Why Should 20/20s Have All The Fun?

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I've been rocking my girl with glasses look for the last couple weeks, and dare I say with a little strut in my step.  I currently only need them for reading-ish, but these glasses make me completely ok with my declining eyesight, oh the joys of aging.  

When I find a kickass accessory it makes me feel like a million bucks.  It makes my day brighter.  And in this instance, clearer.    

Even better when that kickass accessory comes from a local shop working hard to create both a seamless customer experience and incredible selection of independent designers - oh and vintage lineup.

My glasses are from Eye Eye on Capital Hill and here is a bit about my visit....

First impression...I walked in to a spectacularly designed space with warm smiles and welcoming atmosphere, that's a tough balance to pull off.  Top notch design that still invites you in and lets you relax.  

And when I say seamless customer experience, they have state of the art equipment and knowledgable optometric physicians who explain all the steps along the way.  It was fascinating to see a screen size photo of the inside of my eyeball and have it all described to me.  My inner biology major was so happy. 

Once my prescription was diagnosed Milli guided me through finding my perfect frames.  I enjoyed her so much that we continued to chat until after my parking ran out....oh brother I sure did get a parking ticket.  Was not impressed with my lack of time management, was very impressed with Milli's ability to narrow in fairly quickly on the type of frames I was gravitating towards, she continued to pull just enough options to be certain we had found our winner.  She was also very honest when a frame wasn't quite right.  A really nice balance that left me confident in my choice.  

Eye Eye's selection of independent designers and vintage stock is amazing...drawers of vintage sunglasses.  I have a few more on my wantlist.  Pssst - you can put prescription lenses in vintage sunglasses!  Because why should 20/20s have all the fun?

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If you read my blog at all then you probably know that I think shopping local is a really big deal.  Here's why, I truly believe it captures the heart of the community and helps it thrive.  Supporting local businesses means supporting someone's dream and contributing to their story.  That's so awesome.  You will feel even better about your purchase.

If you can, shop local.  If you're local to Seattle, check out Eye Eye. 

Thanks for reading.

Photos by Angie.
Thank you Eye Eye for partnering with me, providing me with amazing frames and sunglasses. 

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