UNwashed style {the curl files}

so we still need to post about all of our favorite curly hair products, but there is so many trying to figure out how to sort.  I'm kind of a product junkie. 

 in the meantime, how about what I do when I haven't washed my hair, which is often.  and a little bit of a sloppy outfit, but its so comfortable.  and who doesn't love those long long sleeves.  

so the thing about blogging and such "tutorials" is its hard to know when anybody is gonna care or if its more of a "duh, totally already knew that."  I'm guilty of this, so I can't be the only one?  please feel free to give feedback.  maybe just be gentle.

so if I have washed and dried my curls that day, when I go to sleep I will push my curls up above my head so I don't lay on them and smash them.  sometimes this is successful, sometimes not.  lots of factors...humidity, restless sleeping, etc.  I've heard of people {and I think Ouidad recommends this} of pulling your hair back, or up in a very loose scrunchy, to keep from sleeping on those curls.

1. start with bedhead.  use your favorite product to smooth the top down.  I usually use a dab of odon oil smoothed thru from roots to end.  and then I spray hairspray mostly on top and run my fingers thru it in direction I want it to lay {forward, back, side-part, ect}.  maybe it will listen.

2. start with the scarf in the middle of your head at the back and wrap forward.

3.  then wrap it back and tie a knot or bow, usually slightly off center so it doesn't interfere with a bun.

4.  then gently and loosely pull the sides back.  you want the hair to stay in place under the scarf.  rocket science right?  and don't I look angry?!

5.  first option: put a rubber band in a low pony tail if you want.

6.  option 2:  tuck the loosely pulled back hair back up under the scarf at the back of your head, so you have it sticking up the top.  it will be a lot less than normal because of the loose strands.  you may need to grab a few strands out completely to anchor the bun in place.  use a rubber band to put into a messy bun.  

7. now separate, tug, pull, and adjust as needed.

8.  Any good?  my husband says I always miss a piece and have a tail.  funny he might be right.  did not even feel that stray strand.

9.  then bobby pin the front pieces back if you want, or leave them down.  I usually start with loose strands just tucked back, and then they fall out.  and usually I'm ok with the final finish.  sometimes I look in the mirror much later, and think "Man Wondering How Long I've Been Walking Around Like This?!"  oh dear.

the end.

{earrings, shoes, scarf - vintage}

happy thursday.



  1. Super cute! And for the record, I ADORE your hair!! :)

  2. I ALSO love your hair! It's awesome! I'm working on growing my back out...so sad to have ever cut it even though it was cute. Curls are better long - my opinion mostly. And thanks for the scarf tying tips. I have several and can never figure out how to accomplish that look. Wonderful! :)

  3. Loved this style. So glad to find your blog through OuIdad today. I have hair similar to yours...and it took me most of my life to finally embrace it! (I'm 54 now, & wasn't til I was well into my 40s until I found a stylist that told me what I could do with it as curly! Wish I had known all this ages ago. Sometimes I still blow it out straight, but not all the time, now I like wearing it curly!...Seeing your style makes me so glad I do have curly hair. Thanks for posting these styles notes & ideas. (I swear, curly-girls need to stick together-really wish I had known all this ages ago!! It would have been a lot better for me AND my hair!)