WASH. {the curl files}

oh curly hair...lets talk about it.

no two hair days are ever alike.  and no two heads of curls are the same either.  a blessing or a curse, Ali and I both have curly hair.  Ali has that fun hair that looks amazing curly, wavy, straight.  mine is just curly or messy.  but there are definitely tips and tricks and products that we have found that work

disclaimer - no two sets of curls are alike and everyone has different methods and products that work {example: I just saw this - and I love her curls but not sure I could brush mine after they are dry.}

so I asked Ali to help me in sharing our curly hair tips and tricks....

Ali - it's true, if you have naturally curly hair and you meet a new friend with naturally curly hair, something automatically endears you to each other. It's been true for me in many cases and some of my closest friends are natural curly heads just like me.

This was the case with KP and I went we first met...many years ago, over the years we've shared tips, and tricks with one another, shared the annoyances that comes along with curly hair, and made sure to lay the compliments on heavy when the curly locks are maintained!

Here's some of our favorite latest and greatest curly hair products, tips, tricks that we just had to share with all the curly haired girls out there...


the key is to find something that's ALL natural, and we don't shampoo daily. Shampooing once or twice a week helps to keep the natural oils necessary for moisture and shine from being stripped from your curly locks.

our current favorite: its sulfate free so there's no lathering - takes a little while to get used to this.  lather is lovely but sulfates are bad.

{$40 for 32 oz}

Conditioning is essential.  We condition even when we don't shampoo.  Finding a product that you love {scent, consistency, ingredients} is also really important and sometimes difficult. It's good to change up the shampoo/conditioner you use every so often, but here is our current fave:

{$40 for 32 oz}

Did we mention how important conditioning is? Take the extra 5 minutes each week to deep condition those curls, it makes a huge difference in the daily wear. 

our current fave:

{$40 for 500 ml}

I've also found it really helpful to pair the mask with the Obliphica Oil Treatment {which also uses natural ingredients}. It's great for medium to course hair like mine and successfully replenishes moisture, creates shine, and smooths out those fly aways that come along with curly hair.

**A final rinse with cold water will help seal the follicles and create shine, just shut the shower off and turn on cold water just on the faucet, tip your head under and rinse away.  Bonus - it wakes you up for the day.

We would love to hear what works for you too, there is always room for improvement.  just when we think we have our hair figured out - it usually changes.


Ali {and Kirsty}


  1. I just stumbled upon your blog! I have curly hair too and I am ALWAYS looking for great products. I use some of deva curl's products, I always use their diffuser when I blow dry my hair! I've never used a better one! As far as shampoo goes, I also really like Bain de Terre, and have started using Sexy Curls...both have been really good shampoos.

    1. Erin - I reeeeeealllllly want the diffuser but just haven't pulled the plug and bought it. maybe this year! actually is was on my christmas list last year but they were out of stock in seattle area. I will have to try bain de terre too. thanks for the tips!