Bold Prints & Wide Legs

mavi two-toned jeans

sole society audrina sandals

We are in the last week of school.  Fun fact:  I cry on the first and the last day of school every single year, pretty much since I was in 1st grade myself.  This year has been no exception.  I am trying my very best to slow down and savor every moment but it's darn exhausting.  The "lasts" and the celebrations are always emotional for me, I don't like change - except in fashion.  

So with that I am off to bed.   

A note on my outfit...sharing more of my ever growing love of anything wide-leg, high-waisted, cropped & denim.  I love the two-tone embellishment on this particular pair.  I thought the bold print of my Numph shirt made a nice pairing.  You can always count on Numph to have the best prints every season.   Like this one and this one.

long curly hair

shirt - Numph DK c/o
jeans - Mavi, Queen Anne Dispatch.  also here
shoes - Sole Society

photos by Angie.



I Whaley Like This Dress

AYR silk trench dress

It's just where I am at right now, strolling through impressive artistic sculptures one minute, making waffles and battling teeth brushing the next.

Regardless of the circumstance, when you put on that certain item of clothing and it has the ability to elevate your state of mind, this dress is just that.  It makes me feel sophisticated and lady like, it's the type of piece that never ends up in a pile on the floor, like so much of everything else in my house.

I just want to strut my stuff.

And I will pull this piece out of my closet for years and years to come.

Those are the best kind.

And when I find items like this, I don't feel the need to buy anything else.  Which I hugely appreciate as I am thinking through my purchases more than ever.  Not just because I am on a budget, but because I am more and more conscious of the toll fashion is taking on the environment - thank you to a certain 2nd grader who is studying whales.  I want pieces that are going to stand the test of time, and I am willing to spend a bit more for this reason.

This dress is from a brand called AYR which stands for All Year Round.  Don't you love that?  Versatile, classic, well tailored and superbly thought out styles that work all year round.  Their jeans are also fabulous for all your ASSets, and these overalls - on my wishlist.

Major bonus is that this dress also doubles as the most fabulous light weight trench, as I wore it here and coming soon to the blog.

blonde curly hair

dress - AYR c/o.


photos by Courtney.



I've Got The Party Pants, & Shirt...Now I Just Need A Party.

naturally curly long hair

palm leaf print pant

sarah alexandra shirt

Brunch.  Work.  Date Night.  Ladies Night.  Blog Events.  Ice Cream.  Coffee Dates.  Cocktails.  Summer BBQ.  Dinner Party.  Garden Party.  Window Shopping.  Shoe Shopping.

I love this outfit.  It's the type of outfit that makes me think of everything fun.  Oh the places I shall go in palm print pants and the perfect tailored shirt.  

I've got the perfect outfit covered.  Now that calendar...

And who wants to join me? 


pants - Traffic People, Queen Anne Dispatch
shoes - Dolce Vita, old.  similar

similar palm print pants here...

And these pants have a matching top, seen here.

photos by Courtney.

Happy Tuesday.


Flowy Florals and Blurry Twirls


natural curls

One of my favorite parts about traveling to other towns, or just other neighborhoods in my own city, is visiting the local shops.  Partly because I am a local shop owner and I know the blood, sweat and tears, late nights, and utter vulnerability that go into owning your own business, but also because I love a great find, and even better when there is a story and connection behind what I am buying.

This dress is from a local boutique on Main St. in Bothell.  When I asked the owner how she chooses her pieces, she said she thinks of Sex In They City and makes sure she has something that would fit each of the women's style.  I loved that.  She also takes special care to find pieces that women will feel comfortable in while still flattering their figures.  I also love that.

And I love this dress.  It's a perfect mix of youth and sophistication.   I love the flowy fabric and nostalgic floral print.  I simply add in some layered gold necklaces and a choker to edge it up a bit, that was all it needed.  I really like that this style dress, with the gather tie at the waist, doesn't need a belt.  I love belts, but sometimes I just don't want one.

You just can't help but twirl, even if it's at sunset and the lighting is just right for blurry twirls.

Or perhaps you just need glasses like me and this is normal.  ha!  So squint away my friends.  

dress - Johnny Was c/o Selyn, find here
shoes - Dolce Vita, similar
choker necklace - Stella & Dot c/o
gold necklace - Gorjana c/o 

And just wait till you see this dress as a kimono.  coming soon...

Photos by Courtney

Happy Wednesday


I Put All My Winter Sweaters Away Except This One...

curly girl

long cardigan for summer

blonde curly hair

simple gold layered necklaces

cocobelle sandals

not monday cardigan

mom jeans

Because it's Tuesday and cold outside.  Sometimes your outfit looks like Friday's and the weather forecast ahead is glorious.  Then it simply drops 20 or 30 degrees, like no big deal.  And I simply switch out my kimono for my cardi.  Also no big deal.  Same sandals, tank and jeans. 

This sweater also comes in handy for those late evening activities, because you never know what's going to happen when the sun goes down.  Hey, keep it clean, I'm just talking temps.

This is the sweater that stays out all year long. 

This sweater is by Not Monday.  If you don't know this brand, you need to check them out.  They make my favorite tees.  And this cardigan.  The attention to detail and craftsmanship are on point.  This sweater has been worn and worn and you can't tell.  That is what I want in a sweater, and what I am willing to pay more for. 

Because I know it will last.  And I won't have to replace it next season.  Except that I want it in all colors. 

Oh a girl can dream.

Bonus the founder is a fabulous women, committed to the quality and vision of her brand.

cardigan - Not Monday c/o.  here
jeans - Joes c/o.  here
shoes - Cocobelle c/o.  here
bag - Hobo c/o.  here
necklace - Lucia K. Jewelry

So here's to endless warm summer nights, but just in case they aren't, warm that is, this cardigan has me covered, either way many moments under the stars please.

photos by Angie.