Stocking Stuffers and A Night Out.

Stocking Stuffers are my jam, it's what kicks off Christmas morning magic in our household for the kiddos yet often overlooked for the grownups, but in my opinion some of the sweetest gifts of the holiday.  Thoughtful, sweet little items that bring small moments of joy.  Right?  It's like saying "hey, I pay attention."

So I was given the challenge - it's hardly fair to call it a challenge when it's my favorite past time - but none the less the challenge of choosing my favorite stocking stuffers that can also be found at Pacific Place.  One of my favorite shopping destinations in downtown Seattle.

Here's what I picked....

Owl Phone Case folio by Kate Spade - recently (ha! most of my phone carrying journey) I misplace my ID and/or credit card because I grab my phone and those two cards and I'm out.  Then where did they go?  So this whole wallet/phone case is starting to really make sense to me.

But I am also all about this adorable Owl.  Hard to choose between the two.  Maybe it's those big eyes, or the fact that we are Harry Potter fanatics, but I can't get enough of these owls.

Cozy socks from J. Crew.  No further explanation needed.

Well for me, anything from the Aveda Be Curly line.  But I also love love love this lip treatment, this is not your ordinary chapstick, it heals while adding a subtle sheen, and the combo of peppermint, vanilla and ginger is the perfect deep breathe spa moment.  Don't we all need that??

And because it's not all about me...

Din Tai Fung.  For the cult favorite dumpling lover.  Or for someone like my husband, who didn't even know he was a dumpling lover until his first Din Tai Fung dinner a couple weeks ago.  What about a gift card - a night out in the new year?  with dumplings.  Done.

Art of Shaving shaving cream.  The hardest part will be choosing your scent, but these would be a perfect stocking stuffer.

Jenn and I had the pleasure of bringing along our men on a double date to Pacific Place a couple of weeks ago to kick off the holiday season.  We dined on dumplings, made our wish lists, played in the snow and were reminded what the holiday season is about...Joy, Give and Love.

And then I went back the next night with my little man, because this mama's heart wanted to see his face when the snow started falling.

Thank you Pacific Place for partnering with us.  If you live in the Seattle area, I encourage you to see for yourself all the festive fun and make a night of it.

Find out what gift I received from Pacific Place on my instastories today.  I should totally be on camera more often.  Eeek.

Happy Tuesday


My Favorite Chunky Sweater Gone Twirling.

Let's talk about Christmas Sweaters.  The statement sweater kind.  Not the ugly sweater kind.  Although you can drink eggnog in either.  Or champagne.  Or coffee.

I am smitten with this sweater.  It's soft and cozy.  It has awesome long cuffs on the sleeves.  It's just a little bit undone and it laces up with velvet ribbon.  It's easy to wear - would be perfect with jeans and boots.  Just perfect.  What's not to love?

But what I want to share is the dressier side.  I love a great sweater with a statement skirt.  Sequin, velvet, pleather, lace, full or pencil...  Because it's not the holidays without tulle, I brought out this old girl.

And twirled through an alley.  Just for the record, I'd do this anyways, even if I wasn't taking photos.

I love mixing a fancier statement skirt with this chunky sweater, it's a happy mixup.  Like breakfast and lunch making brunch.  Plus it gives more mileage to the pieces I already have in my closet.  Introducing two long lost friends right?

When pairing a chunky sweater and statement skirt - just try it.  I do like the mullet tucking of the sweater to keep the volume under control - full skirt and full sweater can be a lot.  And I like a ladylike heel.  But really do whatcha like kid.  Ooh ooooh.  (can you name that tune?)

Then because this cold winter day was gloriously sunny and this sweater is warm and cozy - all I needed to add was a fur scarf.  Ready set go.  Isn't this scarf amazing?  

sweater - Gypsy 05 c/o.  find here on sale, also at QAD.
tulle skirt - oldie but goodie!  similar.
ring, earrings and scarf - Queen Anne Frame  Come visit!

Still working out the bangs situation.  Thanks for your patience.  *eye roll emoji*  Or pretending to care.   *wink wink*   Honestly though!

Time for bed.

Happy Friday.


Ps - a few of my favorite statement skirts.  That velvet ruffle one, ugh!!  And it's 35% off with code Friday. 


My Coffee To Dinner Date Dress

gypsy 05 dress

This dress is from Gypsy 05, they specialize in casual wear for women, but I think their dresses are just as killer.  I recently discovered them when I found this  tie-dyed blue velvet crazy good dress at my favorite local clothing boutique, I wore it with my beloved Rag & Bone heel booties.  You can see all their maxi dress with heels here.  

velvet midi dress

Besides their awesome attention to details, what I also love about Gypsy 05 is their commitment to being environmentally focused.  Finding their inspiration globally, their brand is located in LA, the brother/sister duo ethically source their goods through their Global Village Initiative providing fair wages to textile workers.  Their corporate headquarters is also the first completely solar-powered dying, printing and manufacturing facility in Los Angeles.  Hello Sunshine.

This outfit is equally perfect for a coffee date or dinner date.  I love an outfit that can be this versatile because it means that I will reach for it over and over.  When I am being very careful with my purchases and how I am spending my money, I want pieces that can work in many ways.  That go-to piece when you are in a rush but want to feel pretty and put together.  This dress will be just as awesome with booties and a fur vest or sneakers and a cardigan - which you will for surely see me in while I'm working at my shop.  

I also adore the ruffles, anytime I can add ruffles I'm a fan.  I thought pairing ruffly lace edged socks with this dress picked up the fluttery details of the dress nicely.  Pairing a sock the same color as your shoe together - voila! sock booty.  A trend that is so popular right now but so hard to find - a sock bootie that's not to loose, not too tight....just right!  This hack gives you more wear out of what you may already own.  And I love socks with heels, always have.  As long as I can find the matching mates.  Ugh.

socks with heels trend

velvet bomber jacket

dress - Gypsy 05 c/o.  find here, also at Queen Anne Dispatch.
shoes - Louise Et Cie.  similar
socks - Free People

thanks for reading.



Luvies And Lunges With Zella

If you missed our fitness Friday a couple weeks back you need to head over to Angie's blog and see how we worked it out at the playground.  Yep, I have agreed to a fitness series, mostly because I want to hang out with these two moms and they think working out is good for you.  Ok, so do I.  As long as there isn't too much sweating. 

But endorphins, yes.  Lower anxiety, for sure.  Deep Breathes, absolutely.  Tighter buns, hell yes.

During the holidays this is challenging for moms like me because my workout MO (m) is heading to a Bar Method studio and now the kids are about to have 17 days off.  But who's counting...I am!  It is my goal to not set an alarm for 17 glorious crazy days. 

So how do we fit in staying active when we need it most?

Angie dreamed up todays workout, location fit for your kids bedroom, and apparently the lower to the floor bed the better, ugh those push-ups - complete with luvie props and trophies.

It's not to be missed. 

And of course I have to talk about our Zella workout clothes.  It's like we planned it.  How cute is my top, it has a built in tank bra, which is exactly what I prefer since I am not doing high impact exercises and it's one less piece of equipment needed, and I love the back detailing.  These striped leggings are crazy comfy, fun print, high waste design, super flattering - what more could you ask for in a workout pant?  Oh well the price is also nice. 

The snazzy red zipper detailing on Angie's leggings, and Jenn's sweatshirt that you could wear everyday, both get my vote too.

Angie's tank here.

No surprise I still haven't figured out how to upload videos to my blog, maybe I should attempt this when it's not 11pm.  So the blooper reel will have to wait.  If anyone would like to teach me, I'll make you dinner.  But I did sew some faux fur pillows today for my living room.  So there's that.  Priorities. 

Thank you to Angie and Jenn.

Photos by Jessica.


This post was done in partnership with Zella.


Help Me Choose Our Christmas Cards With Paper Culture.

Do you start with a card, or with a photo?  With a photo or a card?  Some years we nail that holiday card photo without even trying, in August.  Slam dunk.  Some years I'm inspired by a card design, and I peruse an endless feed of photos - surely something works??

Whether it begins with the card or the photo.  Chicken or the egg.  Is actually starts with Paper Culture.  How was that intro?  But, really - it's true.

I love Paper Culture for a number of reason. 

Their card designs are on trend, ranging from classic to of the moment.  I am loving the foil cards this year, especially the rose gold option.  And if you're feeling the need, you can get rounded corners or even have them mailed out for you.

start harp dream music now.  I mean what if I was ever that organized person with my list of addresses first of all even on my computer (nope still in my two decade old address book, want to see the house address you lived in 15 years ago, I got it scribbled out).  Then I could simply SIMPLY upload my address, and voila!  push of a button.  end harp dream music.

Reality is that I'm enticing my boys to write the cards this year, think advent activity number 7, card writing party.  Hot cocoa with whip cream and candy canes solves a world of to-do list problems.

Back to why I love Paper Culture, did I mention their prices?  Can you say 50% off your holiday card purchases thru 12.7.  Early birds get the worm gals and guys - because in some households I've heard men actually care and participate in holiday card giving.  Can this be true?  Not in this one.  That's ok.  We all have our gifts. 

Can you tell it's suuuuuper late and I have been playing with designing my cards way too long.  It's so fun though - you can save and edit over and over and over...  Another tool I love.

But the finale is Paper Culture's missionI wrote about it last year, gosh darn it's so important to me to be stewards of the environment we live in.  I'm thankful Paper Culture agrees and works to reduce it's carbon footprint using post-consumer waste for it's card production and planting trees.

So now it's time to please help me choose our Christmas cards this year.

1.  Merry & Bright.

2.  It's a wonderful life.
fun family christmas card

3.  Falalalala
paper culture holiday card

4.  Merry Christmas
family christmas card beach photo

Really indecision is my weakness.  Help a girl out and tell me your choice.  

Don't you worry, in the mean time I'm gonna come up with something witty and thoughtful about the year that has passed, without saying the same thing as last year.  No problem.

Happy Thursday

This post was done in partnership with Paper Culture but I've been ordering my cards from them long before, sometimes I pinch myself that brands I love want to work with me.  Thank you Paper Culture.