High and Low of Fashion, Magic in it all.

I found these jeans for $5 dollars at a flea market,  I am so giddy over this score.  I immediately cut off the bottoms and distressed (quick DIY tomorrowish), took in the waist band a tinsy bit and have been wearing them pretty much every since.  Mixed with a splurge-worthy Derek Lam top and this is fashion to me. (it's now on sale!)  The mixing of favorite pieces, a little bit undone, always special and some sort of story. This is when my fashion is at it's best.

A great shoe goes without saying, and if I manage a legit bag, well I don't even know what to do with myself.

Handbags are not at the top of my list, I struggle with spending money on them because they get worked and frankly are always shoved to the floor the minute I am anywhere, if I had more expendable income it would be different.  So imagine my glee when I opened instagram last week and found out I had won this bag!  Right?!  Especially when it's one that I had my eye on.  It fits a ton, the color is rich but easy, and it just sits so snug and nicely on my arm.  Jackpot.

pants - Levi's.  similar
top - Derek Lam 10 Crosby, Neiman Marcus c/o.  find here on sale!
shoes - Dolce Vita, 6pm.  on sale!
bag - Hobo c/o.  find here
earrings - Queen Anne Frame

photos by Jenn.


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