When Fashion Meets Function

Back at you with more of my belt bag.  I will admit my grandma and her 4 decades of fanny packs - that's as long as I can remember - was on to something, there is something about being handsfree but having everything you need, there's something even better when you can do it stylishly.  What I particularly like about this bag is the stylish and well thought out design, it holds what I would need, and looks good in the process. 

I chose my red heel mules, I mean who wouldn't right?  (ps - on major sale) but this outfit could have easily worked with sneakers, and is probably exactly what I'll be wearing this weekend.  This bag works for that rare out on the town evening just as easily as my everyday affairs.  Every dang day.  

shirt - Traffic People c/o find hereif you live in Seattle find it at Queen Anne Dispatch
jeans - Levi.  no longer avail.
shoes - Sam Edelman.  major sale here and here
copper bracelet - Queen Anne Frame
bag - Tah c/o, find here.

check out Jenn today to see how she styled her bag, and the best for last - tomorrows wrap up, including the blooper reel - which is really my best work anyway.

thanks for reading

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