Mommy Monday. And A Giveaway

jord watch

Hard to believe there was a time when coffee dates with my boys were the norm, and often the necessity, after long nights with them as waking babies or sick toddlers.  Now we spend most mornings hustling out the door and me literally chasing them down for a hug goodbye.  I think they secretly love this game we now play.  Or at least this is what I tell myself.  Those slow paced velvety foam moments of the past wer welcomed treat and much needed dose of caffeine.  How I think back on those times fondly.  Yet during I wasn't sure I would make it till the next day, or wash my hair that week.  Funny how nostalgia paints everything golden.  And some things never change.

These two boys spent a night at their grandparents house over the weekend and, man, Nick and I couldn't wait for them to return.  Yet we often count down until bedtime.

This is the paradigm of motherhood I suppose.  

So fun to have this moment with them, and drink from real cups, instead of ordering on the run.  "Mommy do we hold the plate too or just the cup?"  Clearly we need more real coffee dates.

mommy coffee date

wooden watch

A note on my watch.  I discovered JORD wooden watches last year when I gave one to Nick.  I had been wanting a natural toned wood watch every since we shot Nick's.  So when JORD offered to partner with me for a giveaway, of course I said yes.   

What is so cool about these watches is their classic timeless style uniquely updated in wood.  The wood also keeps the watch very light weight and comfortable, you hardly notice it's there.  The subtle grains of the wood add just the right amount of interest. 

Particularly, I love the warm natural tone of this watch mixed with the cool silver accents in the face.  The neutral color works with everything, and somehow it's both dressy and casual.  I love the way it looks with my black sweater.  I also picture wearing it with all my fall flannels, and love how it will look in the summer against tan skin and bright clothes. 

You can find my watch here.  Of course now I want this new style as well.  So many great Men's and Women's watches.  Which is your favorite?

Now go enter to win a $100 gift card good toward any JORD wooden watch, and just for entering receive a coupon for $25 off your purchase, click here to enter.  Contest will end Oct 22nd at 11:59pm.  Good Luck!

Happy Monday,  thanks for reading.

This post was done in partnership with JORD


ok, so just add a cardi

curly hair

hostess style

mudcloth dining room chairs

good hyouman tank

3 weeks ago this outfit was totally relevant, now you just need to add a great cardigan.  I couldn't let them end up on the cutting room floor.  Funny how quickly a tan fades.  sigh.  I love this outfit.  A great skirt and tank/tee is such an easy on point outfit.  This skirt is years old, scored on the Anthro sale rack.  This tank has been a staple all summer.  The Good Hyouman line is as inspiring as it is flattering.

Whenever I wear this shirt, I am reminded to look for reasons why this day is the best day ever, and it does change my perspective.  Yes, sounds a bit cliche, but try it.  There is beauty in almost any day. 

These photos were taken on a thursday afternoon in my home by my dear friend Angie.  Her darling family was visiting for the day.  Then we headed to the farmers market for the afternoon.  So many moments of the best day ever.

Tomorrow I'll share more of our attempt at photographing my dining room, with 3 boys in tow, and one more in the belly!  disclaimer: not me y'all, the other belly.

Tell me about your best day ever moments please!  I changed my comments process, so it's nice and easy now. 



Take Extra Time.

I love Timex's Take Time campaign.

I had planned a post talking about what time means to me at the beginning of last week but I just couldn't.  Partly because it was too raw but I also didn't want to make it trivial.  Having had that last and final hug, without knowing that it was, there aren't words.  It's a sacred space.  You can barely just be, in that time.

But time ticks on.  This is the ache and the beauty of time.

So here goes.

Because it's time to take time, but don't stop time.  We can't quit.  We need to live and love, love harder, take extra time.  be softer with people.  Listen.  And not just to people who agree with us.

"Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes.
Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes.
Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes.

How do you measure, Measure a year?
In daylights?
In Sunsets?
In Midnights:
In cups of coffee?
In inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife?
In Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes" -lyrics from Rent.

Maybe as we look at our watch, the ticking of the minutes can remind us to be present, be a little kinder, put the phone down and play with my kids.  Make eye contact with someone and say hello.  Strike up a conversation with a mom on the playground for no other reason than adult conversation.  Do something that stretches your comfort, expand your world.  Volunteer.

Take Time.

You won't regret it.


This post was done in partnership with Timex.  You can find my watch here.


My Anthro Score.

I believe with tax it was $19 and change.  Right?  It was the print that caught my eye, just going in to return stuff with Nick waiting so patiently in the car.  But when Anthro is having their 40% sale on top of sale - you gotta hustle.  

The quickest quick change in the dressing room,  I almost just bought to try at home but hello I didn't want to have to return again.  I love the flowy oversized flow of this dress, but the gathered waist and cuffed sleeves and wide neck still keep the dress flattering.  

But no more purchasing just because something is on sale, had that intervention long ago.  I have to love it.  And think of a few ways I can wear the piece.  Note:  I didn't say 3 places because hello wear it wherever you want.  But how I will wear it.  

The plan as fall progresses is to layer with my fur lined poncho that i am holding,  or fur vest, it was just too darn sunny to wear it.  Glorious day.  And tights with booties, or if only these.  I am really into the colored tights trend right now - perhaps a deep red with dark brown booties.   Or what about a dusty pink with black stacked heels.  

I think this was a great score.  Love it when that happens.

Now I need to clean out my closet.  Because I have my eye on this coat.  and I'm on a budget. So I've set a goal to sell enough on Poshmark to buy it!  Keep an eye out, I'm gonna be ruthless with what I'm getting rid of.

dress - Anthro.  mine is a size small for reference
shoes - also Anthro but really old
poncho - Queen Anne Dispatch
glasses - Warby Parker.  old
earrings & necklace - Queen Anne Frame

A few other Anthro Sale Dresses that are worth a look...

Happy Friday.



Fancier Version of Monday Me

curly hair

harrow boot

fall fashion

A cardigan thrown over a tee and jeans with booties (or sneakers, slides, flats...) is a typical momiform for me in the fall.  But usually my jeans are a bit torn, or my sweater is a little less tailored.  Something about being a bit undone is my comfort zone.  Wonder why that is?  Blame it on the curls. 

So I consider this outfit a more polished version of my typical go to.  

It's an easy outfit that serves it's purpose well and doesn't take a lot of effort or energy to put together.  It's comfy and cozy.  There are a million versions of this outfit, but it always works.  This is why I am always on the hunt for the perfect oversized cardigan every fall.  

Add coffee and an oversized bag and Monday is happening.

And then a nap.

Just a note, my beloved Rag & Bone booties are on sale.  25% off right now, which rarely happens.  Just saying.

oversized cardigan

jeans - Frame, Nordstrom
boots - Rag & Bone, Nordstrom.  25% off!

Happy Monday.