Summer Creating with Your Girlfriends: A Crafternoon.


For better or worse - I'm a crafter, by necessity, for therapy, it's deep in my blood.  I can whip up projects in an afternoon or on an whim.  You DON'T want to see my basement, my poor husband.  The craft supplies that would make your hair stand on end.  But I realize it's not therapy for many, it can be intimidating and stressful.  And overwhelming even where to start.

Something I always dream of doing is a crafting evening with my girlfriends.  Why has this not happened?  Oh right - life.  And taking it a step better than sip and paint, I want it in my home, with inspiring food and cocktails, and of course an awesome awesome craft.

So where am I going with all this?  Enter The Crafter's Box.  I seriously am obsessed.  I love their crafts.  They are they kind you want to have in your house, and not because your kid did them.  Give me a house of my boys creations for sure, but you know what I mean.  Plus - they think of every detail - which is for sure where I fall short.  All you do is sign up.  Anyone can do it.  They even provide you with inspiration and how-to videos for each of their featured crafts.  So partnering with them for an afternoon of girlfriends and DIYing was a no brainer.

Now it can be therapeutic and inspiring to all.

This is the afternoon I dreamed up.  4 other women who inspire me with their creativity.  Yummy bites, delicious desserts, a fabulous cocktail.  And a craft I have been itching to try.

For our cocktail, I had sparkling water and prosecco with all sorts of fun add-ins for everyone to make their own - watermelon sticks, jalepenos, lemons wedges, mint, cilantro and lime.  Key is to keep it simple and DIYable for all.  Plus have your girls come early and chop and assemble.  Being together is part of the fun.

And because eveyone crafts better with a happy stomach, we had to have yummy snacks.  Think healthy but yummy.  I made a greek plate - homemade hummus with toasted pine nuts and also feta with mint and parsley.  Then I gave the girls lots of dipping options - carrots, cucumbers, toasted seed crackers and good bread.

And then do not forget the Pie Babies.  The best little dessert I have found.  I know everyone says - just buy the dessert, no one will notice.  Honestly this makes me crazy because I love the dessert.  But when you have Pie Babies around, this is the type of dessert you purchase, and serve with pride.  And they are just the right size to have oh say half a dozen.  And the crust to filling ratio of these sweet minis is perfection.

pineapple block print

block printing DIY

We spent the afternoon block printing fabric, the featured maker Cotton & Flax collaborated with The Crafter's Box for this project to create one of a kind table runners.  We also printed on our canvas bags and I have my eyes on my boring lamp shade as I type.  Next week I will share my table runner, I'm so happy with how it turned out.  But I am even happier with the afternoon spent inspiring each other.

Thank you to Erin, Sally, Kristen and Jenn.  I love how each of our block prints was totally different but all equally awesome.  This is the best part about creating.  

The fabulous table decor and barware was provided by Yay Parties, and the Pie Babies by A La Mode.  If you are in the Seattle area, they are both gems for any engagement.  

Photos by Kristen.


This crafternoon was in partnership with The Crafter's Box, all creations and opinions are my own.


Black is Always the New Black.

This outfit is a standby go-to date night outfit for me.  It's easy.  It's comfortable.  I don't have to think about it too much.  But also it's a bit sexy with the lace down the front and the open back.  

I am pretty sure when I bought these jeans they were much more black.  They've worn so well with age that I have hardly noticed how they have faded.  You know - the way you want to age, side by side, with the person who just gets you to your soul.  And they were the jeans that convinced me to invest in great denim.  For sure I have gotten my money's worth.  These jeans have also kept me from feeling like I need to buy other skinny black denim, because I love them so much.  They also happen to be on sale right now.

As I am attempting to write this blog post, I have been asked 3 times to tuck my kiddos in.  It's hot and with the eve of the last day of school upon us, and a 9th birthday, we are all restless.  The last request was met with a no from me, I'm tired, I would like to finish this post and head to bed myself.  But as I sit and type, it seems crazy not to snuggle them one more time, knowing these days are but a season.

This is often how date nights come to be, at the end of being requested, no time or energy left for myself, but I want to show up and feel put together.

So this is what I have.  A great easy top with a touch of sexy, and a great fitting pair of denim.

Oh and don't forget the accessories.  They are always the finishing touch.  I love the statement earring trend this season.  Love love love it.  These earrings are my most popular tag earrings updated with happy tangerine tassels.  They are worn constantly and becoming my most popular item.  You can find them here in dark blue.

tassel earrings

free people lace tunic

curly hair

open back tunic

date night outfit
top - Free People. see below of color options and major sale price
jeans - J Brand, Nordstrom.  dark blue on sale
shoes - Saks Off 5th.  old
earrings - Lucia K. Jewelry.  also available at Queen Anne Frame

Ok off to tuck my babies in for the 3rd time, exhausted but grateful.

Do you have a favorite denim?

photos by Angie.

Happy Monday.



Get Your Summer Sneakers. Last Chance for Brooks Heritage

Since it's officially the first day of summer, I thought I'd start sharing some of my favorite summer stuff.

sneaker dress

(today's outfit - green shoes only left here.  pants on sale here.)

First up for summer, my favorite sneakers.  I know.  Might not be what you would initially think of for summer.  However, it makes total sense for a couple of reasons - sneakers with summer dresses, shorts or wide leg cropped pants are totally on trend right now, and of course, I don't even need to say the F word:  functional.

But also because sadly my favorite Brooks Heritage sneakers are being retired.  What's left is left, so if you have been eying a pair, I wouldn't wait, they are going quickly and most are on major sale.  I have definitely stocked up.

These are the sneaks that made me a sneaker lover.  That is saying a lot.  In my every day life I wear them, well, almost every day.

So I rounded up most of what I could find on the web, click on the sneaker to see where to find them.  Sizes are limited, which is why I included so many...

Which one's are your fave?

Here's to a long summer full of sneaker adventures.



An Easy Statement Piece

long curly hair

Fashion brings me a lot of joy.  It's true.  At the end of the day, it's just clothing.  But the pep in your step when you put on something that makes you feel great is real.  Over this fashion blogging journey I have come to realize that life is too short to wear clothes that don't bring you confidence.  And if that means wearing a tulle skirt to the grocery store.  Do it.

Oh please please please do it.

I've also realized that if you have clothes in your closet that you love putting on, then you don't need as many.  And then you ultimately have less of those "nothing to wear" moments when you just decide to keep your pjs on and eat pizza.  All good.  No judgement.

Lastly, there is versatility in statement pieces, like this brightly colored harem pant jumper.  You wouldn't think it's an every occasion kind of piece but I packed it for vacation and wore it this way over a tee during the day, then as a swimsuit cover up, and finally in the evening with a statement necklace.  And I'm planning a turtleneck and booties come fall, or come tomorrow if this cold summer weather doesn't quit.

It makes me smile and has bang for it's buck, so...

It's always worth trying on an item that catches your eye, even if it feels a bit out of your comfort zone.  And if you try something on and it doesn't work, that's ok too.  But at least you tried.  Just means that piece isn't for you.

I try a lot of things on and don't always end up with a bright colored harem pant jumper to show for it.

A little PSA:  Macy's is a great place to score Free People clothing on sale, they often run sales on top of sales.  That is wear this beauty came from.  Who doesn't love a double coupon day.

harem pant jumpsuit

how to wear a tshirt under a jumpsuit

free people jumper

tassel earrings

 jumper - Free People, Macy's
shoes - Dolce Vita c/o.  find here
watch - Timex c/o.  find here
wood cocktail ring - Queen Anne Frame

photos by Angie.