so who knew whole foods has tank tops, and they're cute. {what i wore}

so I think my grocery budget just increased, rushing to grab the items I needed to make my contributions for Easter dinner, dare I spotted a rack of super cute and sustainable clothing.  and well you can guess the rest.

and a quick mention for my shoes...Joyfolie is a wonderful company with the most darling little girls clothes and lucky for me, women's shoes. 

tank - Threads 4 Thought, Whole Foods
jeans - oldies I self destroyed.
shoes - Joyfolie 

Happy Wednesday.



Modcloth Wanelo Outfit Challenge Week #1

I recently discovered Wanelo when Modcloth contacted me to join their weekly Wanelo outfit challenge.  My first thought was "oh just another social media shopping sight, I can't keep up!"

But what fun I had.  It was like playing dress up.  

The challenge was to style this dress.

My inspiration was this building.  I actually had such a dress in my mind because of this building.  Is that strange?  There's just something about it.

and this is what I came up with...

I have been on the hunt for a flowy red dress, so when Modcloth contacted me for this challenge, I was stoked. I have this building in mind near my home. The architecture is old yet modern, it has fun eclectic vintage detail with beach charm. I picture walking past at sunset with my husband on our way to dinner. I find this outfit elegant with fun mixes of lines and architecture. The large cuff on one arm - black. gold, turquoise rose and a few bangles on other. My lips would also be red.

What do you think?

If you'd like to follow along on my Wanelo adventure, please join and follow along here.

almost TGIF.


festival style without a ferris wheel while just cooking dinner. {what i wore}

I am not sure if its because I now live in southern California, or simply that the regional music festivals have just become so crazy popular, but you can't miss the talk down here.  or the style.

Maybe I am dreaming of a hip LaCoste style pool party with blow up green alligators free for the floating, or a great music concert at sunset, but I am loving all the festival style.  

fringe, feathers, beading, short shorts, great hats, clever quotes - all completely comfy and loungeable yet super stylish.  

Anywoo.  There is a festival in all of us, and this is mine while renting double surrey bikes {to seat 6 cousins and us 2 mommas}, snuggling on the couch with my boys to watch Monsters University, and making dinner with Pandora blasting.    

by the way how do they all look so fabulous at Coachella in the smoking hot desert weather and where do they sleep/get ready for the day?  this is a phenomenon to me.  

hat - Olive&Pique, Islaboutique
shirt - C&C, Queen Anne Dispatch {also here}
white tank - Billabong, oldie
shorts - Rails, Bloomingdales
 bracelets - Lucia K. Jewelry {turquoise}.  Queen Anne Dispatch {guitar strings}

turn up your favorite music and make your own festival this week.
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happy wednesday.


photos by angie.


Curls Products that I currently can't live without {the curl files}

for far too long I have been promising and not delivering when it comes to the topic of sharing my favorite curl products and techniques.  so here we are.

A few things before we begin:

1.  I am a hair product junky.  A true test is if I finish an entire container of a product, and then if I purchase a second round.  The products listed below have been purchased countless times.

2.  Also, before I begin talking about the styling products I love, a good shampoo and conditioner regimen is the foundation and the key to happy healthy curls.

I started using this deep condition once a week, and now I use it twice a week {basically every time I wash/condition my hair}.  My curls are so much better, happier, less dry and brittle, smell good, and completely less frizz.  Even my husband, who says my hair always looks exactly the same {not true} noticed a difference, with a comment something like "you'd really like your curls today."  It takes a LOT for me to be impressed with a product and this conditioner totally does it.  I also have a clarifying Ouidad shampoo I'm starting to try every couple of weeks {to remove product build-up}.  and their repair mask.  I'll keep you posted...

3.  I created a "curl files" tab in the upper right to see all the curl posts I've done in the past.

and 4.  Just remember with curly hair - it is all about smoothing and treating it gently.

okay, now here are my favorite styling products, I promise {there's that word again} to go into more depth on how I use them in later posts when I talk about what I do to style my hair...maybe even a video or two.  oh dear.

first up...

I use this product right after I shower and have gently squeezed the water from my hair, before I comb it out. I put it from root to tip {but less at roots.}  I like the way this product helps detangle my hair and smooths and settles it and it smells great, priming my hair for styling gel. 


This one hasn't left my side for almost a decade!  here's why.

after that...

This is what I use once my hair is close {but not quite} to dry.  I put a smaller than dime amount and smooth it over my curls, do not run my fingers thru, just smoothing from root to tip.  I love the shine it adds.  I also use this product on day two or three of my curls the same way.

another great product that I use on day two and three...

This is a great product for the days I don't wash and condition my hair.  It helps fight the frizz and smooths my curls so that my hair can last even longer without being washed/conditioned.

I used the shine serum and pomade above to smooth my second day hair, and to also smooth the strands in front before doing a side braid.

***enter code "deeptreat" to receive a free deep treatment conditioner from Ouidad, this stuff is awesome and not cheap, and free shipping, good until april 16th.***

okay, so I know that is brief but these are my top all-stars.

I would love to hear what you all think.  Are there other products you love and can't live without??

happy monday.



jump jump uh-huh uh-huh.

Yes its friday!

I have had jumpsuits on my mind, I just love a good romper.  Just look at this one.  And I would love to find a classic black one, I don't by any means need one.  Just another fashion pursuit of mine.  This is my attempt at convincing myself I can pull this look off without having to buy an actual jumpsuit.  These black track pants have been such a great addition to my wardrobe.  Plus this solves the problem of longer torsos or inseams, which you have to get both right in a jumpsuit.  what do you think?  Ready for a night on the town.  Well at least my outfit is.

tank - fluxus, Queen Anne Dispatch
track pants - Wayf, Nordstrom {similar}
vest - Michael Kors {old}
shoes - Charles by Charles David, Nordstrom {and on sale!}
clutch - Isla Boutique

great black jumpsuit options...




I'm a momma {what i wore}

I'm a momma who is signing her first born up for kindergarten in the fall.

I'm also a momma who's youngest is tall enough to ride the matterhorn at Disneyland, and does so with such zealous joy it makes my entire week.

I've just been sort of spinning this week.  and crying some.  and texting my friends and family for support.  its a crazy ride motherhood.

There are moments when a minute feels like eternity and I can not wait for bedtime!  and yet life is flying by in a blur and so often I wish wish wish I could just freeze moments in time.

what a precious gift it is for me to be their mommy.

happy wednesday.


photos by angie


4 ways we are wearing the perfect spring jacket. {4 way friday}

two girls.  one jacket.  one spring season on the horizon. *fingers-crossed* 

besides here, here, and here.  here are 4 more ways we are wearing it.  

take note - the trick to a cargo style jacket - especially once the warmer weather hits and we are replacing bulkier sweater type clothing with lighter layers, is to cinch and cuff.  you want definition at the waste, the jacket below has a cinch on the inside of the jacket which is key to making it flattering.  and cuffing the sleeves is just better.  ok now we can begin.

#1 - with lace.  I really like how this jacket updates my favorite summer lace dress.  

jacket - H&M
dress - C&C California, mine from Queen Anne Dispatch
shoes - 80%20, ASOS
necklace - Lucia K. Jewelry

 #2 - with florals.  can you wear your camo cargo jacket with patterns?  why yes you can.  and those sandals.  I want them.  oh fashion I don't stand a chance.

jacket - Sanctuary, Nordstrom
shirt - Hinge, Nordstrom
shorts - 7fam, Piperlime
sandals - Gentle Souls, Piperlime
necklace - Stella & Dot
lips - Nars, Sephora

 #3 - with flannel.  this is a match made in heaven.  and if you have a dress that is just a bit too short, add a great slip underneath.

jacket - H&M
flannel - Rails, Queen Anne Dispatch
slip - Queen Anne Dispatch
shoes - Anthropologie
necklace - Lucia K. Jewelry

#4 with stripes.  can a camo cargo be so chic.  why yes it can.   and that clutch.  every time Jenn sends me her 4-way shots, I covet all of her pieces.  seriously.

jacket - Sanctuary, Nordstrom
shirt - Gap
pants - Aritzia
sandals - Sigerson Morrison, Bluefly
clutch - Pretty Ships, Nordstrom

a few other cargo coats we are loving for spring...

# 1 - linen and a great price!  #2 - more camo love.  #3 - ruffles. done. #4 - Navy change up.  #5 - great basic

thanks for reading, whats your favorite way to wear a cargo jacket?  

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happy friday.
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