this was not my plan {what i wore}

one of my very closest friends just had her first baby this last week.  {and its a boy!}  I am beyond excited for her to join me in motherhood!!  but man my heart hurt so much that I couldn't rush to the hospital to squeeze the new momma and meet this little treasure being that I was now two states away.  not how I planned this to go.

it was a really homesick evening.  i was lying in bed feeling sorry for myself and my husband came into the bedroom with a package that had been delivered.  I opened it to find this dress {and this darling book for my boys that we have read so many times I've lost count.} sent from a loved one back home, it couldn't have been better timed.  or more fitting of a dress for me.  

so the next day I put my new dress on and stepped back into this new life.  seriously how great will this dress be in the fall {california does not have a fall!} with tights and booties or skinny jeans.  and reminded myself that my home is found in the Lord, and I have not lost those I love just because I've moved a couple thousand miles away.  {all this from a dress?  well partly.}

and eventually I will learn about photographing in extreme sunshine.  california is a learning experience in so many ways.  and what's with all the ants??

dress - Free People, Nordstrom.
shoes - Ella Moss
earrings - Lucia K.  someday.

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happy wednesday.



  1. Oh how your post makes me smile! Moving and adjusting is hard. We just moved 45 minutes away from our old home and I'm struggling. It's just finding a new normal. I laughed at your observations of CA. There are a lot of ants here, huh? And no fall, sadly. And photographs are tricky. Gotta get pics in before 10am or after 4pm. Then the sun works in your favor! Haha. Here's hoping for a better week for you!

  2. Love the outfit. So perfect for a day out in summer ;)

    Thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment :) See you again soon!