what i wore {less black and more red please}

it must officially be winter.  its that moment when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror {or photo} and you realize any hint of that sun-kissed glow is gone.  added some extra blush for this shot.

it could be that I am dressed in a black shirt.  such a plain outfit to share today.  in the spirit of January, I started to go through my closet, thats how this outfit appeared.  hmmm, not sure.

but I do have my favorite headband and some great gold earrings on to help out all the black.  

shirt - oldie from Target
tank - oldie from Ae.com
jeans - Vioss, Nordstrom Rack
shoes - Kelsi Dagger
headband - handmade gift from her
shoes - Lucia K. Tag

outfit #2.

 I love this sweater, but its one of those that only looks nice when you have good posture.  the minute you slump your shoulders, your just a big frumpy mess.  keep that head up and shoulders back.

favorite earrings in red and gold.  wouldn't these be great with your LBD for Valentines Day?...or with a rockin pair of jeans?  just enough red to not overpower but I love red for Valentines.  I just do.

appropriate that I am standing next to my bed since I look like I just woke up right?
shirt - Splendid
skirt - Anthropologie
shoes - Dolce Vita
earrings - Lucia K. Taylor
bracelet - Lucia K. Chloe

In honor of the looming love day ahead, we brought the Red and Gold Taylor back...40% off.

{sale ends 1.27.13}

linking up with Pleated Poppy today for what i wore wednesday.
happy wednesday.


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  1. That sweater is so cute! I would so borrow it if I could!