Hair tip: just to clarify

I have been promising hair tips and tricks and videos for an embarassingly long time, and not delivered.  This is my meager attempt at following through.

curly hair tips

To start - I feel like I have my hair system down pretty well, so when something makes a noticeable difference, it should be duly noted.

Normal Routine.  I tend to go about 4 days without washing/getting my hair wet.  Sometimes this works better than others, sometimes a hat or headband is involved (like a custom one from here you will see in an upcoming post.)  Lately, my hair has started getting quite oily and stringy, often on day two even, this does not work for my MO, I was getting panicked...

enter Superfruit Clarifying Shampoo.  I had this epiphany that maybe the product is NOT rinsing out of my hair and I am creating dull oily buildup.  After I washed with this shampoo, it totally did the trick.  My hair above is 3-day hair post Superfruit.  My curls are stilly fluffy (for lack of a better word), has bounce and shine aka. opposite of oily dull stringy.  Eek - I am giving you day 3 hair, so the roots are starting to misbehave but the curls are going strong.  So if you are a person with hair that requires a lot of product, you just may need clarification in your life.

Bonus:  It smells amazing!  Like amazing amazing.

The price might feel more than you normally spend, here is my argument.

Your hair - it is on you every single day.  The price per wear factor is completely worth it.  Taking care of your mane pays off.

Also, I this is not my regular shampoo, I am guessing every 2-3 weeks when my hair is seeming too heavy. So it's gonna last a long time.

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Last tip: I tend to keep the focus away from the roots, it says it is safe for color-treated hair, but I just don't want to give those gray hairs of mine any reason to get crazy and lose their color.  Follow up with a great conditioner, and rinse in cold water if you can stand it!

Please share what hair care you love, I'd love to hear.


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  1. Love it. Been needing a clarifying shampoo. But it makes me sad when shampoo costs over $20 even if I only use it once a month. Thanks for the tip!