It's 1 o'clock in the morning. Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

Yes, it's one o'clock in the morning.  In my pj's on the couch scouring the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale because it is time.  So watch out typos, here I come blogging at you!

At first glance, these are my favorites (click on image to see details)...

I love the block heel and velvet detail of this pump.  It's very sophisticated yet playful.  This shoe could be worn with a great pair of classic black denim and a statement sleeve top, or distressed denim and a great sweater, or of course a dress.  Lots of options.  It was a toss up between the pink or gold.  Check back later this week to see which I ordered.

The pointed toe bow flat remind me of my shoes as a girl but the embroidery print make them grown up.  It's been a while since I have bought a pair of flats that were not sneakers.  These just stand out to me.

Two trends that are big right now are tassels and slip on flats.  The tassels on these sneakers give them a twist I haven't seen and I love the color, mixed with a slight platform sole they have a slight edge.  I like these because if I have to be on my feet in comfortable shoes I can still have loads of style.  On the flip side I like the shape and simplicity of this slip on flat, mixed with this great color velvet.  I see them with a jeans and a tee for an easy fall look.

And the last but certainly not least shoe, the functional boot wedge and suede bootie.  For the past two years some version of these styles has found it's way into my cart from the sale.  And I have worn the heck out of them.  One for rain and one for shine.  Call it PNW mom style but when it's wet here a lot, sometimes you just don't want rain boots.  Call these rugged chic but seriously they rock.

1. Classic black with an easy high-waist and step hem.
2. High-waisted cropped flares.  If you follow me at all I live in my version of these.  They are so easy to wear, and don't let the cropped flares fool you - they have fall written all over them.  add a bootie or lace-up wedge up above.  done.
3. I love the wash and the hem of these jeans.

1.  I love the collegiate feel of this sweater and I am always on the hunt for that perfect cardigan.
2.  This is the version of last years topshop cardigan that sold out fast.  I like the addition of gray stripes to replace the yellow.  It has an oversized fit but somehow isn't overpowering.

1.  Camel Trench.  Done.
2.  Oversized Bomber.  Sometimes the tricky part with bombers is the length.  I love the longer version of this one, I think the black cuff details are smart and this jacket would easily be a staple in my closet for fall and winter paired over a turtleneck sweater or graphic sweatshirt.
3.  I bought the version of this jacket in last years' sale and have worn it a ton.  It might have been my best purchase.  It is so easy and having a pleather/leather jacket in your wardrobe is awesome because you can wear it with jeans or formal dresses and everything in between.

1.  Classic stripes in cashmere.
2.  Statement sleeves.
3.  Pop of color with fun interest on the back.

1.  Rails plaid shirts last and last, they wear so well and get better with age.
2.  Can not get enough of statement sleeves and even better with this sweet little print.
3.  Off the shoulder is right behind statement sleeves for me.  This one in particular has a favorite tank meets your most fab tailored shirt vibe.

I am digging this shirt dress, could it be my fall sneaker dress?  I am hoping so.

and because the sun shines and I love oversized sunnies on sale and a clutch the color of sunshine.

and finally two pieces from one of my favorite jewelry designers.  This necklace can be short, long, lariat or choker style, and I love the grey and gold mix.

Ok off to bed, thank you for reading.  And stay tuned because as soon as I get my tired little hands on my items I will be posting.  And sharing more of my favorites.

You can also follow along on my instagram and instastories.

And because we like to travel in packs, check out Jenn's choices all week long too!

sweet shopping dreams.


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