Girlfriend Gift Guide

Who runs the world?  Girl(friends) do.  They pick us up when we are down, knowing exactly when to deliver coffee or pop a bottle of champagne.  They are our village.  Here are my favorite ways to show them love during the holiday season...

Kari Gran Lip Whip - The best red lip, layer lightly as a stain or add more for a bold lip.  And the best part is before you add your pop of color, prep your pout with the perfect lip scrub.  I love this duo.  It's also made with all-natural and organic ingredients.  I am hoping it's in my stocking this year.

Fresh Tangerine is designed and made by hand in Seattle.  She uses 14k gold-filled and sterling silver, which is very hard to find at this price point.  What I am smitten with most is her rings.  They are the sweetest most delicate lovelies.  And the more you stack the better they get.  I wear mine almost every day.  These make the best "just because" gift, perfect for under the tree.

Gifts for your fashion-loving friend under 35$ - one of my favorite tees (I ordered a size up.)  The most beautiful coffee-table book for that hard to buy for friend with great style.  And one of my favorite classic combos of polish.

and under 20$ - these sets are awesome.  Again I love this polish, is goes on easy and it stays and the colors are so good.  And my go-to every day lip whip.

Foodie Picks - 1. The cutest cookbook, not only with the greatest intention but amazing recipes, paired with fabulous cocktails.  2. Killer Cookbook, working to make real food, cutting out the chemical stew without sacrificing anything, rather gaining amazing flavor.  And it's organized to make leftovers crazy good.  3. This secret weapon.  She makes the best pancakes, and I spent a few months trying a lot, also sweet potato biscuits with chorizo gravy and a killer cheeseball.

Coffee Lovers - Maybe I am the only one obsessed with this frother so it's always on my mind.  But what a dreamy morning, the perfect frothed foam in these simple amazing mugs, so clean and so brilliant that keep my coffee piping hot, because I want it hot.  Or monogram chic.  Both winners.

New Moms - And how about a couple gift ideas for our favorites friends in the trenches of babyhood, young children are no joke and for sure one of my hardest seasons was as a new mom.  They deserve all the pampering and thoughtfulness we can give them.  Have you ever tried these croissants??  They show up frozen on your doorstep - you leave them out overnight to defrost and then pop in the oven.  Oh my heavenly.

Check out what to buy the dudes in your life on Jenn's blog.

What do you think?  Hope this helps make your girlfriend gift giving joyful.



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