How to tame too much crop. {what i wore}

This is my one and only pleather jacket.  It was a sale purchase as Forever 21, I figured low price tag, very low commitment level, low risk.  I wasn't sure how much use I would get out of it.  Turns out quite a bit.  I am lusting after this jacket {are you kidding will I look this chic if i buy it?!}, and would love to upgrade, but until I am ready to pull that trigger this is what I've got.  With some outfits I don't love how cropped this jacket is, so I will add a black cardigan underneath to compensate for the croppedness.  This is a great trick with any jacket that feels a tad bit short or when you feel too exposed.

 jacket - Forever 21
cardigan - Zara
shirt - Monrow
jeans - 7 for All Mankind
shoes - Steve Madden
earrings - Lucia K. Jewelry
lipstick - MAC Red, Nordstrom



instagram happenings as of late

here is what's been happening lately according to instagram

{tbtoutfit - rotating in forgotten items from my closet}

{my little twin}

{new jumpsuit and crazy hair date night}

{Sunday morning feeling like Saturday, love 3 day weekends!}

{cutest party favors thanks to my sis-in-law}


{sick little man turns five, his present from his #1 fan}

{good curl day}

{my sick snuggler.}

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xo, kirsty


so tonight we had lentil soup.

January came in and kicked my butt, thank goodness there are 11 and 1/3 more months to go...to you know, do things like take the last of that dang nail polish off of my toes.

Life is slowly getting back on track, the gift that came from being sick with my youngest son, we spent a lot of time snuggling on the couch, watching way too many movies, and reading books. Unless the are sleeping, there is not a lot of stillness in my 5 and 6yr old boys.  These moments are golden to me.  Truly.

P received Where the Sidewalk Ends for his birthday, and we can't put it down, I had forgotten how great these poems are and I love their giggles and inquisitive eyes as I read them.

Sky Seasoning

A Piece of Sky
Broke off and fell
Through the crack in the ceiling
Right into my soup.
I really must state
That I usually hate
Lentil soup, but I ate
Every drop!
Delicious delicious
(A bit like plaster),
But so delicious, goodness sake-
I could have eaten a lentil-soup lake.
It's amazing the difference
A bit of sky can make.

Which reminded me we should eat more lentils.  And it was foggy all day today.

So we ate Lentil Soup for dinner.

sweater that I sort of live in - Anthropologie {sold out}
my new favorite flannel - O'Neill,  here on sale, or here free shipping
jeans - 7 for all Mankind {old}
shoes - Sam Edelman, Nordstrom {sold out, similar.}
bag - Marc Jacobs, different color here on sale.
Sunglasses - Michael Kors, Nordstrom {sold out, similar. similar.}

Anyone have any great lentil recipes?  I forgot how great they are.
linking up with pleated poppy for what i wore weds.  photos by Angie.



a few January improvements in my favorite flannel. {what I wore}

Swap my grande for a tall, on most days.
Use more oils.
Pray more, in the small moments.
Slow down
Organize, help!
Sit on the kitchen floor with my kiddos more.
Eat more grains and greens
Find Celebration in each day.
Eat more avocados and oranges.
Design a new logo, not by me any recs?, for my blog
Then, update my blog.
Put an egg on it.
Write more handwritten notes, of course still love texting.
Bake more.
Wear Sunscreen.
More Date Nights.
Host a pop-up shop.
Host more dinner parties.
Actually do the hair tutorial videos I've been promising and haven't delivered on.
Write more, its gonna take 10yrs.
Figure out the cloud {**?!*}
Photos - organize!  so I can do more things like this and this.
Finish Decorating my bedroom.
Macramre for my mantle.
Plant another garden.
Start doing Face Yoga {thanks Jb for the tip}.
Make more decisions, just that simply.
More Grace.
Less of that tone.

There is always room for improvement, right?  Of course in my head this should all be done in January *totally realistic* if only I didn't catch this years worst cold.  Next month.  Baby Steps.

note on this flannel - I have hunted for a light weight, slim fitting, slightly longer length flannel, that can be worn on its own, or layered under sweaters or over tanks, tucked/untucked, that wasn't $$$.  really?  this. is. it.  If there is a shirt to wear through the winter into spring and even chilly summer evenings with some great cutoffs.  Here it is.  And its on sale.

shirt - O'Neill, Swell, also here not on sale but free shipping.
jeans - Vigoss, oldies from the Rack
boots - Rag & Bone, Nordstrom
hat - Volcom, old.
lips - MAC red, Nordstrom
watch - Kate Spade, Nordstrom
bracelet - Madewell

linking up with pleated poppy for what i wore weds.  photos by Angie.



instagram happenings as of late.

The majority of the last several weeks was spent soaking up time with the family, not a lot of instragamming, here are a few moments captured.

{new kicks}

{pink lips?}

{birthday countdown has begun}

{2015 motto}

{washington winter!}

{frozen mudpuddles}

{best packing job ever, by total luck}

{christmas morning pinata}

{Silent Night, Holy Night.}

{hot cocoa with the good stuff.}

{flannel and leggins, getting it done.}

{tulle in an alley.}

{Husky basketball game, go Dawgs!}

{metallic flats to give the back a rest.}

{dance party}

{cookie time.}

{advent countdown, made it up on Dec 1st!}

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xo, Kirsty


it's a funny thing.

Why do we scrutinize ourselves the most?  Let's do less of that this year.  

More love, towards others, and ourselves.  

And more sleep.  Good night!  

plaid shirt - Madewell
white shirt - Free People, similar here, also here
jeans - AG, Nordstrom Rack {old}
shoes - Sam Edelman, every color except mine...
earrings - Lucia K. Jewelry
lips - MAC Red, Nordstrom

linking up with what i wore weds.  photos by Angie.

Happy January.