Petite Florals, Railroad Stripes and Quilting.

Happy to have felt some warmth this week.  It is amazing how happy everyone I encountered has been.  It's like we are all high on vitamin D right now.  And because we have had the rainiest fall/winter on record, every single plant and tree is singing it's glory.  So the city is gorgeous right now, like it's just woken up from a very long nap.  Very.  Long.  Nap.  

Now if I can just convince my oldest child that he will be wearing flip flops this summer, because all socks go on sabbatical as soon as school ends.  Anyone else so over dirty socks everywhere and the 20 min struggle it is to get them on with shoes every friggin time we leave the house.  And don't even get me started on matching them.   I admit, I gave up so long ago, Nick has officially taken over that task.  

On my outfit, I always think a vest is a good idea. Really.  It's the perfect piece for spring and summer, adding a bit of warmth and a lot of style.  I love finishing off my outfits with a vest.  

This vest is a great neutral but I love the subtlety of the quilted pattern, working so well with all the pattern and color that spring ushers in.  In this outfit I decided to mix a petite floral patterned shirt with a railroad striped skirt (thomas the train anyone?).   I think the quilted texture perfectly finishes the trio.   It would also be darling with any bright happy summer dress.  The mixing of styles in the best way.

 vest - Filson
shirt - Filson
skirt - Madewell.  old, similar
shoes - Sole Society
bag - Filson

Happy Thursday.



Mom Jeans, Plaid, and Platforms.

mom jeans


High waisted jeans and plaid for spring, this is Northwest at it's best.  The day didn't start out with a torrential downpour but we ended up in one, taking shelter under the overhang of a coffee shop.  And warding of our chills with hot velvety coffee.  Fitting as this may be since my shirt is from Filson's spring line - I prefer urban mom rather than outdoor enthusiast.

Of course I love the outdoors, but only if I have the right shoes.

Honestly though, Filson got it right with this shirt.  The fit is slim, with an slightly longer length, in the softest lightweight cotton twill.   And I love the orange and cream plaid print.  When Filson set out to create their women's line - they paid great interest to the fit and detail of their designs, creating pieces that are truly feminine and absolutely classic.  

This shirt is perfect tucked into some high waisted mom jeans, but I will also be reaching for it in the summer as a perfect light layer over shorts and a tank to ward of chilly evenings, and then of course come fall and winter, it's a no brainer.

This is a piece that is only going to get better with age.  Like me.

filson women's shirt

curly hair

mom fashion
shirt - Filson c/o
jeans - Mavi.  on sale here
shoes - 80/20.  old
necklace - Gorjana
white bracelet - Gorjana
wood ring - Queen Anne Frame
earrings - Lucia K. Jewelry



4-way Friday, Springtime in Sneakers with Brooks Heritage

For our third round of 4-way Friday we wanted to give you all something different.  I mean I think the sneakers speak for themselves, Jenn and I just add whatever clothes we want.  But creating new content is the fun challenge we enjoy.

We chose to style our vintage inspired white court shoes with our favorite spring styles, and these for sure are my favorite yet.  Maybe because I am sooooo craving warmer seasons, but more so because the sneakers are so different than the rest of the Heritage line.  Who knew I'd fall so hard for a pair of white sneakers.  Brooks is that good.

If you want specific outfit details you can find them here 1, 2, 3 and 4.

In the meantime here are some fun behind the scenes moments, because honestly the best part of this ride is the belly laughs, and the free shoes, but really it's the laughter and adventure.  Who knows if we are truly that funny, but we sure think so.  There is usually almost always a wardrobe malfunction or undergarment situation to address, changing in a van, and lately torrential out of no where downpours.

And then there is convincing a bus driver to let us use his vehicle as the perfect prop.

Thank you so much to Brooks Heritage for letting us partner with you to spread the love on our favorite lifestyle sneakers.  If you haven't heard they are going back into the vault this summer.  So sad!  So I suggest you stock up.  I have.  

Clearly my video production skills are a work in progress, but you have to start somewhere, presenting...

Photos by Natalia.

Happy Saturday (because sometimes video editing takes an extra day to get a post done)


Spring Style with Brooks

embellished bomber jacket

white sneakers

curly hair

spring style

I love how this outfit came together, the way the sneakers smarten up my skirt.  It's a bit unexpected in the best way.  The side slits of the skirt keep this outfit from being too bulky with sneakers.  I found the key to pairing sneakers with a maxi skirt is having these slits, or a front slit, or keeping the length of the skirt ankle length or shorter.

But truly you just gotta try it on and see if it works.

The perfect simplicity of these shoes lend themselves so well to the statement pieces that are so popular this spring.  Embellished everything (like this bomber jacket) and statement tops, petite florals and lots of stripes, statement earrings.  I usually reach for a statement shoe, but I am finding with all these trends I need a shoe that can balance out the busyness.

The Renshaw Sneaker has an all white leather upper and rubber sole bottom, a throwback to the Brooks court shoe that won the US Open in the 1970's, this shoe has all that vintage appeal in a simple silhouette.

So this week Jenn and I are styled our Renshaw sneakers with our 4 favorite spring looks, you can see outfit 1, 2, and 3.  And check back tomorrow for our recap.

jacket - Anthropologie.  on sale
skirt - Billabong.  awesome substitute here
shoe - Brooks c/o.  here and here
earrings - Lucia K. Jewelry.  similar at Queen Anne Frame or email

striped maxi skirt

Check back tomorrow for our 4-way Friday recap of the Renshaw outfits.  We will recap and share some photos that clearly we think are funny.   Humor us!

photos by Natalia

Happy Thursday



9 Statement Tops for Spring

I love all the statement tops I'm seeing this spring.

The challenge is many of them are designer - amazing but often budget busters.

Enter Mango.  If you don't know this brand, you should peruse their site.  So much fun on trend items with a touch of sophistication.  Their prices are affordable and they have lots of great sales.

So these are my top 9 Statement Tops.

and just because I can't let the moment pass without a shout out to these lovelies as well...

Happy Humpday.