Another Episode of Culottes.

I'm sounding like a broken record a lot lately on the blog...


It reminds me of taking a speech class in college and they video taped us giving a speech, then we had to watch it back in fast forward.  Why?  But it is effective in seeing all the gestures and tendencies that I make.  Yep, comfort and culottes, and trying to convince you all versatile pieces aren't boring.  Tendencies.  Thank goodness I can't see my blog in fast-forward.

I don't know why I'm so into culottes, but I am.  These have been an easy summer piece for me, dressing them up a bit more in this outfit with stacked heel sandals, but I have also worn them with booties, and in prep for fall.  I can add a jean jacket as the temps dip a bit, and then with a turtleneck, taking these culottes into fall fabulously.

And the tank knotted instead of tucked.  When I have high-waisted bottoms on, I like to mix up the style a bit by tying my shirt - giving just a hint of mid-riff but staying appropriate.

And as long as we are on the subject of versatility, I love these earrings.  Please mix your metals, especially if you tend to wear only gold or only silver, this is a great way to branch out.  No more rules here, gold and silver are a great combo.

tank - Bobi, Queen Anne Dispatch
culottes - Free People.  runs large, on sale here, and here.
shoes - Dolce Vita c/o.  also here
necklace (gold) - Lucia K. Jewelry
necklace (black) - Queen Anne Frame
earrings - Lucia K. Jewelry
green ring - Queen Anne Frame

Happy Monday.


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Workout by Day, Play by Night.

Taking cues from Jenn's post yesterday, and she is a professional, versatility in your wardrobe pieces is golden.  It makes dressing, and your price per wear, so much more satisfying.  

My final look with Brooks is something that I would absolutely wear out for a casual evening.  A great fitting pair of jeans and fabulous shoes paired with a classic white tee is a staple in my wardrobe, any time I am stumped you can find me in a version of this outfit.  This jacket easily transitions from workout to the finishing touch of this ensemble.  

top - Bobi, Queen Anne Dispatch.  also here
jacket - Brooks Running c/o
jeans - 7 for all Mankind.  old
boots - Rag & Bone, Nordstrom.
necklaces - Queen Anne Frame.  come visit the shop!

photos by Jess Hogue



Let's go Fly a Kite & the Duck Dodge: Seattle Summer Bucket List.

duck dodge

gas works park

mommy blog

As we lay our our blanket, Nick remarks "your mommy lives for this stuff."  And it's so true.  

It's often a drag getting there, tonight having to sit through bridge traffic with grumbling tummies and inquisitions from the back seats about what exactly we were doing, forgetting forks for our salads, and extra water, finding parking.

But man I need these moments.  

There was a lot of rain this year, soccer games in sideways rain, common colds that lasted for months, two elementary schools in a struggling public school system, dark gray days when you keep the lights on all day, just the kind of stuff you put your head down and push through.

I just don't want to forget to look up.     

Our only agenda this evening was to attempt to fly a kite, and marvel in the beauty of this magnificent city we get to live in.  The beauty part was much easier than flying a kite.  Gas Works Park on a Tuesday evening in summer is perfection.   Dozens of sailboats can be found participating (hence the bridge traffic) in the Duck Dodge on Lake Union.  With the backdrop of the Seattle skyline and the reflection of the sunset covering it all in a magical glow, it's dreamy. 

Add steep rolling grassy hills and a rad rusty backdrop.  It's so good.

Now kite flying, not sure if it was our taped together kite, the lack of constant wind or our lack of wind force knowledge.  But we were not lacking in belly laughs, and energetic attempts, many more from the boys than the late 30-somethings.  I remember listening to a talk when my boys were much younger about the importance of play, and playing together as a family, play's restorative nature and re-centering ability.  This does not happen nearly as much as my expectations would hope for.  Ugh - mommy guilt.  Oh goodness what a gift when we can actually pull this off, the trick usually being not trying to pull it off - letting go of our expectations, and our agenda.  And we need to show up.   

seattle skyline form gas works park

Here's to a kite moment this week, pack a picnic, get out and enjoy summer while you can, or at least grab takeout and sit outside.  Look up.  Find some beauty in the present.


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How To Do Your To-Do List in Style.

flamingo shirt

jogger pants

athleisure style

fashion sneakers

vintage inspired tennis shoes

What do you think?  If you missed Friday's post, I talked about my new joggers and bra from Brooks - taking them on in activewear.  

But today, today is all about tackling Those Days in style.  You know those days - when nothing but sneakers is an option, when tackling your to-do list is top priority, or when you just need to be comfortable annnnnnd you start reaching for those sweats, you know those sweats, and maybe an overly oversized t-shirt, not the cute kind.

So ok, you can do all of this without sacrificing your self-esteem or style, function and fashion come together perfectly with these pieces.  These joggers are stylish, comfortable and flattering, and paired with an easy graphic tank, this outfit is fresh and interesting.  And totally capable of tackling the day.  
Can you guess what my favorite part is?  These sneakers!  I can't even believe I am writing this, in print, documenting this statement, but everyone should have a lifestyle sneaker in their closet, and Brooks Chariot Heritage are Rad.  

Rad.  Rad.  

This collection by Brooks pays tribute to their wildly popular sneakers of the 80's and draws inspiration from other iconic moments.  They are a perfect mix of fashion forward and vintage nostalgia.  I had to go with this style paying homage to Greece and the Olympics, but it was so hard to choose my favorite in the line.  Runners up were Retro SupersonicsVintage Aqua, Teal and Navy, & This savvy Eggplant.  The two-tone gray or classic black would easily be chic neutrals in any closet.

Besides style and comfort, I also love the affordable price of these sneakers.  

graphic tank and jogger pants

track pant suit

jogger pants, jacket, bra & shoes - Brooks c/o.  shoes run small
sunglasses - Smith, Queen Anne Dispatch.  also here
earrings - Lucia K. Jewelry 

Check out Jenn's post tomorrow to see how she is styling her running gear off the course.  and back here Wednesday to see my day-to-night look.  Oh the suspense...

Happy Monday.

photos by Jess Hogue.



A New Take on Active.

Couple things to start.

If any of you know me, you know I love good food.

I also have come to a point in my life when I absolutely appreciate the benefits of working out - endorphins are actually a thing.  And as I've come over the cusp of mid-thirties I get it now, stretching, toning, breathing.   I need these things in my life - to stay active, stay healthy, keep up with my very energetic boys, and to continue to enjoy all sorts of eating.

So working out is a part of my routine, and through this journey I have even come to appreciate great workout clothes.  Whoa.

So when I saw the new Brooks line of active wear, I fell.  I especially love the Joyride Joggers for their versatility and slight break from the yoga pant norm, yet they aren't sweats.  It's hard to find a non-yoga pant active pant that isn't a hammer pant, do you know what I mean?  Branching out farther than just running, they are completely appropriate for Bar Method, my workout of choice.

And Brooks thought of it all, side pockets, wide mid-rise waste band, I love the ankle cuffs and the super flattering colorblock design, breathable merino wool polyester blend fabric, even a sweat-proof inner pocket.  I mean yikes.  But sometimes that's necessary.

And then there's my bra.  You can't see but take my word for it.  It's functional and flattering and super comfortable.  I've been wearing it for working out and for every day, it's that good.  I can breathe in it yet everything stays nicely put.  I am reeeeeally picky about bras, most of the time the totally fall short, but this one is exceeding my expectations.

It's so important to find the workout that fits your lifestyle, how do you stay active in your life?  

Jenn and I took on the challenge (well can you really call it a challenge) of styling our favorite Brooks pieces for active wear and also for casual, even evening wear - check out Jenn's post today and stay-tuned next week for our lifestyle looks using the same pieces.

Photos by Jess Hogue.