Cocktail Curls. The Curl Files

An easy, elegant naturally curly hairstyle for an evening out.  

SO, for obvious reasons that I think are pretty obvious, it's important to me that people don't just think of straight hair and smooth wand-created curls when they need to be fancy.  Why can't we all just be a little bit more unruly and dare I say frizzy.  Natural curls are professional, elequeont (even if I can't spell it) and fancy.

To me, big fluffy hair is the perfect accompaniment to a cocktail dress.  Black tie event?  Go big.  Fluff it up.

Variations of this curly hair style are my go-to for evenings out.  Side swept always adds interest, is super forgiving - making crazy runaway curls look intentional.  Plus you just pick the side that is looking best that day and pin the other side back.

I am loving the trend right now of multiple barrettes.  Why should bobby pins be so boring.  I dug through my bathroom vanity and found all my old favorites.  There's no rules here folks.  To get you inspired check out here, here and here.  Honestly I am obsessed with all of her barrettes.   And more simple but still stackably fabulous here and here.

natural curls black tie hair

naturally curly fancy hairstyle

The Not Really Directions, Directions...
step 1.  decide your part, I like to part my hair different then how it is laying that day, this way it creates instant volume at the root.  I have been wearing my part more towards the middle lately, so for this look I pulled pieces over from the left.
step 2.  I used a little bit of Beautiful Mess to smooth down the side that I was going to pin back, especially all the little baby hairs, a little goes a long way.  I also used a touch on the pieces I re-parted - to keep them from flipping back to the original part line.
step 3.  pin back with barrettes, make the side swept more dramatic by pinning it back further.  I just did a little bit because my curls were behaving (I just washed it yesterday.)  If my hair was on a further wash day I would have pinned if further back - maybe all the way to the left side. 
step 4.  fluff it up and spray with Innersense I Create Finish.  Get Dramatic.

evening style for curly hair

What do you think?  Did I mention that this hairstyle also takes less than 10 mins.  Fantastic, because if I am having a night out, there's usually dinner for the kids and a home that needs picked up, and getting dressed and picking up the babysitter.  Already exhausted. 

Here are some of my favorite barrettes right now...

Every day styles

Fancy it up a bit.

Happy Fluffing.


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