DIY and Dash. Tassel Shoes

Tassel Shoe DIY.  Well consider this less of an actual DIY and more of an inspiration to get those creative juices flowing...

Most of the time motivation comes to me at the last minute.  I will have actually be thinking about said action well before, but I don't seem to take action until game time.

Which is why a hot glue gun always comes in handy.

20 mins till we need to leave and my entire look was centered on tasseled shoes that hadn't happened yet.  Which is why there was no time for DIY documentation you see?

Couple things about embellishing shoes

1.  Do it!  Right now there is so much fun to be had with fur, tassels, ribbons, leather, flowers...  I like to keep a fun glass container on my desk filled with all of my favorite notions I have gathered.  Sometimes it's a piece of an old purse (Goodwill is a treasure trove!) or a strip of lace, obviously lots of ribbon and tassels.  That way inspiration can strike at any time.  Finding the right trim is often the hardest part.

2.  This is the best way to jazz up old shoes, or new shoes.  Find inspiration in of the moment designer shoe trends.  But start with a price tag from Target, or Nordstrom Rack or Sole Society.

3.  Hot glue on leather (not suede) is the best way to go bc it sticks but it's also reversible.  Otherwise sewing is necessary, and get your toughness on because your fingers are going to have to push hard.

4.  Make sure that when you are adding embellishments it's not load bearing (or is it baring?)  In this case with my strappy shoes, I simply added an extra strap a bit higher than the toe strap.  And I kept it a tad loose because you don't want blisters.  This way the original straps are doing their job, the one I added is just for show.

5.  If you really want the DIY details, send me an email.  And to get your creative juices flowing...

Here is a tassel DIY to get you inspired.

Here are loads of good Pompom DIYs

Some great basic shoes to start with (click on image for shopping details)...

more inspo, I LOVE the rainbow grosgrain heels on those espadrilles, and in case you want to just want to buy a party for your feet, here you go...

Happy Tuesday Shoes.


Wash Day Wonder Product Review. The Curl Files

curlygirl method

I wasn't sure what to think when Wash Day Wonder came in the mail.  Another step to add to my wash day process?  And to be honest my hair doesn't get super tangly so I wasn't sure what benefit I would get from this product.

wash day wonder

First: What to do...use this product as a pre-wash.  Once your hair is wet you use it as you would your conditioner to detangle and create slippery locks, gently smoothing it through sections of your hair until your strands are sort of like wet noodles.  No really, this was an example I heard recently and I was like - yep, totally.  I just use my fingers to detangle but a wide tooth comb would work as well.  Rinse.  Then continue with shampoo and conditioner

What I liked:  it makes my shampooing much more effective with less shampoo needed.  My hair is easier to cleanse and I can get to all the inside layers.  Who knew?  I also like that I need less conditioner as well because again, my hair is already slippery and detangled, I am simply smoothing my locks with conditioner. 

So instead of my hair being smooth, detangled and slippery at the end of my shower, it happens at the beginning.  I didn't realize this would be helpful but it most definitely is.  I especially like this because prior to Wash Day Wonder, I often felt like I couldn't effectively massage my scalp which is so important to stimulate blood flow and hair regrowth.  Since I only wash my hair every 4-5 days I gotta make it count.  Grow hair grow! 

Curious if any of you have tried this new product and what your thoughts are?  You can see more of my curl posts under "the curl files" 

More curly tips you say?  I'm getting there!  in the meantime you can follow my hashtag #kirstycurls

thanks for reading,

This post is done in partnership with Deva Curl.  I only share my own opinions.  I would love to hear your feedback as well!


4 Wide Leg Jeans That I Want, All Under $100.

My love affair for wide leg capri denim runs deep, and every season it just gets better and better.

I believe you can wear these with flats, slides, sandals, heels, boots, tennis.  They really are equal opportunity lenders.  It may take some time to find the right pair, perhaps less width or more, longer or shorter,  high waisted...

Interested but not quite ready?  All of these are under $100 and what I love is they are all fitted at the waist and hip which is super flattering.  Start by wearing them with your favorite tee, just messily tucked in and a pair of wedges.  You'll be hooked.  And all those cropped hem shirts showing up - these jeans are your answer.

Love the two tone and seam detail and wash, they seem so effortless...

 these feel a bit industrial in the best possible way, and I feel like there would be legs for dayzzzzz...

 if I were to choose preppy this would be it, I could totally see myself in these, love the color...

exxxxtra high waisted and fun two tone, this brand always fits my butt so well...

Which is your fave?

Happy FWIDEday.  Had to.



That Time We Taught Macrame & Drank Bubbly Together.

Last week Jenn, Erin and I had the opportunity to host a crafting workshop in the fabulous Pop Up event space at Pacific Place.  Everything came together, albeit a bit by the skin of our teeth, beautifully and I was so excited to see the evening unfold.  It was lovely.

A chic palette of pink and copper, flickering candles and darling florals, all by Erin, framed an evening of macrame crafting.  We noshed on the yummiest nibbles (still thinking about the marinated grilled artichokes and extra fancy breadsticks) and sweet macarons, while the bubbly flowed.  French tunes played in the background as conversation flowed and knots were tied.  Our vision of gathering together and being creative in an inspiring space actually happened, and although I ended the evening in need of a foot massage and a nap, I was over the moon.

Our event was sold out, which I can't even believe, I am so grateful to all the women who attended.  The energy in the room was so good, such a great group of people.  This is our hope.  And I TOTALLY breathed a sigh of relief when macrame plant holders began to unfold, the project we had envisioned was actually happening.  Which really means we did the directions right!  and cut the rope long enough...and don't even get me started on finding wooden beads with big enough center holes. 

So many good learning experiences for the next time.

Get ready for photo overload, there's just too many good moments, I had to share them all...

One of my favorite details...guests were greeted with a hand-lettered champagne glass, best way to get a party started and to keep track of who's who, making everyone feel welcome.

One of the wonderful touches in the Pacific Place Pop Up Space, the Love Lock Tradition, once the lock is placed in honor of your loved one, the key is thrown away to symbolize an unbreakable love.

We wanted to the space to feel like a chic Parisian flat, Erin did a wonderful job bringing our vision to life with our lounge area.  Complete living room envy right here, all these items are available for your next event, just saying.

The crudite plate of my dreams, and those breadsticks, am I right?  They were as fun as they were delicious.  Food by Il Fornaio 

Macarons by Trophy Cupcake, my favorite are the salted dark chocolate.  Craving one now.  Darnit.



Shout out to Jenn who drove around the city tracking down last minute necessities and Erin for creating the tablescapes, florals and covering all the little details. 

A HUGE thank you to Pacific Place for partnering with us and helping our vision come to life.  You can see all of their upcoming events here.

Stay tuned for more....

Thank you for reading,

photos by Saskia