Black on Black

layering a turtleneck under a fancy dress

naturally curly hair

gorjana necklace

Adding a turtleneck under a dress achieves a few things.  It keeps me warm.  It makes a fancy dress more day appropriate.  And adds versatility to my dress style.

So I say layer away.  Otherwise this dress might stay stashed in the back of my closet until I have that fancier occasion to dust if off.  

This turtleneck is from Everlane.  I love the snug but not too snug fit and flattering ribbing.  It has been on repeat as I wait for the warmer temps of spring to arrive.

And a note on this necklace, it's adjustable, I wear it up, down, choker style, lariat.  It's fantastic.  And now they have it with natural stones.  Sign me up.

Also my earrings are from Rocksbox, they also carry many of Gorjana's line like the above mentioned necklace.  Rocksbox is like Netflix for fashion jewelry, you pay a monthly fee and rent 3 pieces of jewelry at a time, switching as often as you like.  If you'd like to try it, you can use code "thekirstyfilesxoxo" for your first month free.


dress - Zara
turtleneck - Everlane
necklace - Gorjana c/o.  also here
earrings - Rocksbox.  code "kirstyfilesxoxo" for first month free

photos by Angie

How do you feel about the layering trend?   


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