I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty. Holiday Party Prep.

It has come to my attention that a lot of people don't enjoy going to holiday parties.

Don't get me wrong, I am a bit of an introvert, so when it comes to the holiday season, I protect my down time, but the opportunity to get fancy always makes an event more appealing to me.

Perhaps it's the prep and the stress of finding something to nice to wear?  Having nothing to wear ruins the anticipation of any event.  For sure.  Then there's planning and primping.  Our lives are full of life, and adding in an event that requires getting dolled up can seem overwhelming.  Sometimes washing my hair is more than I can take.

So here's my proposition - Pamper yourself!

Take this opportunity to take some time out for yourself, sure it might seem like a lot just for a company party, but really it's just for you.  To sit and breathe and let yourself be waited on, without requests being made of your time, if only an hour.  I'm putting this in the category of holiday self care.

It works wonders for the soul.  And it's a great confidence boost.

I feel pretty.  Oh so pretty.  There is real meaning behind these words.  And it's deep.  And everyone should feel pretty.  Period.

So here's the plan.  Book yourself a few moments to yourself.  Here's some of my ideas...

Manicure and Pedicure - Grab your girlfriend and make it happen.  Need childcare?  Plan it for a weekday that isn't prime time and bring your kiddos, they can set next to you and play iPhone.  If you are in the Seattle area, Apollo Spa offers an affordable 1 hr champagne mani/pedi.  No time?  Get some glitter polish and put it on the tips of your nails.

Spray Tan - Planning to bare your shoulders, or forgo tights?  If you want a holiday glow, this is the way.  No tanning beds, ok?  My favorite in Seattle is Rainglow.  Their tan is sprayed on by a trained technician, no booth errors and it's organic and paraben free.   Make sure you exfoliate ahead of time, come in with clean skin, wear lose clothes and no doing dishes for 10-12 hours.  Really.  So your pampering just got even better.  Also make sure you schedule your mani/pedi pre-tan.  No space for getting a tan, these are my backup tan wipes.

Hair - A major mood booster for me is getting my hair balayaged to hide my gray.  Maybe schedule yourself a cut and/or color?  Another great option is a blow-out.  Let the experts blow dry and curl your hair.  It's no longer all about an up-do, although that is always fun too.  The go-to place in Seattle is Swink Style Bar.  Bonus - you hair will stay sleek well past party time.

Makeup - Let someone else doll you up.  Add fake lashes!  A bright lip.  This is the time to do it.  If you have an idea in mind, make sure to bring pictures, and let your artist know what you have in mind.  For the Seattle Ball I was able to have my makeup done by Emilio at Swink Style Bar.

Brows - brow shaping is another great way to pamper yourself, brows frame your face and having them dyed makes your eyes brighter and your morning routine shorter.  Swink also does brows.

Lastly, Attire.

The power of a Cinderella dress.  Asos is a great place to find smart, stylish dresses at reasonable prices - see my picks at the bottom of the post.  There are other options such as Rent the Runway (use code FIRSTRTR20P for 20% off first order), or borrow from a stylish friend.  Just ask.  I love lending my clothes, it helps me justify why I have so many.

dress - Asos.  old
shoes - Marc by Marc Jacobs.  old
gold ring - Gorjana, Rocksbox.  use code "thekirstyfilesxoxo" for first month free.
clutch - Hobo, Queen Anne Dispatch.  also here.

Spray tan courtesy of Rainglow.  
Mani and Pedi courtesy of Apollo Spa.  
Makeup courtesy of Swink Style Bar.

Lets make this holiday merry and bright.  I'd love to hear how you enjoy all your festive commitments, and care for yourself.

Make my day and leave a comment! (easiest way is to choose option openID)



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