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how to layer a turtleneck

The Turtleneck:

This cozy shirt of the past is making a big come back this winter.  Perhaps it's the nod to 70's chic or just how much that extra few inches of coverage helps to ward off the chill, this is a perfect addition to your winter wardrobe.

However, turtlenecks can be tricky.  Many are too tight and too thin, or just too darn expensive.  You may get lucky, or you may have to try on a lot.  A lot.  Don't be discouraged.  The right one can be flattering.  And a note on cost, some items you definitely get what you pay for, when fit and flattery are concerned, be ware on the cheapest versions.

I found this turtleneck a while back, but was still on the hunt for a more fitted legit up the neck version.  Although the one I am wearing here is still more flowy at the waist, I'm getting closer.  I do love the tighter fit through the sleeves, shoulders and neck.  To really make a turtleneck work under other items of clothing, you don't want a dolman style turtleneck, read:  slouchy through the sleeves or batwing-y.  Today that is a word.  You want the seam at the edge of the shoulder, no lower down the arm.

Once that baby is found here's what you do...

-Lets start with the obvious - put a vest on...fur, denim, moto...

-Layer under your favorite sleeveless dress or jumpsuit, really!  Giving you more wear for warmer weather clothes all season long.

-Or. Overalls.  Yes!

-Use as a perfect canvas for your favorite necklaces... a perfectly simple necklace takes center stage, or layer a few more, or grab your favorite statement piece.

-Pair with any fuller maxi or midi skirt.  So polished.

how to layer a moto vest

flare jeans and vest

flare jeans and clogs

curly hair
vest - Zara.  old
turtlenck - Zara.
jeans - Mavi, Queen Anne Dispatch.  Also here.  And in case you missed, the reason I LOVE them.
shoes - Faryl Robin, c/o.  on sale at Anthropologie
necklace - Lucia K. Jewelry
earrings - Lucia K. Jewelry
watch - Kate Spade, Nordstrom
sunglasses - Marc by Marc Jacobs, c/o.  old
lips - Nars Pop Life, Nordstrom

Turtlenecks that have promise:
the slimmer variety

and chunkier

Long Layers.  My happy place for sure.

Happy Monday.

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