Etsy Gift Guide

Etsy is a treasure trove but it can be totally overwhelming and hard to find the hidden gems.  There is absolutely worth to be found and wonderful people behind these handmade and thoughtfully designed products.

So I'm sharing a few of my favorites - and who doesn't love a handmade with love gift under their tree?  Note, you may need to order asap as many of these items are made to order and shipping times can be longer than the prime we have come to demand.

Mercy Grey Design - Handmade clutches, bags and pillows using Pendleton Wool fabric.  I love her smart designs and incorporation of leather tassels and fringe.  I carry her clutches in my shop, I just could not pass them up.  This is one of my go-to clutches during the winter months.  This is the perfect gift for that person who has a million clutches or none because it was just the one they were missing.

etsy pillow
Indie Bungalow - Her pillows are amazing.  Amazing.  I have a crush on all of her batik and african fabric.  This one would make my couch look crazy good.  It's on the top of my wishlist.

etsy jewelry

Chapter Jewelry - I have a few of her necklaces and earrings, I love them so much I also sell them in my shop.  Her jewelry is handmade in Portland, and I love her use of gold with dark brass.  Her geometric shapes are modern but not harsh and totally wearable.

BZR Shop - This choker was a gift from my favorite stylist and it's just rad.  It's easy to wear, I love tying a bow but you could also tie a knot and wear it more bolo style.  If you want to try a choker but you are hesitant, this is a great one to start with and also a great gift idea.

Lucia K. Jewelry - Well obviously I love my stuff.  (Full disclosure, this is meeeee.)  Designed and made by hand.  I wear my tag collection all the time.  And my monogram collection makes the perfect gift.  All the jewelry I design is stuff that I want to wear.  I want to be easy to wear, and make you feel good wearing it.

Finn Leather Goods - I think I have 4 bags and counting.  I love these bags and double win I love the girl who makes them, all original designs and sewn by hand.  My every day tote has been an every day champ for the last 2.5 years.  I actually had a dream the strap feel off, I think because I was thinking the other day how impressed I am that it's still holding strong.

Gus & Lula -  All of her prints are darling.  And if you ever have free time, her blog and her story of Gus and Lula is even more precious.

Totinette - I love her Geometric Necklace - It's made of wood so it's very lightweight and affordable.  It's an easy showstopper and looks just as great with a white tee or a black turtleneck.  I also love the Hammered Diamond Hoop earrings for the same reason.  I personally own both and carry them in my shop.

Tell me your Etsy gems??  I am always on the hunt for fabulous new finds.



  1. I was just searching Etsy today, trying to find unique gifts for my family. Thank you for sharing these treasures! I might need something for myself too = )

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  3. I was just online today looking for an anniversary present for my fiance. I have been stumbling around online trying to find the perfect gift. Thank you so much for creating this post. I ran across this and now I know exactly what I want to get for him. I even saw something I can get for my mom. Thanks.

    Lindsey @ Nosto

    1. Lindsey,
      Yay! I'm glad it was helpful, thank you so much for sharing with me. It makes my day to know my posts are relevant.