Sneaks and Pleats and Spring To-Do lists.

I have never enjoyed to-do lists.  I actually spend a lot of my time avoiding the lists I make.  So clearly most of the time lists are counterproductive in my life.

But I will say that if I actually accomplish what I NEED to do AND manage not lose the list I made, AND I am organized enough to have written those things on said list - wow such satisfaction in crossing off each line.

Does anyone ever cross everything off?

Sometimes I add things just to be able to cross something off.

I have started to write down items like "laundry" and "washing my hair"  because those absolutely count.  And maybe they will help explain where all my time goes...I should really start including "nap."

The only list that I enjoy is a shopping list.  And for spring two top items on my list are a statement skirt and pastel sneakers.

What I LOVE about this skirt is the versatility.  It's unique enough to make a statement but still something that I can wear any day of the week.  It's a lightweight knit so it works year round easily.  There is a touch of metallic in the waste band, making it festive during the holidays and festival when the temp rises.  The pleats make me feel classic and preppy but the undone hem keeps it effortless and a bit boho - which makes it something that I gravitate towards.

About the sneakers.  Confession, I have not bought a pair of lace up fashion sneakers in as long as I can remember.  Walking into Nordstrom with the specific goal of purchasing sneakers, I had to laugh at myself.  But sneakers have won me over with their comfort and so much style, and I love the pairing of fancier items - dresses, and skirts - with sneakers.  An unexpected pairing is my favorite way to do fashion.  So these sneakers, after trying on probably 15 or more, were the winners.  I love the pastel lilac pinkish color with the chunky but not too chunky white soles and the under $100 price tag.  The rose gold heel detail was the kicker.

I envision wearing this skirt and sneaker pairing plenty over the next few months, with tees as shown, with tank tops and even sweatshirts.  It's an easy and a totally stylish momiform.

Maybe it will even help with my to-do lists.

A note on my bracelet stack.  The silver bangle is from Article 22.  Each bracelet purchased clears 3m of Laotian landscape littered with unexploded bombs from the Vietnam War.  I love this concept and company so much.  You can find this bracelet at my shop Queen Anne Frame.  

skirt - Numph c/o
shirt - Bobi also avail at Queen Anne Dispatch
shoes - Halogen, Nordstrom
sunglasses - Queen Anne Frame
bracelets - stone strands and silver bangle, Queen Anne Frame

Photos by Angie.

Happy Monday.


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