My Half Top Knot with 7 Haircare. The Curl Files

curly hair style

curly hair top knot

curly hair

Well I don't often wear my hair on top of my head because it just doesn't work.  I always want that effortless top knot look, it's just not effortless for me.  And not the good type of messy.  Really.

My hair doesn't typically like to be pulled straight back, it's like telling it what to do.  It doesn't listen and rebels with a lot of frizz around my hairline and crown.

This look came together with the use of Seven Salon Haircare and I couldn't be more pleased.  It is my best attempt at a half top knot.

Using second day hair I smoothed the top with a small amount of polish balm, I also sprayed it with a tiny bit of dry shampoo to give it texture (side note:  I have never used dry shampoo before because my hair doesn't get oily but I like what it adds for texture, who knew?)  and a spray of working hairspray.  Then I lightly ran my fingers thru and tied it back.  Finally another quick spray of hairspray to keep those crazy little hairs in place.


What do you think?  Any tips for me on top knots??

Photos by Angie.


Seven Salon graciously provided me with their haircare products to try, the opinion and results are all my own.


Embellished Military Jacket. My New Uniform

First a woohoo!  because this entire outfit is on serious sale.

casual spring style

military jacket

curly hair

If you have seen me in person at school pick up - not drop off because then I am in my pjs - or vacation, or seen my insta posts as of late, chances are you have seen at least one of these pieces on me.  When I find something I really like, I just keep wearing it.  It made packing for our recent family vacation a breeze, because I just wore either these jeans or jacket or both.  You would have thought I only needed a carry on.  Ha!  Except all the shoes.  And my diffuser.

Back to the outfit.

This jacket.  I was in LOVE with a certain embellished light weight military jacket and it got away.  So as I licked my wounds and chalked it up to being responsible.  Resonsible Schmeronsible, it haunted me.  I know dramatic.

Then I happened upon this jacket during the recent Bloomingdales friends and family sale, for half the price.  I ordered it a size up - because I wanted it over-sized.  Think rumpled sleeves, messily cuffed and slouchy chic.  And the finishing touch was adding a couple of Navy patches that I scored at the Goodwill, because I wanted more embellish please.  Now to keep an eye out for back patches.  It's super comfortable and I love how casual it wears but with so much interest.  The army green color works with everything.  Think of this jacket over a summer dress or layered over a turtleneck sweater in the fall.  It's gonna get a lot of love.

Layered with a girly slip tank is the perfect juxtaposition.

And I found it on sale just for you.  Yes.

And the jeans.  Well Rag & Bone jeans are always a winner but often out of my price range.  So when I spotted these on major sale, I jumped.  I absolutely love the high-waste jean.  I know my mom is looking down right now smiling and saying I told you so.  This is so her look, she rocked it most of my life.  So chic.  With big white tennis.

I'm getting there mom.  Just you wait till next weeks post!

And destructed jeans make me feel so hip, it's like "hey ya I'm just cool."  I liked that these are fitted but not suck it in tight.  They hold their shape very well.  and the bonus of having the knees ripped out, you don't have to worry about kneeling down and having them stretch out.  I can't be the only one who has to kneel several times a day to take care of mom duties...shoe tying, etc.

I did cut them into a step hem, or as some like to say "mullet hem."  Get the scissors out, if needed, and just do it.

The best part about this whole outfit, besides that it's on sale, is that when I wait, and buy what I really love instead of settling, I will wear it all the time, and not feel the need to buy anything else to replace it.  At least for these current trends.

diy jacket patches

distressed denim
jacket -  Free People.  Here for additional 30% off with code "friends" thru 4/30.  Also Nordstrom on sale too!
jeans - Rag & Bone.  Some sizes here on major sale.  Also here.
shoes - Sam Edelman, old.  similar here
earrings - Lucia K. Jewelry

What do you think of the patches, the more the better?  or no thanks!
photos by Angie



Black on Black

layering a turtleneck under a fancy dress

naturally curly hair

gorjana necklace

Adding a turtleneck under a dress achieves a few things.  It keeps me warm.  It makes a fancy dress more day appropriate.  And adds versatility to my dress style.

So I say layer away.  Otherwise this dress might stay stashed in the back of my closet until I have that fancier occasion to dust if off.  

This turtleneck is from Everlane.  I love the snug but not too snug fit and flattering ribbing.  It has been on repeat as I wait for the warmer temps of spring to arrive.

And a note on this necklace, it's adjustable, I wear it up, down, choker style, lariat.  It's fantastic.  And now they have it with natural stones.  Sign me up.

Also my earrings are from Rocksbox, they also carry many of Gorjana's line like the above mentioned necklace.  Rocksbox is like Netflix for fashion jewelry, you pay a monthly fee and rent 3 pieces of jewelry at a time, switching as often as you like.  If you'd like to try it, you can use code "thekirstyfilesxoxo" for your first month free.


dress - Zara
turtleneck - Everlane
necklace - Gorjana c/o.  also here
earrings - Rocksbox.  code "kirstyfilesxoxo" for first month free

photos by Angie

How do you feel about the layering trend?   



Warmer Temps, Deep Conditioning and Sun Protection for my Curls.

If you want your curls to perform for you, you have to take care of them.  This is not the first time I have preached how important it is to deep condition your locks, but I feel like it's always worth the reminder.  (see my previous posts under The Curl Files page)

curly hair

I even tend to forget.  But when my curls start to get brittle and dry and sort of straw like, they remind me it's time.

Part of prepping for our upcoming California week of sunshine was deep conditioning. And packing for sun protection for my curls.  If I want my hair to be bouncy and happy, this is essential.  Last trip to California I noticed in pictures how dry and brittle my hair looked.  So this time I was on top of it.

1. Deep Condition

I use all of the below and I choose based on what I have on hand.

Amika Ophibilica Nourishing Mask - smells wonderful, leaves my hair super soft.  I tend to use this one most often as my regular condition as well.  Also available here.

Ouidad Melt Down Extreme Hair Mask - also has the best smell.  I nice thick conditioner, this is a favorite for me for deep conditioning.  Also available on Amazon for less.

Ouidad Treatment Curl Restoration - This one is the daddy of them all.  Very soft supple curls after treatment.  Also a bit of investment, but worth it.  And you don't need to use as much as they recommend.

The key is to let is sit on your locks for 20 mins and to add heat.  My new favorite way is with a shower cap and a plug in heat pad on my head.  Bonus:  it forces me to sit still, near a plug in, and breath deep breathes.

It's an all around win.

But this heat pad is specifically for your head, and microwave heated, so no plug required.  Hmmmm.

2.  Sun protection:

Just as we protect our skin from the sun, you should be thinking about your hair too.  Sun causes your hair to lose it's moisture, and for curly girls moisture is already at a loss.  And it causes gray hairs.

There are hair products on the market that have SPF in them, I haven't used them enough to recommend.  What I will do is rub a small amount of coconut oil though my hair, which has a natural SPF of 2-8 and antioxidants to help combat sun damage.  My hair sucks up the oils, it never tends to be oily so this works well for me.

If I am going to be in the sun for a longer period, I put a hat on.  Or at the very least, tie your hair up.

Your locks will thank you.

There are so many awesome hats out there, here's my winning trio from the Rack.  A trucker, a fedora and a floppy.  Done.

Curly hair tips?  I'd love to hear them!

Also you can find my jumpsuit here.



2 ways I'm Wearing My Jumpsuit, A Packing Success Story.

The lack of blog posts is due to a much needed family vacation.  I had high hopes of posting while soaking up vitamin D, I'd say I have gotten a C on my homework.  (but you can see the best of our vacation on my instagram)

What I was successful at for this trip was packing, especially this jumpsuit.  I purchased this right before we left when I attended a Spring Fashion event at Macy's.  I loved it so much I tracked it down from off the runway model.

It's been so versatile, it's comfortable, hides wrinkles and sand, and has pockets.  Right?  It has volume but is still flattering and I love the ties on the shoulders.  While wearing it, I have had two people stop and ask me where it's from.   I love pieces that are this easy to pack and that I feel good wearing.  

I wore it to Easter service, and then to the beach for Easter dinner.

Plus it's on sale.  

jumpsuit - Free People, Macy's.  use code 'bloom" for extra 20% off
shoes - Dolce Vita c/o.  also here on sale
necklace - Brass Tack

Macy's is a treasure trove for Free People clothing - it often goes on sale with additional sale discounts.  These are my favorites right now.

Happiest Monday.  It's our last day of vacation and we are soaking up every single moment.



All Dressed Up with Buki.

culry hair

dolce vita sandals

Recently Jenn and I had the chance to style Buki Brand's new spring line.  It did not disappoint, the biggest challenge was narrowing down our favorites.

Buki is technically new to the Seattle scene, but with their design depth and tech savvy luxe fabrics they are quickly making their mark.  Their urban style that takes you from day to night, jet-setting to brunching, felt right at home in iconic Pioneer Square.  I love how these photos turned out.

The outfit:  I was pleasantly surprised by this dress.  It has a lot of volume and I wasn't sure how it was going to fit.  All I had to do was try it on and no more questions.  The way the fabric hangs, the cut of the dress, it even has pockets.  This one is so easy.  And love it with a t-shirt underneath, I originally tried it with sneakers, who doesn't love a sneaker dress right?  but I preferred these lace-up sandals, it gave it a dressier feel and balanced out the volume of the dress.  Come summer months, no need for layering, and then once fall hits how about a fitted turtleneck and booties.

Year round versatility.

how to layer a tee under a dress

buki dress
dress - Buki
sandals - Dolce Vita c/o.  also here on major sale.
glasses - Warby Parker
choker - BZRshop

photos by Natalia.

Check out Jenn's blog today to see what she styled from the Buki lineup.



Girl with Glasses

girl with glasses

Truth be told, I am excited to finally become a girl with glasses.

I was starting to ask "is this picture blurry?" way too often, contemplating changing my phone settings to the large font.  You know - the large font - so I decided it was time to check reading glasses off the to-do list.

Of course I knew exactly where I was going to get my reading glasses.  Warby Parker.  The price is right, the styles are fabulous and the mission is fantastic.  If you don't have a Warby Parker near you, they have created a wonderfully easy way to try on your faves with their try at home kits, you can read about my experience here.

And when they say you can exchange within 30 days no questions asked, well they mean.  Because I did.  And it was that easy.

warby parker reading glasses

I fell for the clear frames, what I loved about these was the lavender gray color, a great contrast to my blonde hair, and the wide rim shape.  And I was 100% impressed with how easy it was exchange my glasses without any hesitation.  

photos by Angie.