Free Flowing In My Red Pants

That Vacation State of Mind.  Can't it be like this always?

Ah, vacation.  Am I right?  I LOVE vacation, duh - who doesn't?  I am actually NOT good at planning or prepping for vacations but I'm getting better.  I do however, love putting together outfits for my trip, not a surprise I'm sure.  And I love the influence places have on my style, currently I'm still slapping on the self-tanner and wearing big ol' beach hair (well that might be in part from my lack of time to wash my hair.)  Beach vibes it is!  

These particular pants are so fun, like start busting out crazy legs when walking, because they are just meant to flow.  Super comfortable and flattering, and an awesome deep red color.  They have just the right amount of interest that elevates an outfit but not so much that they take thought in wearing.  

So, when I need a vacation moment as I'm hustling down the street - I'll probably be wearing these.  

Few more outfit notes:  

My tank top is from one of my favorite brands for tanks and flowy tees.  They always fit right in the armpit area and have a wonderful amount of fit and flow.  I wear these all summer long.  Queen Anne Dispatch carries most of this line, if you are in the Seattle area shop local.  

My earrings, speaking of local - YES, I have been looking a long time for seed bead earrings that weren't mass produced crud, but also still affordable.  Hello - these are time intensive and the price should reflect the labor.  This is a new line I have at my shop, fair trade jewelry working in partnership with a family in Vermont and village in Guatemala.   

pants - Bobi, also at Queen Anne Dispatch
tank - Bobialso at Queen Anne Dispatch
shirt - Bella Dahlalso at Queen Anne Dispatch

Short and sweet blog post today, because if I want to actually post this I have to wrap it up and really these photos do their own talking.  It was so fun to be with Angie and shoot again where it all began, for your viewing pleasure here is our very first photo shoot together.  

You need to know this outfit is at Queen Anne Dispatch and their Friends & Family event is this Friday - tomorrow!  It will all be 20% off, if you live in Seattle get there - shop the day, or join the party (and shop) from 6 - 10pm.  If you don't live in Seattle, you can call and ask for Sabrina, they can ship!

Let if flow.



Rhubarb Thyme French Gin Fizz

"Se Repeter" A Rhubarb and Champagne Cocktail on Repeat.

I am not a food blogger, but I have put this cocktail through rigorous testing.  I like it so much that I even measure the ingredients every time!  If you know me at all, this is a big deal, I RARELY measure anything and believe recipes are simply a jumping off point.  But with this one, I want consistency.

We happened upon this drink by chance, and it's gone through a few improvements to land on the final recipe, which has been on repeat this last month.  I've made this for my husband, friends, neighbors, alas we tried to concoct it on vacation, but there was no Rhubarb in Laguna Beach. Like I am buying $5/lb rhubarb because I can't find a ditch to clip it from, putting out pleas to my in-laws and dad who live in the glorious PNW country to keep their eyes peeled.  Please brake for Rhubarb.  Eating and drinking seasonal makes me so happy, but it's also fleeting.  Maybe that's why it's so darn good because it doesn't last very long?  So don't wait on this one, start prepping for Friday night folks.  You can definitely find Rhubarb at specialty grocery stores in the PNW or in the ditches.

I can't decide if I am just totally smitten with how lovely it looks in my vintage champagne coupe glasses garnished with a sweet sprig of thyme, or it's refreshing spring taste with that delightful layer of foamy goodness on top that I am in love with more.  Or perhaps it's that it must be shared because the recipe only really works in pairs.

Se Repeter.  Get it?  It's Repeat in French (according to google.)  I don't know how to say it but I know how to drink it.

Either way we have been getting creative with eating a lot of extra egg yolks - throwing the extras in waffles or french toast batter.  Don't waste those golden yolks!

These are wonderful for an occasion.  Truly.

Notes on the recipe:  Now you can definitely make a rhubarb simple syrup, the reason I prefer macerating is I think the flavor of the rhubarb - or any fruit in general, stays more fresh and bright and true.  Why cook it when you don't have to?

Also I think this cocktail would work with many other seasonal fruits, this way it can be a year round affair.  That's my plan.

This is a slightly tart refreshing drink, you can always adjust the amount of rhubarb syrup and lemon to make it less tart and more sweet or the other way around.  Don't omit the Thyme if possible, it adds a lovely hint of herbaciousness (that should definitely be a word it it's not.).  The finishing touch.  The egg white is what creates that lovely foamy layer on top.

Macerated Rhubarb.
Ratio of small-medium 1 stalk of Rhubarb thinly sliced to 1/2cup sugar (if it's a large stalk use 1 cup sugar).  Place in food processor and blend, store in airtight container and let it set overnight, refrigerate.  Strain prior to use, squeezing the rhubarb pulp to get every last drop of juice out.  We have made this drink without straining, my husband prefers this method, I prefer it strained.  Each to their own.

Cocktail (makes two technically)
2 oz Dry Gin
1.5 Rhubarb Syrup
1/2 oz fresh squeezed lemon juice
1 egg white.

2 sprigs of Thyme

Mix first 4 ingredients in shaker (mason jar also works) shake vigorously for 10 secs.  Add ice.  Shake for 30 secs.

Strain into a a very cute cocktail glass, top with champagne.  Gently pat thyme sprigs between the palms of your hands or with the back of a knife to release the oils and fragrance, but keep their pretty shape.  Float on top of drink.


Thank you for reading.


Serendipity in Stripes.

Patterned Denim for Spring...and fish or efficiency?

Well we are currently on Spring Break, which in my mind every year means 9 days to get my act together.  This year this includes editing my closet and listing items on Poshmark, gutting the basement and boys room - and forcing them to help me, because in my mind I am teaching them to fish right?  but in reality it's the worst idea, I am so much more efficient on my own.  Fish?  or Efficiency?  

I have a love/hate with efficiency.  I LOVE it when I am efficient, but I hate that I am always striving for it, and too often measuring my success by it.  It's a silly goal adapted from a too busy life, at least this is the case for me.  

So maybe we just sit and fish.  I will probably need an afternoon nap, and an evening cocktail, because the other side to letting them fish is maddening.  update:  because this post took 5 days to actually post, we are only conquering their bedroom, why bite off more than we can chew, and it also took mid-cleaning rootbeer float breaks and the promise of extra screen time, now i know what movitates... and folks, we.are.almost.done!

Of course you know I am mixing into spring break several movie nights and snuggling, also ice cream sundaes, sleeping in, and mini adventures - like helping mama make returns and buying our kitten a collar - hey it's all how you spin it, because it's also raining for the next 8 days straight.  

We got this.  

Oddly enough as I was going through past photos (another spring break goal is organizing and figuring out a storage system that will last for decades, UGH - anyone else find this completely overwhelming.)  I happened upon these from last year, and outfit shoot that was never posted, AND just so happen to be wearing these exact pants today, different denim jacket.  Serendipity in stripes?  I think so.  Pretty much every time you add stripes the odds are in your favor.

serendipity:  an unplanned, fortunate event.  the occorrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.   

They are definitely going in the keep pile.  

Patterned denim is popping up a lot this spring, I saw a pair of floral print denim jeans just last week and I was immediately transported back to some timeframe before I had a mortgage payment, can't quite pinpoint when I was rocking those but I totally did, it was totally nostalgic.  How about a matching floral print denim jacket?  Oh now that would be fun.  And a scrunchy in my hair.  

If you aren't quite ready for leopard or floral print denim, just stick to stripes.  Not sure how to wear them, well in the warmer months it's easy peasy - just add a white, coral, blue, turquoise, floral, black, gray...tee or tank, and a fave sneaker or sandal.  Done.

Even a comfy sweatshirt works with this one, and sneakers.  That's what I wore today.  

They really are so easy and I love the interest they add to my outfit.  

t-shirt - Not Monday c/o
jeans - Lucky Brand, you can still find them here.
sandals - Cocobelle c/o

and a few more striped situations to tempt you...

thanks for reading my rambles today.



Light As A Feather. 4-way Friday Style Series

After The Rain Pant Set by Traffic People.  

I just got home form a very wet baseball game.  Wait, wait, wait - who plays baseball in the rain you ask, well the rain started half way through, and there's no rain delay in AAA.  I will have you know our team manager, which also happens to share a home with me, got a piece of my soggy mind.

I'm tired.  Ready to crawl into bed.  Not ready to sit and write a blog post, but by golly I've committed to 3 this week, yes 3!  Thankfully this post is the best kind, with lots of laughter behind it and great fashion.

It's all because of this pantsuit set, well the 3 committed posts are, aptly name After The Rain - no seriously you can't make this stuff up, and it's a fan favorite.  Oh my gosh the puns just keep coming.  Now that I'm snuggled under a blanket and the feeling is coming back into my fingers my happy thoughts are returning.  And how could they not with this get up?  When Jenn and I were separately cruising through the latest Traffic People Spring Line, this one caught both of us big time, and a 4-Way Friday Style Series was crafted.

And in our humble opinions, everyone should have a pantsuit set in their closet, if you want to know why check out our posts this week 1, 2, 3, & 4.  This set in particular has a wonderfully flattering trouser, high-waisted with pockets, and slightly flared legs.  The top has a modern crop and soft fluttery sleeves.  The print is sophisticated and playful.  What more could you ask for?  Hmmmm a foot rub?  World Peace?  Ok I should have been more specific with that question.


Glam In a Mini Van?

Birds of a feather stick together.

Our style series originated long ago as blog newbies, wanting to share some of the ways we were wearing the same items, showcasing how versatile a favorite piece can be, and let's be honest, fashion is WAY MORE FUN WITH FRIENDS.  There is a lot of laughter, um I think I took 100+ photos, thank you Sarah for your patience and not so gentle guidance, to land 15-20 respectable shots.  But honestly the goofy ones have come to be some of my faves.  Also some creative outfit changes happen in the back of a minivan, hello cracker crumbs.  And I wonder why I find undergarments in the straaaaangest places.  We usually swap lipsticks and maybe earrings, wish we could swap shoes *sigh* darnit different sizes.  People on the street either think we are famous or just totally annoying.  Just kidding, mostly annoying but also freakin hilarious.  Well at least I think so.

And man I love to laugh, I need to laugh more in fact.

And then its  typically race off to school pickup to grab kiddos, turning back into pumpkins you say?  No way!  This is where the fun really happens, and yes mamas can still sport matching pant sets while mothering - or old sweats if that’s what the mood is calling for.

this is why you don't see my face in most of the photos.

 Caption this one??

What, no cocktails?  Well it's only 11 am on a school day sooo.

Pantsuit here, c/o Traffic People.  
You can also find this brand locally at Queen Anne Dispatch.

So two key take aways here:  Find a fashion buddy.  and fill your closet with items that make you feel light as air and happy, Traffic People is a great place to start.

Happiest Friday.


photos by SWolfe.


Put A Bird On It

And then wear it...  A 4-way Styled Series With What Jenn Wore and Traffic People.

One of my favorite things about Traffic People is the bold and playful prints they use each season.  They are those pieces in my closet that bring a smile to my face, satisfying that inner child, and feeling fabulously grown up.  Some how they accomplish both.

This week Jenn and I are showcasing the versatility of our Traffic People pantsuit.  See Tuesday's look here.  For this look with just the top from the pantsuit I chose a casual eclectic look, with a knit pleated skirt and vintage cowboy boots.  Since this shirt could be worn many many ways, I wanted to get creative and share just how versatile this piece was.  Of course any kind of denim would work.  No brainer.  I thought this Crane print with it's slight vintage feel would work so well with a knit skirt that has a bit of a Grandma Chic nod - oh yeah, and vintage boots.    

I would wear this outfit for an everyday look, and plan to.   

shirt - Traffic People c/o
skirt - Numph DK c/o.  no longer avail.
boots - Goodwill 
earrings & turquoise ring - Queen Anne Frame

Thank you for reading. Head over to Jenn's blog to see her look today.  In tomorrow's post I'm sharing some of the fun behind our 4-way shoots, lets just say it takes a lot of photos to get just a few winners.


photos by SWolfe.