Talking Eyewear with Warby Parker Fall 2016

warby parker fall collection

As I sit to type this blog post, I am wearing my broken decade old eyeglasses contemplating which of these are going to be my new fabulous pair.

I love Warby Parker, I love their empowering vision and mission mixed with spot on aesthetics at really good price points.  I have owned their sunglasses for a couple of years and I am excited to now be a true "girl with glasses,"  this is how I talk myself into growing old gracefully.

WP's new eyeglass line for this fall is checking all my boxes, just the right amount of fun intertwined in hip polished looks.  Think violet, but only if you look closely...and mixed materials - mixed metals are basically my love language.  Yet totally classic.

These are my fall favorites...

Moriarty - A mixture of hued acetate and plated 24k gold metal in a new smart-looking classic.

Winston - Inspired by the Basso Relievo Sculpture, a super popular past style that is back for good.  I love the subtle two toned acetate, this one is tortoise cognac and lagoon, doesn't that just sound so good. 

warby parker eyeglasses

Chelsea - An update on a favorite, WP took some of their most popular styles like this one and updated them with rich autumn hues - choosing from blush tones to bold reds and then mixing with classic tortoise.  I love this mixture.  That classic tortoise with subtle pops of violet, I'm so very smitten.  This one might be my top choice.

hip eyeglasses

but then this one, Casey in Melon.

or the Bowen.  Ugh it's so hard to choose.

If you have a hard time choosing just as I do, Warby Parker's "Try At Home Free" option is a great way to test drive your faves.  This is how I choose my sunglasses.  You choose 5 styles and they ship to you free, then just try to choose your favorite.  Try.

And Seattlites, check out their new University Village Store, you can try them all and the decor is beyond.  Who knew Library chic was a thing?

Best part of your eyewear purchase is helping to improve and empower human beings worldwide.

Because being able to see is not at all overrated.

Which is your favorite??



Pleather Jacket, Wardrobe Facelift.


How to style a jumpsuit for fall

I am loving how the addition of this jacket to my wardrobe has given new personality to so many of my old clothes.  Being on a budget I am trying to be quite savvy with my purchases, and this jacket was a well played addition.

This jumpsuit has made appearances in the past...with a vest and a tank, but this might be my favorite look.  I think the pleather jacket adds a little edge and the tailored white shirt adds polish.

I have been hunting for a long time for a pleather/leather jacket.   This one checked all the boxes... fitted but not too fitted, comfortable, longer sleeves, drapey but not too drapey, oversized collar and zipper cuffs, hits just right at the waist and budget friendly.  This was a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale score.

As luck would have it, it's back in stock and back on sale.  Love it when that happens.  And it's triple points time for Nordstrom cardholders.  That's kind of fun too.

nordstrom sale jacket

hat with curly hair

shirt - Aritzia.
jumpsuit - Flynn Skye, Isla Boutique.  similar
Shoes - Faryl Robin c/o.  old
jacket - Levis, Nordstrom.



Sunset in an Oversized Sweater.

oversized cardigan

Because Autumn is made for blanket type clothing.  Warm and cozy layers.  Well last year I actually did wear a blanket to pick up my son from school.  It wasn't my best time.

Anyway.  Has it been awhile since I've touted my love of oversized?  It's my comfort zone.  I mean, isn't it everyone's comfort zone? 

I stumbled upon this sweater on the hottest day of the year.  Ironic right?  I have had an oversized gray sweater on my mind for quite some time, and none of them were quite right.  And the "none" was a lot.  

The trick is you have to find the oversized that is flattering.  Is that a trick?  It is possible but sometimes it takes a lot of trying to get it right.  And I'm not quite sure why this one works but it does.  Maybe its the long ribbed cuffs on the arms or the oversized collar.  

Motto - just try it on.  Instead of thinking "hmmmm I don't know if this works for me so I'm not going to try that on."


"hmmmm I don't know if this works for me so I'm going to try it on and see."  And if it doesn't, it's not the right one for you so try try again.

The rest of my outfit are old tried and trues, total comfort.  The boots add a little more attitude and polish.

sweater - Foundation Seattle.
shirt - Pure and Good, Anthropologie.  old
jeans - Vigoss, Nordstrom Rack.  old
shoes - Dolce Vita, Nordstrom. a few on sale here, here, and here.

I'm curious do you like or loathe trying clothes on?   And how about my new logo?  (thanks Ali.)



Oh Those Lazy Mornings.

curly hair

Part of the reason for the lack of blog posts this month is the back to school early morning alarm which means I have to be in bed early.  I require a lot of sleep to function.  And, I am not a morning person.  I've never been one, and most of my life I have figured out a way to make that life work.  but I am determined to get a new routine started.  The problem is that my best blog work happens in the late of the night.  Hmmmm.

As I am lamenting the end of our slow lazy mornings, this moment seemed appropriate to share, although over a year old, well actually more but I'm not counting.  Oh how I cherish those mornings - a mess with creative endeavors when I got to slowly sip my iced coffee as we meandered our way towards lunchtime.  

What I love about these photos is the way Angie captured this simple moment, the magic in the small details.  At least it's magical to me.  Perhaps it's part nostalgia but isn't that always the case? 

So pardon the over 20 photos coming your way but I just couldn't cut anymore...

pajama pants

kitchen decor

kids craft activity

The way we relish slow mornings might also explain our over fondness for pj's in our household.  We tend to mark all occasions with new jammies.  Here's my current faves from my go-to place...

for the boys

for me, I want all of these.  please.

photos by Angie.



Put Some Pep in your Step. Oxfords.

This is an oldie but goodie.  I love it when I reach for a shoe year after year, double high-five for a well-made purchase.   These metallic oxfords in particular have stood the test of time.

Oxfords are classic, from school girl uniform to men's wear.  But perhaps you are thinking boring stuffy style.

Not so.

Pair your classic oxford with a tailored white shirt and super distressed jeans, that is a men's wear chic look that I can totally get behind.

Or flip it and take a super sassy oxford and pair it with a pencil skirt or denim mini-skirt and everything in between.

This season in particular I have Oxfords on my mind.  There are so many great spins on this classic shoe.  Here are my picks.

1.  Simple in Suede.  but don't mistake simple for boring.  I want black overalls and a fitted turtleneck with these awesome gray suede babies.

2.  Metallic is Always a Good Idea.  Shiny happy shoe party.   Do yourself a favor and think of shine as a neutral.

3.  90's schoolgirl without being a 90's schoolgirl.  And just a little bit of Hogwarts in the best possible way.  And I would for sure add lace ankle socks.

4.  These are in my dreams right now.  Maybe it's the chunky wood sole that makes them like a clog or the smartypants whiteness (if you follow me on instagram, you know I am having a white shoe moment.)  I want my softest flannel and worn-in boyfriend jeans and these.  Can you see it??

5.  1 part golf, 1 part modern hipster, 1 part oxford.  Such a fun combo.  Chunky sweater and favorite skinnies, no stopping this one.

Take any of the above and pair them with your go-to jeans and a tee.  Hands down I think a great shoe will transform any outfit.  It's an easy way to elevate your style and put some pep in your step.  Oxfords are my shoe pick of the week, and apparently this is now a thing that I just decided to start.

What do you think?  Which are your favorite?

Check out Jenn's post for her fall shoe favorites.  Photo by Angie.


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Black on Black

I don't have a lot to say today.  It's Sunday evening before our first week of way too early back to school mornings, just 3 days last week and I'm so tired.  It's also 9/11, 15 yrs ago but I remember exactly where I was, and yet at the same time I can't even imagine.

So I will say these jeans, if you're going to invest these should be considered,  I wear them all the time, they don't lost their shape and have the perfect destruction.  

And these boots - one of my favorite purchases from the Nordstrom sale in July, I've been waiting for the weather to change so I can wear them.  I love the balance of rugged and chic.  The slight wedge and the sueded black.  

It's a personal victory when I can mix comfort and function with flatter.  These boots will be my mom on the go - what crappy weather you say?  I'm gooood. 

You will be seeing this pairing a lot the next few months.

vest - Treasure & Bond, Nordstrom.  old
jeans - J Brand, Shopbop
shoes - Timberland, Nordstrom

My prayer is that we can all take the time this week for the people we love, and tell them.  Be intentional in honor of those we lost 15years ago.