i have a weakness.

for accessories.  especially in the form of shoes.

and I LOVE these shoes.  its not quite open toe shoe season yet, but I couldn't resist a little dress-up.  they are from a company called Joyfolie.  Jessica, the founder and designer just gets it right.  for instance, I don't like ankle straps, they cut my leg line short and just aren't flattering on me.

but the way she has the strap extra high above the ankle bone, I love.  and then she adds in these adorable {removable} shoe clips.  great details.  your shoes come in great shoe boxes with canvas bags.

{shirt - old, jeans - old, shoes, earrings}

and well actually Joyfolie mainly makes ridiculously adorable girl shoes and clothes.  so I lived vicariously through all of my nieces this christmas...


and these. and these...did I mention they come with matching hair clips.

and these boots, my goodness it was fun.

and Joyfolie is launching their new spring line tonight.  so naturally now these are on my list.

use code SPRING30 at checkout for 30% non-new items!

happy shopping.



  1. That little boy on your arm makes a pretty cute accessory too!! :)

    1. thanks Kristen! he is starting to demand to be in these shots, so Im embracing it

  2. joyfolie- awesome picks!!! love it!