience.  These would make a basic jeans and t-shirt unbelievably chic.  But I am also loving these, which to choose?!

Splurge-worthy Classic...
Patty Leather Frye boots.  boots are a total classic in my book and Frye's craftmanship and quality is tops.  I am leaning toward this black pair over the brown because I already have brown Fryes that I have been wearing for year.  I love the slim tight ankle on this lower cut boot, much more flattering design. 

Classic in Leopard...
Halogen Marlie Pointed Toe Pump.  I have had leopard shoes on my mind lately, but I find that they are tough, often times I don't like print.  These are fabulous.  The print is just right to me, and the d'orsary styling of this pump is very sophisticated.  I love the price too!  These are also fabulous, but gotta budget somewhere.

Handbags to carry it all.

Vince Camuto

My plan is not to but any handbags during this sale, but these three are my favorite, and even as I type this I find myself weakening.  Crossbody clutch is so functional but stylish - hi hip disneyland mom.  One classic and beyond grown-up in black, love the shape and I actually don't own a black bag, or a leopard clutch for that matter.  But I will say if I didn't have this wallet, I'd be buying it.  Its the only style for me.  

Jeans with multiple zippers are always better...
Rag and Bone Kensington.  So I am picturing these awesome jeans with any of the three shoes above and loving.  I want them, it might be the 80's child in me, but the more zippers the better right?  Just the right amount of detail.  Definitely a splurge, but when it comes to denim that you will wear over and over, its a place I like to put my money.

Moto in black...
Treasure&Bond Moto Jeans.  I love the detail stitching on these jeans, and the price.  Moto has stuck around, but when going trendy, its nice to keep the price tag lower.  The color is also what draws me to these jeans, the faded black almost gray is so easy to wear.  This brand is a favorite of mine for less expensive denim, love the burgundy wax finish for fall.

Lumber Jack Chic...
I reeeeeaaally want this sweater to be amazing.  I've been hunting for a red sweater but this is even better.  It is my childhood wrapped in a blanket sitting by the fire sipping hot cocoa turned cool and sophisticated.  I want it to happen with my tulle skirt.  fingers-crossed.

Perfect Fall Layers...
BP. Extra Long Cardigan - I adore this color, the collar, the cuffs.  It looks cozy but not frumpy, and I love how they paired it over this floral tank to carry it from summer to fall.

and sunnies...
Michael Kors - Vintage Tortoise with gold sides and oversized frames.  I think I wear sunglasses every day!  These would be lovely for the fall sun wouldn't they?

Early access started friday, meaning if you have a Nordstrom card or apply for one you can shop early, otherwise everyone can shop July 18th.  

My order has been placed, I was in Montana, thank goodness for online access.  Stay tuned this next week and the weeks to follow to see how I style my new pieces.

Happy Shopping!


at the boardwalk {what I wore}

first item to note:  it was overcast, all day.  thank you June gloom

second: I don't typically wear heels on the boardwalk.

third: this outfit needed heels, the flowy top and my baggy jeans that are over 10yrs old, second pair of designer denim I have ever bought, that started my love affair with 7 for Mankind "A" jeans, and there is a rather large hole in an unmentionable spot that I must patch #NotTheRightKindOfDistressed. 

fourth:  have you seen the Jimmy Falon's hashtag skit.  it is hilarious, youtube it if you haven't.  It's a slippery slope

fifth:  back to this blouse.  Flowy blouses are amazing, this one in particular amazing.  {And its on sale with additional 20% off with code 'buzz20', so doing the math that is around 65% off}.  A good flowy blouse shouldn't be too heavy or too lightweight but just right so it drapes nicely hiding flaws not highlighting them and flatters you without too much bulk.  They are so comfy and for some reason I always feel more like a lady when I wear one.  I have a few on my wish list, also a slippery slope.  I'd really like to order this blouse in white as well, but I want all the others below and truly don't need any of them.  ugh, fashion.

sixth:  I am posting more pictures than normal, it was just that good.  Perfect lighting, recently washed hair, amazing photographer.  Makes up for my outfits that are more of a flop.

blouse - Anthropologie {sale plus extra 20% enter 'buzz20'}
jeans - very old 7 for all Mankind {similar here, and here on sale}
shoes - Charles by Charles David, Nordstrom
earrings - Lucia K. Chloe

flowy blouses currently on my wish list, and honestly I would wear one everyday of the week.  

photos by Angie.  linking up with pleated poppy for what i wore weds.
happy wednesday.



What is old is new. Happy Independence Day!

The 4th of July is that holiday that I whole heartedly approve of to decking my entire family out head-to-toe in red, white, and blue, stars and stripes - even matching attire.   Maybe its how wonderful stripes and stars are, or the classic appeal of our patriotic colors, or symbolism of something so great.  Yet I own almost no American garb.  Next year!  

I so love this holiday.  Time spent with family and friends, celebrating our country.  For all its faults, it is the best.  Happy Independence Day America!  Thank you all for reading.  

Ha - its almost all old.
Old scarf is tied at wrists as a new kimono.
my beloved boots - Sam Edelman {in cocoa here - the color I have.  also olive hereblack here {super sale}& tan here}

photos by Angie.
Happy 4th.