A forced pause, and a kick butt outfit.

turtleneck and cullottes

Last week my hard drive failed.  PSA - back up your hard drive on an external hard drive.  Otherwise it sucks.  sucks.  sucks.  I stomped my feet a lot, then went into denial and eggnog latte binging, and then took a lot of deep breathes.  Perspective right.  

But I'm back on the saddle and decided to pick my favorite outfit to help get me back in the mood.

And turns out these crazy comfortable and super flattering culottes are currently on sale for a great price.  So if you were thinking....or possibly hand this computer over to your significant other, mother, bff.  Now is your chance.  They run a little big, I went down a size.  

Also I have always had this thing for fun socks with shoes, anyone else with me?  I think it goes back to those sweet lace trimmed socks of childhood.  Do you remember?  I am absolutely working up to wearing socks and pumps.  We shall see.  But clogs and socks are an easy pairing, just like knee socks and rainboots - they just go together, and add just a little more detail to this outfit. 

The turtleneck - I have been hunting for a turtleneck this season, could be the colder temps I now live in or the wonderful way they layer under everything.  But every one I've tried has been too tight for my liking, surprise.  Also, I'm such an open neck girl I felt a bit chocked.  This one is a bit more drapey, and the light weight fabric lends itself to layering under other pieces and keeps the top from being bulky.  I love the way it drapes on my shoulders. 

How about layering my lariat necklace over my turtleneck.  A bit unorthodox but not that much of a stretch.  I love the look it created.  This necklace is a perfect holiday gift y'all.

Well apparently I had a lot to say about this outfit.

the perfect gift for her

clogs and ruffle socks

my favorite denim
Turtleneck - Press Clothing, Queen Anne Dispatch.  Similar here
Culottes - 7 for all Mankind
Clogs - Faryl Robin c/o.  on sale at Anthropologie
Sunglasses - Warby Parker.  old
Earrings - Lucia K. Jewelry
Necklace - Lucia K. Jewelry
Bracelets - Queen Anne Dispatch (guitar strings, call they ship!).  
                31 Bits (beaded, also avail at Queen Anne Dispatch).

In the spirit of the second week of advent...Love yourself for exactly who you are, do something a little out of your comfort zone that you are itching to try.  Culottes, funky socks, inviting a neighbor over for coffee.  For any of you who think you can't but want to, you can.  Just do it.  And if you do, I want to know.  Let's encourage each other.

photos by Angie.


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