Luvies And Lunges With Zella

If you missed our fitness Friday a couple weeks back you need to head over to Angie's blog and see how we worked it out at the playground.  Yep, I have agreed to a fitness series, mostly because I want to hang out with these two moms and they think working out is good for you.  Ok, so do I.  As long as there isn't too much sweating. 

But endorphins, yes.  Lower anxiety, for sure.  Deep Breathes, absolutely.  Tighter buns, hell yes.

During the holidays this is challenging for moms like me because my workout MO (m) is heading to a Bar Method studio and now the kids are about to have 17 days off.  But who's counting...I am!  It is my goal to not set an alarm for 17 glorious crazy days. 

So how do we fit in staying active when we need it most?

Angie dreamed up todays workout, location fit for your kids bedroom, and apparently the lower to the floor bed the better, ugh those push-ups - complete with luvie props and trophies.

It's not to be missed. 

And of course I have to talk about our Zella workout clothes.  It's like we planned it.  How cute is my top, it has a built in tank bra, which is exactly what I prefer since I am not doing high impact exercises and it's one less piece of equipment needed, and I love the back detailing.  These striped leggings are crazy comfy, fun print, high waste design, super flattering - what more could you ask for in a workout pant?  Oh well the price is also nice. 

The snazzy red zipper detailing on Angie's leggings, and Jenn's sweatshirt that you could wear everyday, both get my vote too.

Angie's tank here.

No surprise I still haven't figured out how to upload videos to my blog, maybe I should attempt this when it's not 11pm.  So the blooper reel will have to wait.  If anyone would like to teach me, I'll make you dinner.  But I did sew some faux fur pillows today for my living room.  So there's that.  Priorities. 

Thank you to Angie and Jenn.

Photos by Jessica.


This post was done in partnership with Zella.

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