my trip to Ouidad {the curl files}

okay time to talk curls.  

after over a year, dare I admit it, I finally got my hair cut.  part {but only part} of my excuse is that I had been waiting to get my hair cut at Ouidad {pronounces we-dad}.  claimed as the curl experts and I'd have to agree.

dress - freepeople, queen anne dispatch.  shoes - old dolce vita, similar

Top 12 reasons I love Ouidad.  and there's gonna be a lot of exclamation points.

1. it is a curl commuity.  everyone has curly hair in this salon!  when you walk in you realize how many people have straight hair or straighten their hair, you are no longer an outsider!

2. the before and afters could be a reality show, its so fun to watch.  complete. hair. makeovers.

3. the products are amazing, albeit a little pricey but so luxurious.  I have a few on my wish-list, like this and this, I am waiting for an online sale.  Have you signed up yet?  Plus you get free samples when they ship your orders.  I did buy the Playcurl volumizing spray - after what it did for my roots, I couldn't leave the salon without it.

4. they are gentle with your hair {no tousling dry with a towel or harsh brushing or scrunching that causes tons of breakage on those delicate locks}.  

5. they understand that when curly hair dries, it shrinks up, so they don't cut too much off and you  don't end up with a way shorter hair cut that you then have to spend the next 6 months growing out.  

6. they give you this great instruction book at the end with tons of notes and the products they used.

7. they spend an hour and a half plus on your haircut!

8. somehow with their "carve and slice" cutting process - you lose the weight but gain lots and lots of springy volume.  and no shelf layers, anyone with me?

9. the "rake and shake" technique of styling.

10. your hair is so incredibly soft and shiny when you leave.  like you could almost run your fingers through it.  its hard not too.

11. it is on the cutest street in Santa Monica, afterward you can walk across the street to Michael Stars and then buy some makeup at Benefit Cosmetics...

12. when you leave the salon, you don't have to put your hair back in a hair-tie until you can later remedy the crazy frizz.  its like they just get it.  I mean do you see how well my hair is styled in the above picture.  It was amazing.

happy curls girls!



  1. Makes me want to buy a flight!

  2. COOL! Will you take some closer pictures of your hair and post?? Please? :) Not to be a freak or stalker type, but I want to use your hair as a ref point to show the girl who cuts mine. Esp now that you've had such the prof cut! It looks great by the way! But, I think it looked great before...year or more w/o cutting or not! :)

    1. Thank you Sydnee B! I will try my best to get some better hair shots. It is out of control right now, this beach air has given it a mind of its own {more than usual!}. I will make it my goal for the next week.