Holiday Heels, All 50% off or More.

Just a quick PSA because I have been stalking a few pair of shoes and they are on major sale.  SO much that even though I have been trying to be so good, these might end up on my doorstep.

Perhaps I can just live vicariously through you?

First up and at 50% off are you kidding me??

Here is my thought on these, wear with your favorite holiday dress and give a little edge.  Right?  Or how bad ass would these look with skinny jeans and a blazer.  Ugh I am talking myself into these all over again.  The peep would take you well into year round wear.

Second, only look at these if you are a size 10.

It's heartbreaking because they are over 50% off and amazing - but that is the only size left.  These silhouette is so good.  I love the diagonal strap and the black suede.  This shoe is killer.  Leather leggings and an oversized sweater, can you see it???

And there's always room for more sparkle during the holidays, if you land between 7.5-8.5 check these out...

This heel is smart and classic but with a super fun finish - hello it's called black diamond.  This would make that little black dress over the top festive in a perfect way.

And don't forget the red, am I right?

There are two that I really like, both have a little bit of details that makes them stand out, again the diagonal strap, I'm all about that, but I also love a tie at the ankle - you can losely wrap and knot or tie a bow, whatever suits your fancy.  It was hard to choose a favorite, and again because the price is so killer, the sizes are limited, so I for sure had to share both.  Which do you like better?

Which one is your fave?


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