Put A Bird On It

And then wear it...  A 4-way Styled Series With What Jenn Wore and Traffic People.

One of my favorite things about Traffic People is the bold and playful prints they use each season.  They are those pieces in my closet that bring a smile to my face, satisfying that inner child, and feeling fabulously grown up.  Some how they accomplish both.

This week Jenn and I are showcasing the versatility of our Traffic People pantsuit.  See Tuesday's look here.  For this look with just the top from the pantsuit I chose a casual eclectic look, with a knit pleated skirt and vintage cowboy boots.  Since this shirt could be worn many many ways, I wanted to get creative and share just how versatile this piece was.  Of course any kind of denim would work.  No brainer.  I thought this Crane print with it's slight vintage feel would work so well with a knit skirt that has a bit of a Grandma Chic nod - oh yeah, and vintage boots.    

I would wear this outfit for an everyday look, and plan to.   

shirt - Traffic People c/o
skirt - Numph DK c/o.  no longer avail.
boots - Goodwill 
earrings & turquoise ring - Queen Anne Frame

Thank you for reading. Head over to Jenn's blog to see her look today.  In tomorrow's post I'm sharing some of the fun behind our 4-way shoots, lets just say it takes a lot of photos to get just a few winners.


photos by SWolfe.

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