Coffee Casual

white boots

oversized plaid shirt

This one is fitting because I have been drinking a lot of coffee lately.  And in an effort to go to bed early in order to drink less coffee, this one is gonna be brief.

This shirt is an oldie but I love it, soft, oversized and plaid, I've worn it buttoned up with leggings or open with a tank underneath, this is my in between.  And of course my jeans that I wear all the time, and add my favorite white booties

It's simple, easy, and perfect for afternoon caffeination.  

rails shirt dress
shirt - Rails, Queen Anne Dispatch.  similar
jeans - J Brand, Shopbop
boots - Dolce Vita c/o.  find here.
earrings - Lucia K. Jewelry

What's your coffee drink of choice?

photos by Angie.

Happy Tuesday.


A Great Coat is the Perfect Fall Fete Accompli.

fall style

laugh lines

prana oversized coat

I love the fall for all the love of jackets.  There are many times I wear my jacket all day long, because it's chilly.  And it's the look I'm going for.  This jacket is wonderfully oversized, I love the oversized cuffs and hem with the popped collar and smart stitching detail.  Slam dunk.  It's cargo meets overcoat.  And its crazy soft and warm on the inside so I won't freeze my tail off as I am always outside for part of my day.  Oh the joys of mom life.  And if I'm cold I'm grouchy.

This jacket is for sure in my fall rotation.  The fatigue - because it's green, not because I need a nap - color goes with everything, it works as a neutral or in this case the color interest for my outfit.

A great coat is the perfect fall fete accompli.

And then there's these white boots.  I can't believe how much I love them and how much a white boot is the finishing touch I'm looking for.  Perhaps it's because there is a lot of black and gray happening in the fall here, so these bright albeit neutral beauties make light of so much dark.

Plus I love the way the look amongst all the colorful leaves.  

So if you see my walking around town with my head down, don't worry I'm not sad, I'm just obsessed with my shoes.  It's really a thing for me.

dolce vita white boots

white boots
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coat - Prana c/o.  also at Queen Anne Dispatch and here.
jeans - J brand, Shopbop
boots - Dolce Vita c/o.  also here
necklace - Chapter, Queen Anne Frame.  also here.
sunglasses - Marc Jacobs c/o.  oldies.

What do you consider the finishing touch to your fall outfits?

photos by Angie.

Happy Friday.



What would your shirt say? Graphic Sweatshirts.

graphic sweatshirt

I stumbled on this favorite outfit picture of mine which led me to start looking at graphic sweatshirts and I was cracking up.  Some of these are so funny and fun.  Can you guess which two perhaps describe me best?  

Happy Happy Tuesday.



Cropped Flares for Fall

how to style cropped jeans for fall

cropped jeans and flannel

diy cropped denim

Doesn't it seem like cropped flares were just getting warmed up this summer.   Well I think they have major staying power for fall, and as long as the weather stays warm enough to bare a little ankle they will be in my regular rotation.  I love them with booties or work boots, and especially with this spin on a hiking boot, with a little bit of wedge in the back, that I have fallen for.  Obviously for city life not for nature.

Who cares if I'm going hiking I just really want to look the part.  Sort of.

These jeans were actually flares I have had for years, they were called flip-flop length.  Which in theory who doesn't love summers quintessential sandal, but in execution it was a very poor showing.  They were the perfect candidate to be snipped.

And I love them.

I took the hem up to a subtle point in the back.  I am also loving the hi-low hem that I have been seeing.  Have an old pair of flares in your closet?   Snip them!

So don't think of cropped denim as only a summer pant, this flattering silhouette is perfect for fall's flannels and chunky sweaters.

I also like to add gold jewelry, like these necklaces, to flannel, denim and boots.  It's sort of unexpected but I love the femininity and fanciness it adds.  I mean just in case you might have wondered if I was going hiking.  Hey, I don't have anything against hiking, for everyone else it's fantastic.

curly hair

timberland wedge boot

layered gold necklaces

 jeans - 7 for all Mankind.  old
shirt - Zara.  old
shoes - Timberland, Nordstrom.
 U necklace - Chapter, Queen Anne Frame.  also here

From low to high - all my fave crops for fall...

Do you have any favorite summer fashion trends that you are wearing into fall?  Please share!

photos by Angie.



Talking About Men's Watches, More Than Just Time (and a giveaway!)

men's gift idea

wood watch

men's watch

Besides a wedding ring, the only other accessory my husband wears is a watch.  I have a tradition to give my husband a watch to mark different seasons in our lives.  

It all started when I bought my husband a timepiece for our 10 year anniversary,  I bawled like a baby in the jewelry shop (just ask my sis-in-law).   While we lived near those golden SoCal beaches I bought Nick a watch that tracked the tides.  It was technically for surfers, but why should they have all the fun.  These gifts are reminders to each other to be present, and to remember what we've learned along the way.

In our newest journey my husband has become a frame builder, and we are shop owners.  I never thought, along with most everyone we know, that we would be carrying on the legacy of our neighborhood custom frame and gift shop, and yet here we are 6 months in.  The process of this journey has been a long time in the making, before we even realized.  It's a lot of fun but also challenging and I don't want us to forget what lead us here.

So now Jord Watches.

"The value of a watch is not in being able to tell how much time has passed, but in being aware of the need to make that time count. Moments are bigger than minutes and your watch should tell more than time."  


These unique time pieces are made from wood.  This just seemed so fitting.  I especially love it because it symbolizes this new journey in our life.  My husband likes it because it's super lightweight and comfortable, most watches this size are so heavy.  His favorite design was the dark sandalwood with the dark carbon face, different than any other watch he owns.  I love the way it looks on him.

I'm also totally smitten with the wood box and tweed pillow packaging.  They thought of all the details.  And the price point is very nice too.  I've got my eye on this one for myself, just think how great this would look in the summer stacked with some gold bracelets and bright beads.

So now the best part, Jord Watches is giving away a 75$ gift card to one of my readers, just tell them which watch is your favorite, enter to win here.  Easy as pie.  Contest ends 11/06/16.  

Womens Wooden Watches

men's gift guide

Do you have any gift traditions?  I want to know.

photos by Angie.

Happy Friday,

This post is sponsored by Jord watches.  All opinions are my own.


Back to School, Now Back to Barre

Now that all our kiddos are back in the swing of school it's time to take care of yourself.  And for those without monkeys in tow, this one's for you too.  We all need to be intentional with our lives.

And truly we all need to workout.

To stay healthy and age gracefully, being active is key.  For sure there are seasons when we just need to sleep and survive, perhaps chasing littles is our activity.  But eventually I hope you can make space in your life to to take care of you.  There is a lot of people that rely on you, daily.  And in order for you to have that full bank account to fill up all those people that you love, you have to have your own time.  Regularly.

This is for sure true with me.  I am coming up on 5 years of doing Bar Method.  My husband calls Bar my therapy.  That person who never understood working out.  Endorphins?  Sure, if you say so.  And I hate dripping sweat, hate it.  Yet 3-4 times a week somehow I'm totally hooked.

When I started going to Bar I had just emerged for an almost 3.5 year stretch of pregnancies and breast-feeding.  Whoa.  I had a won a free month of Bar in a charity auction, and my husband and I were planning a weekend away.  So I figured hey I'll get a great months worth and feel a little bit better about myself in a bikini.  I remember it feeling like I had to move mountains to line up childcare just to work out.  But everything felt like mountains back then.

So why am I hooked?

First, the studios, it's beautiful and meticulous, and light filled, always with great music playing and smiling faces.  It was a wonderful calming moment in my chaos.

The workout, I noticed a change quickly.  Eventually I had abs.  Can we pause here.  After two very large babies, I have a stronger core than I think I've ever had.  My legs and shoulders are toned.  My butt is always a work in progress.  It's intense in a focused way, the workout not my butt.  I don't have to drip sweat, but you do have to use your breathe a lot and dig deep.  And I am still sore after a workout because the longer you do Bar the harder it gets, because you figure out how to better isolate the muscles you are working on and work them harder.  Their method of isolating and working muscles, then stretching them, is the fabulous formula for trimming and toning.

And I am always more motivated for the rest of my day with much less anxiety.  It's amazes me.  So I stand corrected, apparently I too benefit from endorphins.

I'm not the only one, read why Olivia does bar, and Susan's inspiring momma muscles story.

athleisure wear

workout wear
find my awesome leggings here.

bar method workout


I love Bar Method.  And I'm so excited because I get to offer my Seattle and Eastside readers a special offer to love it too.

New Clients get 30 days unlimited for $75 (normally $99) use code KFBAR75 online, or reference The Kirsty Files blog in the studio.

Returning Clients, for those of you who need to come back to Bar, if you haven't been in at least 6 months, you can get 30 days unlimited for $75 (normally $185) use code KFBB75 or reference The Kirsty Files blog in the studio. (not available online)

Finally, Existing Clients reference my blog in the studio and receive 10% off merchandise, so you can tuck in style (socks not included).

Offer good through October 31st.  This offer is good at both Redmond and Seattle locations.

(If you live outside of the Seattle area, check here for a location near you, you can also do Bar Method Online.)

sweatshirt - Bar Method c/o.  avail in the studio
leggings - Coco On the Go c/o
shoes - Brooks c/o



Sweater Weather. Layered in Chambray

chambray shirt under a sweater

diy distressed denim

This best part about fall weather in the Pacific Northwest is sweaters, they get their shining moment to be worn on their own without a jacket.  Some layering might be required, but it's still warm enough to get away without needing true outerwear.

What I love about this sweater is the pattern and the short sleeves, but of course it's getting a little too chilly for bare forearms.  A great way to re-invent your wardrobe is to layer in unexpected ways and a great chambray shirt does this so well.  Plus, I always think layers look smart, maybe because it truly is extra effort for me to put together a great layered look.  You have to try on more than one shirt to begin with, and adjust.  And then possibly try again.

For a chambray shirt that you'd like to wear on it's own as well as layer, a thinner fabric and a slimmer fit is key.  And go for one that doesn't have a lot of embellishments on the chest pockets - unless you want that Madonna Vogue look.  It works sometimes.

A great fitting chambray shirt is something you will keep for years and will be a workhorse in your wardrobe.

And don't be afraid to wear denim with denim.  I love a darker chambray with lighter denim, or a lighter chambray with darker jeans, or any of it with black denim, or how about finding that just right shirt that is the same color as your denim.  Hello Canadian tuxedo chic.

beanie hat with curly hair
sweater - Queen Anne Dispatch.  old
chambray shirt - Madewell.  old
jeans - DL1961 distressed by me.
shoes - Dolce Vita, find here.

here are my favorite chambrays...