Help Me Choose Our Christmas Cards With Paper Culture.

Do you start with a card, or with a photo?  With a photo or a card?  Some years we nail that holiday card photo without even trying, in August.  Slam dunk.  Some years I'm inspired by a card design, and I peruse an endless feed of photos - surely something works??

Whether it begins with the card or the photo.  Chicken or the egg.  Is actually starts with Paper Culture.  How was that intro?  But, really - it's true.

I love Paper Culture for a number of reason. 

Their card designs are on trend, ranging from classic to of the moment.  I am loving the foil cards this year, especially the rose gold option.  And if you're feeling the need, you can get rounded corners or even have them mailed out for you.

start harp dream music now.  I mean what if I was ever that organized person with my list of addresses first of all even on my computer (nope still in my two decade old address book, want to see the house address you lived in 15 years ago, I got it scribbled out).  Then I could simply SIMPLY upload my address, and voila!  push of a button.  end harp dream music.

Reality is that I'm enticing my boys to write the cards this year, think advent activity number 7, card writing party.  Hot cocoa with whip cream and candy canes solves a world of to-do list problems.

Back to why I love Paper Culture, did I mention their prices?  Can you say 50% off your holiday card purchases thru 12.7.  Early birds get the worm gals and guys - because in some households I've heard men actually care and participate in holiday card giving.  Can this be true?  Not in this one.  That's ok.  We all have our gifts. 

Can you tell it's suuuuuper late and I have been playing with designing my cards way too long.  It's so fun though - you can save and edit over and over and over...  Another tool I love.

But the finale is Paper Culture's missionI wrote about it last year, gosh darn it's so important to me to be stewards of the environment we live in.  I'm thankful Paper Culture agrees and works to reduce it's carbon footprint using post-consumer waste for it's card production and planting trees.

So now it's time to please help me choose our Christmas cards this year.

1.  Merry & Bright.

2.  It's a wonderful life.
fun family christmas card

3.  Falalalala
paper culture holiday card

4.  Merry Christmas
family christmas card beach photo

Really indecision is my weakness.  Help a girl out and tell me your choice.  

Don't you worry, in the mean time I'm gonna come up with something witty and thoughtful about the year that has passed, without saying the same thing as last year.  No problem.

Happy Thursday

This post was done in partnership with Paper Culture but I've been ordering my cards from them long before, sometimes I pinch myself that brands I love want to work with me.  Thank you Paper Culture.  


  1. Replies
    1. I know, thinking of going the non-tradition photo route this year, it's so fun!

  2. #4. Or #3πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ˜πŸ˜

  3. I love #2! The design is perfect for your front pic.

    1. Love that you help me choose each year😊 This photo is just too perfect for that card. xo

  4. No brainer...2! For the win! SLAM DUNK. Not only are the guys on point..a seagull. Love you all. Xoxoxox

  5. #2! Cover photo is definitely captured best here in that card size imo. What a beautiful family!

    1. That's the one I am going with! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.