Some Days You Just Gotta Get It Done.

This is my get it done mom outfit for fall.  

So I sit here trying to come up with something witty and new to say about this flannel shirt.  Cozy and layerable, it's the quintessential PNW piece when the days get gray.  And why shouldn't it be?  The updated blue and red plaid give this shirt a fresh bright look, but it's still the classic you reach for when presented with a day in the elements.  It keeps you warm and comfy and paired with great denim it's PNW classic chic.  

So no whit needed.  

I love layering a henley underneath with exaggerated cuffs.  And I pretty much live in these rain boots.  Rainclouds enter - goodbye suede hello rubber.

For sure the coolest piece about this outfit though is the bag.  I can honestly say for once it's all about the bag.  I feel a little bit badass, carrying this as my mom bag throughout my day.  

This bag was born from a vision that Filson had when they realized that the bags they replace through their lifetime guarantee can have a new life.  FDR specialists in the Seattle flagship store start by taking these returned bags apart by the seams and repairing all aging and damaged parts.  Then the bag is put back together, often using uniquely found pieces including drop cloths, tin cloth from pants and cast off leather pieces from other projects.  These bags are original works of art that tell a story.  Which is of course my favorite part.

If you visit the Seattle flagship store you can watch these specialists in action.  Many of these designs and pieces are only found in the Seattle store.  

flannel - Filson
jeans - J Brand
boots - Rag & Bone Gray on sale.  More sized in black avail here.

Happy Monday.


The post was done in partnership with Filson.  

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