Petite Florals, Railroad Stripes and Quilting.

Happy to have felt some warmth this week.  It is amazing how happy everyone I encountered has been.  It's like we are all high on vitamin D right now.  And because we have had the rainiest fall/winter on record, every single plant and tree is singing it's glory.  So the city is gorgeous right now, like it's just woken up from a very long nap.  Very.  Long.  Nap.  

Now if I can just convince my oldest child that he will be wearing flip flops this summer, because all socks go on sabbatical as soon as school ends.  Anyone else so over dirty socks everywhere and the 20 min struggle it is to get them on with shoes every friggin time we leave the house.  And don't even get me started on matching them.   I admit, I gave up so long ago, Nick has officially taken over that task.  

On my outfit, I always think a vest is a good idea. Really.  It's the perfect piece for spring and summer, adding a bit of warmth and a lot of style.  I love finishing off my outfits with a vest.  

This vest is a great neutral but I love the subtlety of the quilted pattern, working so well with all the pattern and color that spring ushers in.  In this outfit I decided to mix a petite floral patterned shirt with a railroad striped skirt (thomas the train anyone?).   I think the quilted texture perfectly finishes the trio.   It would also be darling with any bright happy summer dress.  The mixing of styles in the best way.

 vest - Filson
shirt - Filson
skirt - Madewell.  old, similar
shoes - Sole Society
bag - Filson

Happy Thursday.



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