My PSA for Hydrated Happy Curls.

If I've said it once, I'll say it again - curls need conditioning.  Over and Over.  And Over.

naturally curly hair

Just a quick PSA to keep your curls moisturized...
Wash your hair less.
Wear a hat in the sun.
Use lower heat setting when drying.
And condition, condition, condition

This is my go to conditioner, and this is what I use once a month for deep treatment, also available in a travel size because it lasts, and it's pricey, but so worth it (stay tuned next week for my full review).  
I even add a little leave-in conditioner, especially at the roots when my gray is in effect, to help the frizz.  Note:  my hair doesn't get greasy, this might not be the best for finer hair or hair that tends to be more greasy.  I also love this product for my ends when I'm way past due for a haircut.  Ahem, like now.

Right now Ouidad has a wonderful promotion, spend 100% get 20$ off.  Here are the products on repeat for my locks...

Also you can check out my "the curl files" tab for more curl tips and advice.

Do you have any tips for your curls??  Please share!


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  1. Good tip on the moisturizer! I've been styling a little girls curls lately. If we walk around town she gets told how cute her curls are. Her mom buys hair milk refresher spray. Her hair forms tiny ringlets and it's the bomb! Great job on your curls in the pic!
    ♡. Tricia