DIY Hair Mask With Essential Oils. The Curl Files

I didn't get any great photos to prove why I love this mask because my day just didn't go my way.  I had planned a day of cleaning and organizing my house while my hair soaked up all the goodness of a good deep conditioner.  Of course life came up in the forms of sick days and flat tires and pouring rain, so let's just say the house did not get organized.  NOT surprising.  The photo above was taken the next day on my Iphone, after my hair mask and being caught in a downpour.  I gotta say the frizz was less and the shine and curls were much better than expected considering the circumstances.

I also love this mask because everything in it I can eat.  I have been hunting for all natural deep conditioners.  The challenge is choosing which ones to invest in, they are often expensive and don't come in sample sizes.  Why is that??  Just let me purchase a single serving!  And reading the fine print - are they truly all natural??

Lastly I love this mask because of the addition of essential oils.  We use essential oils a lot in our home.  The lavender and geranium help to keep your scalp healthy and increase blood flow which promotes hair growth.  They also repel skin mites which cause your hair to fall out prematurely.  I warn: do NOT google this.  These oils are also thought to increase the stability of your hair follicles, which for curly hair is key.

So I have also been researching making my own hair mask.  After some tweaking, this is the one I have landed on.  I have used it a few times and I love the shine and definition it gives my curls.

Plus, I could actually eat it, nothing I can't spell or explain.

The other key, to any deep conditioner, is heat.  My favorite way to deep condition is with the Hot Head Thermal Hair Cap.  It's a hair cap made with rice, you simply microwave it to heat it up.  Genius.  It stays hot for about 15mins, then I just pop it back in the microwave for 1 minute and back in business.

My Curly Hair Mask:

all natural deep conditioner

DIY hair mask

essential oils for healthy curls

After doing this mask treatment, my hair doesn't feel as smooth and slippery as it does when I condition it normally, the first time I tried it I was a little concerned.  But the results once I've styled my hair are awesome.

So next time you have an avocado that's just getting too ripe to eat, mash it into your hair.  And then tell me about it, I wanna hear what you think?


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